How To Keep Radio On When Car Is Off Nissan

How To Keep Radio On When Car Is Off Nissan – Whether you drive a keyless car or a regular car with a key, you may have issues with certain things. For example, how do you turn on the radio when the car turns off?

You may want to listen to the radio without starting your engine. How do you do that? Well, you’re about to find out.

How To Keep Radio On When Car Is Off Nissan

How To Keep Radio On When Car Is Off Nissan

There are several different ways to do this, and we’ll go through each one. Be sure to read the entire article to learn more.

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In a normal car, you have the option to turn the key in the Accessory position, usually labeled ACC. You can turn this on to make the car go into reach mode. This will keep the radio on when you turn off the car.

For keyless cars, the process is completely different. Empty cars come with a power button that doesn’t give you the luxury of unlocking the entry mode.

Although the above methods may seem simple, there may be other methods that may be easier or more difficult depending on the model of the car.

Modern cars have a digital system that tells you when you’ve made a mistake. So if you have a newer model car without keys, you may not have easy access to some things, but if you can, you should look here.

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In today’s cars, it is enough to press the stop/start button once quickly. That way you will start only the radio and not the engine. When you press the button quickly, your car will go into access mode and the radio will be turned on.

Now, when you want to start the engine, you can press the button again and put pressure on the brake with your foot, and press the button again to start the car. Our car radio has an annoying habit of forgetting which part of the car it is. the CD he was playing when he turned it off. In long cars, it really drags; I will leave an audiobook playing for my family in the car when I turn on the gas, when I turn the key from Accessory to Start, the radio turns off and on.

I made a cheap circuit that starts the radio five seconds after the accessory is powered off, and this keeps the radio running while the engine is cranking. The three main components of this circuit are the diode, the capacitor, and the relay.

How To Keep Radio On When Car Is Off Nissan

Here is a simple schematic of the circuit. We connect the diode from the power supply to the car and connect the capacitor and the relay from the diode. When the car accessory is turned on, the capacitor is charged and the relay is opened (the switch closes). So radio is powerful. When the accessory power is removed, it continues to energize the relay until the capacitor is discharged enough to keep the relay running. The diode prevents the capacitor’s energy from returning to the vehicle’s circuit.

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(I noticed that some browsers don’t display the fine lines of the plot well. You can click on this image to enlarge it.)

I should mention that you will need fuses in the right places. I have left out the relevant parts of the schematic for clarity.

Someone smarter than me can calculate the exact capacitor size and relay characteristics you need to keep the relay working for a long time, but I just tested. I found that I needed a solid state relay as the mechanical type, electromagnetic type discharges the capacitor very quickly. Even among the solid states I tested, some discharged the capacitor faster than others.

If your relay doesn’t handle enough current, like my 10A relay doesn’t, you can use this relay to power a single, large relay coil. In my case, I bought a custom electromagnetic relay with a 70A limit or something ridiculous like that to power a ham radio.

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I got smart and made a new version of this that uses a transistor to turn on a small relay, which in turn turns on a large relay solenoid (if you need that much power). Using a transistor means a small capacitor and a standard coil relay will work well to maintain the circuit after the accessory is turned off. I have tons of Songle 12V blue relays that work well.

The circuit at also shows where my override switch is, so I can turn the radio on while the car is off. It was necessary to turn the wrench counter-clockwise a quarter turn to secure all the tools. like a working radio. However, this step is now not possible with other Ford models. There may be scenarios where you only want the radio to work, not the entire car.

But since the battery tends to turn off automatically after some time, this is not difficult for many Ford drivers to do. Some people may be surprised to see the f150 radio turned off, thinking that it is not working quickly, realizing that it is because the car is turned off.

How To Keep Radio On When Car Is Off Nissan

However, it is possible to save the radio using a few methods. And today we will try to understand. To get you out of your current situation involves this radio problem, how to turn on the radio when the Ford version of the car is turned off. Let’s find it!

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Ford car models from 2015 to 2021, the radio makes it easy to listen to songs and news. But what if you want to keep the radio on when you turn off the car? This tool is not a big deal if you can do the trick. In general, you can use the radio freely without turning it on.

For this, you should know that it will take a long time for your car radio to connect directly to the ignition. However, there is a practical option that will work well to turn on the radio without starting your ford car. And see:

These options are useful for any Ford user depending on how long you want the radio to run. In the case of the first and second methods, both are great for regular drivers who want to listen to automatic news while waiting for someone.

For music or FM lovers who do not want the radio to turn off for a long time, the third method is sufficient. So, without further ado, let’s get down to how to keep the radio playing when the engine isn’t running properly.

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All the latest Ford models have 3-way easy access to special features. However, older ford models only have 2 ways to turn the radio on or off without starting the car.

Of course all Ford cars have a key, starter motor and accessory modes from key to keyless entry. No matter what Ford vehicle you have, simply start and stop the engine to unlock these modes with ease.

Read your owner’s manual before making any changes to your Ford vehicle. This trick will be useful for Ford models 2015-2019.

How To Keep Radio On When Car Is Off Nissan

So for our beginners who love occasional FM, this method is for you. Continue reading the steps given to turn on the radio when the car is turned off. Here are the steps:

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Warning: You can disable the fan by running the engine while the radio is on. And it will work perfectly continuously for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

It is possible to connect the wiring harness directly to the battery cable in the Ford car stereo. Although this method is completely safe, you can still experience a lot of battery drain.

Many people take this bad choice, as connecting the car stereo to the battery can increase the repair costs and the drain.

Out of the other 2 options, running the AM/FM radio directly on battery power is a big deal. If you want to use the car radio for up to 1-2 hours, follow these steps:

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Step 2: Then remove the dashboard from inside the radio. You may need a screwdriver and a U-shaped tool to do the job properly.

Step 3: Locate the yellow 12 volt battery and red switch wires, which should be in the front.

Step 4: Then connect these wires to the battery. Next, take the time to connect the black wire to the ground of the ford vehicle. Make sure the connection is good. Now you can enjoy the radio when the car is turned off.

How To Keep Radio On When Car Is Off Nissan

Warning: This program is good for converting both radio player and tape recorder. So you may want to have your car serviced regularly so that you have the right amount of power.

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You can try this way of installing the switch for the benefits of playing the radio for a long time without draining the battery. Anyway, check your ford car manual to make this process easier.


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