How To Hang A Dulcimer On The Wall

How To Hang A Dulcimer On The Wall – Thanks for the info, I tie a loop around the router to make sure the cable doesn’t come loose.

Yes — Wrap the string around the flat head under the instruments and under the strings, of course. In the navigation header you can paste a button or other fields. Pictures of the dust show you how.

How To Hang A Dulcimer On The Wall

How To Hang A Dulcimer On The Wall

There are good connectors out there, but as Kens and Dan explained, you need chat and image string. I just use leather shoelaces that I bought at the hardware store. If I spend one or two times in length and hide puzzles, everything is better, but to pull them from the wall to play all the time, I am not worried about that. Here are four on one wall of my office.

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– Dust T., Northern California Region As a musician, you have to have one foot back and one foot forward in the future. — Dizziness Gillespie

I have some nice DUlcimers that don’t need a lot of punishment  😉  – I’m just looking for a way to mount and mount now that I’m getting a new one and need to get a new room/setup ready and everything.

What did your dulcimer do to deserve the death penalty? There are many ways to set up a dulcimer for a show depending on the type of headstock you have. Leather strap / one way strap. I have seen wall mounted “holes” where the bottom of the dulcimer is in a cradle and the top is between two dowel rods with a metal strap sewn into the side of the dulcimer to prevent it from falling out. There are commercial mounts such as many guitar straps that you can hang on the wall.

I use a leather strap as a lanyard. I buy it by the spool but you can use leather shoe lace.

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A long piece of yarn, tied to the coil head and tied into a loop 3″ long or thereabouts is what I’ve been using for years.  Then you can use any number of wall hooks — screw eye, cup holder, picture mount, etc. wall mounting. Indoor walls not only in direct sunlight please…

What? What are some ways you tune a dulcimer? I’m looking for another way to hold my dulcimer and I’m interested in how or what you use to hold your dulcimer, say on the wall without worrying about the slide. do you keep your dulcimers?

I use one wall in our living room and in my office I use one and two stands that I make myself.

How To Hang A Dulcimer On The Wall

Glad you got the 16″.  I have a 9″ and it doesn’t block the tv. & distance. Don’t do that! 😎

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Thanks for the post @elvensong. I made my stands to fit in tight spaces, between my chair and my desk, etc. They occupy 16 sq in. of the floor, and I can lift my dulcimers straight up easily. The stands are very sturdy, and are fitted with rubber tubes and are thought to protect my dulcimers. They also come with easy transportation.

Going online only with a 16.5 inch TV is blocked. shield (terrible!) and as short a length as possible. I posted it as a way to create a general fit. Personally, I prefer the wood over the rack utility frame. However, your box is another answer that fits the topic of the discussion and is in line with the terms and tastes.

Well, the solution is simple, Jack, but I can say it doesn’t fit in my place.   This is normal for a very small space with no width (something that can’t stand twice or even a guitar rack) and a long height.

This discussion is a little closer to what my husband created than “Dulcimer Display Stands – What Should You Use?” I don’t have a rack to keep my dummies and I don’t have unused instruments with my guitar or my husband’s drums. I hang them next to the bookcase seen in these photos or place them elsewhere. They fell so often that my husband started talking about putting several containers!

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Here’s what he did with a different, red piece of wood (yes, some leaked from the basement), he cut holes with his jigsaw, and plugged the holes with a door closer. in the back.

The 4th dulcimer I call “The Orphan” sits in the space below between the dulcimers and the bookcase. Dulcimer is what started me on my D ulcimer And got D isease when I saw a poor abandoned at a flea market. It wasn’t very well made, but I put it in the Aeolian because it wasn’t being used and I offered to loan it out explaining that it was my most valuable possession. I have a small travel dulcimer in its case.

Keeping track of your instruments can be difficult if you have a “petting zoo”, but if they are not locked, they are more likely to be picked up and played at some point.

How To Hang A Dulcimer On The Wall

My husband built me ​​an oak “living room” (as I call it) for my dishes. This picture was taken some time ago, and there are 3 containers that don’t fit. Therefore, this winter he will build the second part of the “overflow”. The shelves above can hold 2 instruments each, so all DUlcimers go up. I like to keep them in their boxes for protection. All instruments played a little …. no time to pull anyone. The entire music room will be kept under control (and every floor of the building).

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I only have two dulcimers now; I plan to build more when I put together my Real Workshop Soon. These two now share several tools in our “morning room”. (Other small axes are located elsewhere in the house.) No case – axes are not used in cases. Neither are the walls — the bare walls are lined with cabinets filled with tools and fabrics.

But most of the 1.5 walls inside are occupied by lawyers’ offices whose glass doors play with brass pulls. I tie the fishing line (or uke 1st strings) to the guitar and hang everything from those angles. Dulcis is here now. Alas, there are only ten dozen available so the big rig will be placed on the bed and propped up on a shelf between the hanging eggs. It’s getting… cold… there.

Adding other instruments is ticklish. I plan to sell some but they will have to be refilled, yes. Difficult decisions must be made. Darn!

One of my current solutions for keeping recorded instruments safe is to put them in one of those folding hammers without a lid. Here’s mine…it’s 14 x 14 inches and 22. high, so depending on how many devices you have and what kind of cases you have, you could have about 4 in there. This is ideal for finding a corner and for placing dishes near you, but out of harm’s way from a dog or a child running into the room. This one is 14.99 from Target, online, and you can pick it up at your local store and save on shipping…

Hanging A Dulcimer

– Jan Potts, Lexington, KY Site Moderator “Use the talent you have; the forest will be very quiet if there are no birds singing there except the best singers.” Henry Van Dyke

Gale, this is one of the most artistic uses of antique drawers I’ve seen! I love it!

Currently, I have the following issues. However, I will get a big table this summer to put them on. Guitars and acoustic harps remain on the standing floor.

How To Hang A Dulcimer On The Wall

I have a pegboard shaker that has 16 pegs, It is placed along the ceiling and out of direct sunlight. It works fine and I can see all my instruments. I have used other care methods and it didn’t seem to work either. Tools are out of reach of children and cannot be knocked over, dropped or cut. It’s easy to choose what you want to play. I use braided rope so the ropes hang easily from the pegs. The pegs are 3″ Shaker.

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I’m bringing this thread up again because I found it while googling quilt stands. I want to make another dulcimer stand and am looking for plans and pictures. Yes, my dulcimer is on one of the stands I photographed in this thread.

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