How To Make A Boat Mattress

How To Make A Boat Mattress – You spend all that money on your boat, and they can’t get you the right boat mattress for your Yacht. The “thing” is more like a medieval torture device.

Now I know you probably have the urge to throw that thing in the ocean (don’t do it… that’s bad… really bad… STOP… Put that mattress down Karen!)

How To Make A Boat Mattress

How To Make A Boat Mattress

But before you get mad enough to throw your boat mattress into the nearest waters, you should know that there are replacement options that are dramatically more comfortable.

Canada’s Leading Supplier Of Custom Boat Bedding And Mattresses

For the past 12+ years, we’ve been making all kinds of weird mattress shapes and sizes that you won’t find anywhere else.

You have a tame squirrel that sleeps on your bookshelf and want to give it a little mattress? That’s weird…. But we can do it.

Great question! One of the things that really sets us apart from other boat mattress suppliers is how much we can save on shipping costs and set up time.

We were one of the early pioneers in the bed-in-a-box category. We have invested in state-of-the-art roll pack machines.

How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep On Board

I’m glad you asked! We can compress and roll your mattress so it can be shipped via FedEX ground.

That makes us significantly lower cost than our competitors, who have to ship your mattress flat by truck.

It also makes installing your new boat mattress in your cabin a breeze (see what I did there?).

How To Make A Boat Mattress

All you have to do is bring the box into the cabin (usually quite small) where you will be sleeping, take it out of the box, unroll it onto the surface it runs on and watch it expand quickly. (Just like my ego, every time you laugh at one of my cheap jokes.)

Give Your Boat A Makeover

Please note… This is a video from our factory in South Carolina (where your mattress is made). All of your mattress materials are sourced from USA suppliers, and your mattress covers are sewn in-house. Everything is made right here in the USA! (During COVID-19, we have set up several stations for hand sanitizer, team members are required to wash their hands at the beginning of the day and during each break, and everyone in the factory wears masks (even masks are sewn in the plant) and gloves.)

Whether you’re a Captain, a Sailor or a Seal (I have images of a little weiner dog steering a boat) there’s no doubt that you’re a boat owner and enthusiast and need a good night’s sleep.

Like all sea explorers, you want your adventure to be complete with a good night’s sleep. (That last sentence sounds like you always fight pirates, and I hope you do well, Matey!)

At Mattress Insider, we equip your boat, yacht, ship or yacht for a good night’s sleep with mattresses that are comfortable, durable and made by a company you can trust for years to come.

Best Custom Made Mattress Of 2022

In fact, you might die before your boat mattress dies. Do not do like that. Eat healthy, exercise, and buy some mattresses from us first. Like 12 mattresses. I HAVE CHILDREN TO EAT! I’ll throw one of them out with your mattress order.

Mattress Insider is a company that prides itself on handcrafting the best of the best in marine mattresses.

You get the custom size and shape you need in a bed made to your specifications, from the finest marine-friendly materials. Even Dolphins love us! (don’t feed Dolphins).

How To Make A Boat Mattress

This is just part of what allows us to provide excellent comfort for your guests, crew or squirrels when sleeping on a Mattress Insider mattress.

Different Types Of Beds For Every Style

– Available latex foams include talalay (more natural latex) and Dunlop (more synthetic latex)

– Gel Memory Foam can be made specifically for V-berth beds as well, and is called cool memory foam. Gel-infused foam, if manufactured correctly, can sleep 1-2 degrees cooler than traditional memory foam. Does your current boat mattress foam feel rubbery? It could be because it was made incorrectly, but it could also be because high quality latex was used in the construction of the mattress. We can help you understand the difference.

Our latex mattresses are breathable, non-allergenic, mold and bacteria resistant. Plus, each mattress has a luxurious handmade cover in one of 3 fabrics: Certified Organic Cotton, Cool-Max by Dupont, or Bamboo.

And if you want to improve your sleeping experience without replacing your entire mattress, we have the perfect decoration for any type of boat mattress. We also have custom marine v mooring mattress toppers, which cross the often odd shaped pieces required to make a mattress that fits the boat bay. If you’re not sure which custom topper is best for you, contact Mattress Insider. A phone call with one of our mattress experts can help you create the best and most economical solution to fit your space!

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Many people assume that the thicker your boat bed, the more comfortable it is. However, that is not really the case. Height restrictions can play a big role in what will work in your space. Headroom can often limit mattress height/depth to dimensions between 3″–8″ (7.62–20.32 cm) thick.

Order with Mattress Insider and get a comfortable mattress in any depth. (This is great news in the boat space, where thinner mattresses often sacrifice quality, for fit, but not the Insider Mattress.)

Different heights require different materials. For example, if you only have 5 inches to work with, but need it to support someone heavier than 250 pounds, you should talk to us about getting a supportive, while comfortable, marine mattress. If you have more height allowance, you may be able to go up to an 8-inch mattress with a slightly different material. So be sure to let us know the space available in your boat’s bedroom, as well as who will be sleeping in the beds.

How To Make A Boat Mattress

Once our experts know your dimensions, requirements and type of base (boat mattresses are usually placed on a support in the form of slats, boards or plywood), experienced craftsmen can build a bed based on your specific needs and the firmness you want (soft, medium). , firmly).

Do Adjustable Beds Damage Mattresses?

Because all of our beds are custom, we can create any size or shape (king, queen, full, twin, or smaller) that you need. Our skilled team is adept at working with different bevels, joints and irregular angles. Whether you need something that’s rectangular, has corners or fits into a bunk room or other odd boat bay, we can help. We can also ensure that your mattress is suitable for a Vee or V-Berth, whether in the Forward cabin, Island Berth, Aft cabin, Crew, or Captain’s quarters. Whether you’re looking for a VIP yacht mattress, sailor bunk bed or just researching bedding options for the guest room or master bedroom, we’ve got you covered!

– Beveled edges may be required especially for V-Berth mattresses. The sides of the mattress are often required to sit flush with the hull of the boat, or at least to reflect the shape of the hull. This requires the edges of the mattress to be beveled so that the mattress fits the keel of the boat.

– The curve is true for boat mattresses, where any boat manufacturer can produce their mattress to fit a custom contour anywhere in the boat. We can help you measure curves and contours with simple guidelines and/or instructions over the phone. Let us help you by making sure your new boat mattress fits the shape of your vessel.

To create the best mattress for your boat, you need the measurements of each side and surface of the mattress. Since mattresses can vary from boat to boat, measure them all. To give you the most accurate quotes, here’s a checklist to use, as well as some definitions.

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How can we offer you the best comfort to sit and sleep while at anchor or while you cruise, roam and cruise the ocean, lake or sea?

The secret is in the design of our soft, yet firm mattress support system. Our boat beds distribute weight evenly so your shoulders, spine, waist and hips can rest and release tension, giving you the balance you need. You’ll probably feel like you’re sailing, even if you’re sailing in what others might refer to as a schooner.

Now is the time for you to order the best marine, yacht and V-berth yacht mattresses from . Let us help you get a good night’s sleep in your boat, instead of staying up all night listening to the sound of waves hitting the boat or a ticking clock.

How To Make A Boat Mattress

If you’re not sure which bed is best for you, no problem! We are happy to help you design and customize the best solution.

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Luxury boat beds, from a company with friendly, helpful mattress experts, based in the USA (not certified), with the knowledge to help you.

Contact us by phone or email, and let’s talk about your specific maritime needs and requirements! We want to build

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