How To Hide Garage Walls For Party

How To Hide Garage Walls For Party – These people! Remember me? I know it’s been a while!! I took a little hiatus from blogging while we worked on renovations at home to prepare for our second son’s graduation party. We hadn’t finished them before graduation, but it was for a good cause. We planned to complete these renovations a few years ago after our first son graduated, but honestly we got a little lazy. The class fit silent kidneys are almost ready and I will share them with you soon. But first I wanted to share some of our garage graduation party ideas.

We had our first son’s graduation party in the middle of nowhere, but it was very windy that day so it was difficult to decorate the party. The wonderful Lord suggested this part of the garage. At first I wasn’t too keen on the idea of ​​a garage party, but in the end it turned out great!

How To Hide Garage Walls For Party

How To Hide Garage Walls For Party

My biggest problem with this was that we really didn’t want to display all of our “junk” in the garage for everyone who came to the party. Not that we have a super news garage or anything, but it’s just not very nice. The decorator in me wanted a beautifully decorated themed party, of course! Here are some ideas that we used for our party that helped make the garage decor less expensive. Good!!

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I was looking on Pinterest for a solution to hiding our junk and saw how some people have hung plastic maps or curtains across the garage to make it look more festive. The painted pictures of the various paintings on the walls that I saw were a little too colorful for my taste, so I decided on plain white plastic paintings. I think this part also looks more elegant.

We measured the distance of the sides of the shed that we were covering and decided that I needed about 21 months. I knew you could get them at the dollar store, but I found some at Walmart that came in a 3 pack for 2.47!

I wanted them to hang real curtains and drapes instead of like plastic curtains. To do this, we tie some rope to the length of the side of the garage. We used some small hooks that we put in the ceiling to hold the rest. Our garage is only partially finished so it wasn’t important for us to put the hooks in there. If they are yours, you can always order a hook.

At the “curtains,” Lord Admirable folded the edges of the shelves to hang them on a string and looked at them for himself. He used clothespins to help with the process. When we wanted to leave them as curtains, we did not glue the entire length. Use plain tape and cut it into small pieces. Mr. W would attach the first and middle mantel to the rope to secure the first mantel. Then tape the beginning and the middle and then 3 more pieces of tape divided between them. When the first half of the blanket is attached, lower the rope and work on the second part.

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Here’s a tip we learned… Be careful not to touch too much tape or it won’t stick to the towel very well. We had a few places that had to be set up the next day because of that. After we replaced the tape with new tape without treatment, it lasted a week!

I love how the curtains turned out. We got lots of compliments on them, and some people even thought they were real leather fabrics! Ha! They looked very elegant and hid all our junk! Mission accomplished!

Now that we had the white curtains, I wanted to add some festive color to the outside. This flattering was the easiest, not the most expensive. It was the most important thing in pictures, and it could only be used for this purpose. We put our table after food rather than decoration. I wanted the course to stand out so these fish are HUGE for 2019. They came in perfect numbers, simple and gold confetti fish and gold foil.

How To Hide Garage Walls For Party

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You can clearly tell from the pictures that our school colors are purple and gold. We already had some leftover decorations from ## graduation, like paper lanterns, fish and plates. We had different shades of purple with all the leftovers, so I decided to go with different shades of new jewelry. We can also use this yellow gold charm. I love that the color brings together all the shades of purple and gold.

For the background, we cut bundles of colored paper to the length of one 8-foot board. Then we decided how long we wanted the backdrop to be (based on the size of the wall) and ran a strip of tape, with the sticky side, across several panels. We attached the ends of the tape to the table so that it would not move at all. they became between two shades of purple. Then we add between the third purple and yellow band. Finally, we cut individual threads from the golden hems of the curtains and attached them to the rest of the purple ones.

We added another long strip of tape to the first strip to connect the straps together and secure everything together. Finally, we folded the end of the tape over the strings that hold the plastic curtain and clipped the ties to hold it in place.

Instead of adding helium to the fish in 2019 (which I heard is very expensive), we decided to fill them with air with our compressor and hang them from small hooks from the ceiling. This worked perfectly!

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Why do globe lights make a space better, you wonder? They spontaneously give room for air play. We used them in our backyard for our last graduation party and I have a couple of pictures to share because they looked spectacular! Especially in the evenings.

We just hang them from the garage ceiling with little hooks. We just got back into shape with them and went back. They attended some festival and hopefully that opening mind will take away the problems of the garage. Ha!

I can’t get any credit for this idea! While I was inside preparing to frost the cups for the morning party, Mr. Amazing hanging balloons in the garage in 2019. I really didn’t have a plan for other balloons so I came up with a great idea! Aren’t they great!?

How To Hide Garage Walls For Party

They were like little chandeliers above the tables and the dining area! They were super cute! I love how they are all different and yet incorporate different shadow colors. 25th Birthday Party Decorations And Anniversary Pack

Then those fish did not have a bell, we hung them from the ceiling. If you don’t want to create a bunch of holes in your room ceiling, you can order a mini hook instead. To make them, he just joined two inflated fish. This is repeated two more times so that each cluster uses six fish. Then he crossed the two over each other in the form of a cross. And he placed the third and surrounded it with two others. You can twist something to the cluster if needed. You will tie a wire to the package to hang it and VOILA! 🙂 The perfect jewelry piece at a low price!

We used to serve restaurants. If you’re not from the Midwest, you know the shop (that’s a deli sandwich). They are like a sloppy joe, but not quite as pushy. I would describe them more like a seasoned ground beef sandwich. They don’t sound like much, but they are very good! Share the recipe with me here on the blog. 🙂 An inflatable cooler is great for keeping some vegetables and fruits cold. Along with some chips, fruit and gravy, it was a good spread.

We placed the fruit on the tray in 3 steps. It looked so pretty and was a fun and easy way to display fruit. We offer sliced ​​fruit with a delicious fruit sauce.

For the table we had cups with purple and yellow buttercream frosting. I asked for my help and he showed her how to make our own DIY cupcake liners.

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