How To Install Sure Step Decking

How To Install Sure Step Decking – A wood deck with proper flashing will last for years, otherwise the attached deck and ledger will rot quickly. The detailed pictures in this article show the difference.

After you tear down the old deck, but before starting the new one, you need to make sure that the wood in and around the house is still in good condition. When water leaks around an old staircase, it can cause significant damage to the frame of the house. The existing piers and lower retaining walls are large enough to support the multi-ton weight of a deck full of people. Can you still use the siding after the old deck is removed? If the wall behind the wall looks good, good. If the sheathing is rotted, investigate further by removing the rotted areas and inspecting the siding and wall structure of the home to see if they are also rotted. Don’t be too eager to replace wood that is split and damp or discolored. It may still be perfect under the surface. The jam is growing in many places. If the screwdriver is more than 1/4, it’s time to replace it.

How To Install Sure Step Decking

How To Install Sure Step Decking

Job You may have experience as a carpenter. Follow these instructions to properly tie your deck:

York Decking Installation By Yorkdecking

Use only treated lumber for all structural members of the deck, including ledgers, joints, beams, and posts.

Poor construction details and materials can cause rapid deck corrosion and structural damage to the home.

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