How To Half Swipe On Instagram

How To Half Swipe On Instagram – In 2010, Instagram entered the web scene with a simple mission: improve the quality of all the snaps we take on our smartphones. Since then, the photo-focused service has evolved into a full-fledged messaging and social network, becoming one of the largest platforms on the web.

You might be a big Instagram user, but you probably don’t know what the app can do. Some of its best qualities may be hidden, but we’re here to bring them to light.

How To Half Swipe On Instagram

How To Half Swipe On Instagram

Instagram originally got its name from filters that overlay your image and make it look cool. Today, filters are still the first options you see after taking a photo in the app. What you might not know is that after selecting a filter, you can change its intensity for a more subtle effect.

The Best Hidden Instagram Tricks

To set how dramatic the change will be, select a filter, then tap the thumbnail again and a slider will appear, allowing you to adjust the strength of the filter. While you’re playing around with these settings, here’s a related tip for hiding filters you don’t use often: Scroll to the bottom of Filters and tap Manage to add or remove options you like or don’t like.

We all struggle with notification overload on our smartphones. Luckily, you can customize your notification settings so that you only see notifications when Instagram users you’re really interested in post something new. This option only works for users you already follow, and it’s also pretty well hidden within the app.

Find a post in your feed from the person you want to get notifications from and tap the three dots in the top-right corner of the post. Select Turn on post notifications to receive notifications of new updates.

You love your friends and family, of course, but they may not post the best photos. Tap the Search & Explore tab (the magnifying glass icon) to view public photos and videos from users around the world. You can also like and comment on these shared pictures.

How To Make A Seamless Instagram Panorama

A useful way to use this tab is to review places before you visit them. Just enter the name of a city or place in the search box at the top of the screen, go to the Places tab and select the place you want to search for. You have a range of images and clips to browse through.

Keep track of your favorite posts by saving them in different collections. Don’t worry, you’ll be the only one who knows.

Instagram recently added the ability to bookmark photos you like so you can search for them later. No one else can see the posts and collections you’ve saved, or even the account you’re saving photos from. So mark the bookmarks as often as you like.

How To Half Swipe On Instagram

To save a photo or video, single-tap the bookmark icon to the far right of the send icon, which looks like the end of a tape. Or press and hold this icon to move the post to a specific collection or create a new one. If you want to see all your saved posts, open the app, go to the Profile tab, go to the options menu (three lines at the top right of your profile), then tap Saved.

A Guide To Instagram Video Formats

Instagram can work like an instant messenger and even allows you to set up group chats and video calls.

Instagram has come a long way, adding more and more skills to its list. One such feature is instant messaging. Your messages don’t have to include a photo, although messaging can be a useful way to share pictures privately. You can also go through the photo posting process normally and select Direct Message at the end.

If you tap the send icon in the top right corner of the front screen, you can type a message to one of your contacts. If you want to send a message to multiple contacts, you’re in luck: Instagram also supports group chats.

Instagram also recently added video chat features just like other instant messaging apps. Just open a chat with one or more users and tap the camera icon at the top right of the screen.

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Instagram hasn’t shied away from copying Snapchat’s best features, and Stories is already a feature of the platform; If you have something to share that doesn’t match the aesthetics of your grill, you can do so here. But before you do that, you can choose who can and can’t see these temporary posts.

Stories don’t appear on your Instagram profile, and you might not want them to be as publicly visible as your main feed. Open the “Profile” tab, go to the “Instagram Options” page (press the menu button at the top right) and select “Settings” > “Privacy” > “Story Control”. From here you can hide your stories from specific contacts. You can also go to the profile of the person you want to hide your stories from, tap the three dots in the top right and select hide your story.

When Instagram posts one of your pictures, the photo is resized, partly to reduce data usage and upload times, and partly to prevent other people from stealing your full-resolution pictures. But what if you want to keep the full-size copies? You can save them separately.

How To Half Swipe On Instagram

Go to the Profile tab and press the button in the top right corner followed by Settings. Next, scroll to Account and tap Original Photos (if you’re using the iOS app) or Original Posts (on Android). Here you can make sure Instagram saves copies of your media on your phone and online, and you can back up those images elsewhere like Google Photos or iCloud Photo Library.

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Instagram offers some useful options to share your pictures on more social networks for all your friends to see.

When you post a photo to your feed, tap Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr on the final share screen to connect those networks to your Instagram account and seamlessly share your post across everyone. For even more options, use the free IFTTT or If This Then That service. Not only can you share your Instagram posts on more platforms, but you can also do more with your photos and videos, such as: B. Automatic backup of your media to Dropbox or Google Drive.

Instagram added a feature called Nametag, which allows you to add new contacts by capturing their nametag with your phone’s camera. Consider it an instant Instagram business card.

To find your own name tag, open the Profile tab, tap the menu button in the top right and select Tag. Now you can show your badge to someone else, have them take a picture and become contacts in no time. Alternatively, you can select Scan a name tag below to be the one to add a new contact.

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In Instagram, you can see which contacts are currently active: if you open the Direct Messages section (on the Home tab, tap the Send icon in the top right corner), you’ll see green dots next to their names. While this can be useful, it means everyone else can see when too

Scroll through the photos. If this bothers you, you can disable your activity status; Note, however, that this won’t let you see when your friends last used the app.

To do this, open the Profile tab, tap the menu button in the top right and select Settings > Privacy > Activity status. Turn off the switch here.

How To Half Swipe On Instagram

If you collect Instagram stories, you can now customize the font. Even a small change can change the mood of your post, so feel free to play with this feature.

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After taking a photo for a story, tap the Aa button in the top-right corner, then tap the font name at the top of the screen to cycle through your options (Classic is shown by default). You can also create a post consisting of just text and color: in Stories, just swipe right before taking a photo and you’ll be taken to the creation screen.

Finally, you can also choose the color of your font. As you type, you have 27 classic colors to choose from, but you can also choose any hue that’s in your image. Just tap the dropper icon on the far left and a pin-like icon will appear on your screen. Move it and it will choose the color you point it to.

Your bio is a great way to tell people a little bit about yourself and maybe gain new followers. Instagram recently added the option to hashtag and @mention this summary, allowing you to trigger a hashtag search or link to another Instagram profile.

First, tap the “Profile” button at the bottom of the screen and select “Edit Profile”. Then tap in the bio field and enter any word with “#” or “@” to turn those terms into hashtags or mentions respectively. They will go live soon

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