How To Get To Shark Tooth Island Savannah

How To Get To Shark Tooth Island Savannah – Savannah, G. () – Most of us go our days without thinking about what’s under our feet, but one woman focused on that for 25 years.

This sense of curiosity began for Rene Head as a teenager on his first fossil hunting trip.

How To Get To Shark Tooth Island Savannah

How To Get To Shark Tooth Island Savannah

“Oh, it’s wonderful, it’s wonderful. I mean, when I get that fossil, I’ll know I’m the first person to touch it in 2.6 million years. “I want every person, every human being, to be able to step out into the landscape and into nature and have that aha-ha moment,” said Head.

Fossil Hunting In Georgia Is The Coolest Way To Learn About The Enormous Megalodons

Rene takes people across the country almost every day to accomplish this, hunting for fossils in Georgia and South Carolina.

From megalodon teeth to ceramics and vintage whiskey bottles, there’s plenty to discover along the Georgia and South Carolina coasts.

“It’s really a bunch of engineers who are friends with fossil hunters because even if we dredged in there, it would still be down there and we would never find it. They’ve been dredging the Savannah River since the 1800s, so they had these big piles and you just walked around them,” Head said.

In this case, one person’s trash leads to another’s treasure, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Shark Attacks Lifeguard On Hilton Head Island, 2nd Incident In One Week At Beaches Near Savannah

“With fossil hunters, they might be attracted to the Megalodon, but then they start to see complications. It’s a lifelong hobby, it’s inexpensive, and it creates something you can keep. It’s all fascinating. The more time you spend outdoors, the more there is to learn,” said Head.

With each trip, René hopes to instill in future generations a love for nature and the local environment.

“That’s why we have to preserve it, that’s why protected areas are important. The ability to connect with nature on another level than just watching it on TV,” said Head. Who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt? In Savannah Georgia, a unique opportunity to find (fossil) treasure is as simple as walking along the beach and picking it up. Many cargo ships pass through the Savannah River (on the Georgia-South Carolina border). To ensure that the waterway is deep enough for these large ships, the riverbed is constantly dredged by huge machines. The (bad) silt they raise from the river bottom is then deposited on these artificial islands. One of these islands was nicknamed “Shark Tooth Island”.

How To Get To Shark Tooth Island Savannah

Due to the island’s position, strong river currents, rapidly rising tides, and cargo vehicle loading wakes, these islands are not suitable for self-kayaking. Even if you have your own boat, it is not advisable to anchor it on the island due to the fast tides and the rising water of the ships. Apparently it can damage small boats. There are many local companies in the area that offer boat trips to the island. They drop you off and come back to pick you up a few hours later. While not exactly the cheapest, it seemed like the safest option.

Jekyll Island’s Sharktooth Beach

I researched different companies that offer tours to the island, but as it was low season, my options were really limited. We ended up choosing Bull River Marina. It was near Rte 80 on the way to Tybee Island.

When we went it was $65 for adults and $55 for kids under 12. I’m used to places that offer free entry for children under 3, but this wasn’t one of them. There is an option for a private boat tour for up to 6 people and it costs $390, but that doesn’t seem like a huge discount to me (6 X $65 = $390). As it was low season they gave us a small discount to go. They were kind enough not to charge us for the private boat trip even though we were alone on our boat.

When we booked our trip over the phone the Bull River Marina lady looked up the tide info and gave me some options about the day and when we could go. You want to be on the island at low tide for the best chance of finding fossils along the low tide waterline. And the time of low tide varies daily. There are approximately 12 hours and 25 minutes between low tides. That would mean low tide at 9am on Monday while ~9:50am on Tuesday.

Bull River Marina was also flexible with the amount of time we wanted to stay on the island. We could have stayed more or less if asked. We couldn’t change our mind on the day of our trip because they had already planned other boat trips around our trip. I would say that we would have liked to have stayed a little longer than the requested 4 hours.

Hunt For Shark’s Teeth With Sundial Charters In Georgia

We were told that we should bring our own shovels, but we could borrow some tools from them. The sieving tools were simple plastic strainers for cooking, but whatever, they worked and were lightweight.

The boat ride to the island was relaxing. It was a speedboat so we had a lot of wind in our faces, but luckily the weather was good. Our captain was great. He was from the area but had no interest in hunting sharks’ teeth. He just loves being in the water. He gave us some tips and told us stories about what other people had found. This excited us. I was ready to find Megalodon teeth 😊

When we got off the boat, we didn’t have to go into the water. The boat headed straight for the shore and we landed on the sand. Can’t say the same when we took it (because of the tide). I had to take off my shoes, pull up my pants and get into the water to get on the boat.

How To Get To Shark Tooth Island Savannah

Once we were on the island, we had many options of where to look. Technically, the island is under the jurisdiction of the US Army Corps of Engineers, so they don’t want you to go beyond the northern stone wall. They’re still dumping more material on these islands and you don’t have to get in the way.

Sharktooth Island Savannah, Ga

We walked along the coast just surveying the land. We weren’t sure what we were really looking for, but we thought we’d know when we saw it. One thing that helped was making us look for shiny black “T”-shaped objects instead of looking for triangular shapes. In fact, it seems to help.

It took several minutes of hunting before we found our first tooth. I remember being very excited about it. Especially when they were lying on the ground on top of sand and rocks. After a few more minutes we found some additional shark teeth on the beach at the water’s edge.

At this point we decided to split up and check out different areas to hunt and see what we could find. Our options looked like this:

Overall, I thought we had a really successful day. Our 3.5 year old son kept himself entertained enough on the beach. He was too young to find out for himself (until I helped point him out). He liked to drag the big shovel we brought and throw rocks into the water. Unfortunately, there were more than stones he threw into the water. Becky found this very large bone specimen that I think could be a fossil whale vertebra. Well guess what got thrown back into the river because he thought it would make a big noise? Unfortunately, we will have to come back on another visit and find it again. 😊 What’s a trip to the Georgia coast without spending time in the sun, sand and waves? Not surprisingly, Jekyll Island’s beaches are among its most popular attractions. All over the island there are beautiful public beaches open to visitors. However, one beach – a local secret – is a little different from the rest.

Little Tybee Island

Sharktooth Beach is not your typical beach! Instead of sand, it is covered in a natural mantle of oyster shells. At high and low tides these shells are especially pronounced, and at low tide a narrow strip of beach mud bottom is exposed – the best place to dig shark teeth and other treasures!

There is a small beach area, but no other facilities. That’s why it’s important to bring everything you need.

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