How To Get To Lime Out St John

How To Get To Lime Out St John – Are you looking for fun.. maybe a little adventure? Do you love sun, salt water and ocean walks? Should you enjoy a refreshing meal and an island cocktail with a name like Dielan’s Lemonade, Harbor Cooler, or Thai chili-infused blue agave tequila called “Dangerous”? Well, we have the perfect place for you! Lime Out St. John Pop Up Bar! The bar has the right colors and the kitchen has two sides – one serving paddle patrons and the other dedicated to boaters. Chef Amaro Rivera prepares guests mouth-watering tacos and fun and interesting island drinks!

Originally we were going to go with Lime Time, but another LLP in the Virgin Islands took over. Luckily, we now have Lime Inn in Cruz Bay and Lime Out on the other side of St. “Limin” is an old Caribbean phrase that means rest and relaxation: “Where’s the lime? I mean, where will it be? If we thought our “release” on the water was where we’d be, it was successful.

How To Get To Lime Out St John

How To Get To Lime Out St John

The owners are Dane Tarr, Richard Baranowski and Dylan Buchalter. Women are a big part of the team, including Chelsea Baranowski and Val Tarr, along with chef Amaro Rivera and graphic designer and social media guru Cynthia Swan. Besides our chef, some of our colleagues grew up in St. John, Dane, Richard and Dylan, all grew up in Coral Bay.

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Richard lived most of his life (except for a 14-month international tour with his wife, Chelsea), his parents moved to Coral Bay from Chicago in the 1970s. He has two young children, Atherton Danger and Marko James, whose names he and his friends inspired the names of all our cocktails. Richard also runs the Lime Inn with his wife Chelsea, also a resident of St.

Dane Tarr arrived in the Virgin Islands on a boat as a child and has since spent his life on the water as a yacht captain. He now lives in St. John’s also with his wife, Valerie, and their six-month-old son, Axel (who also graced our sales list).

Dylan grew up in Coral Bay and spent many years traveling and working in the hospitality industry. Being part of Lime Out and managing the day-to-day operations keeps him busy, but for now he is at home in St. John’s and his family.

Lime Out is Richard’s brainchild and has been meticulously planned for the past two years. Dane and Dylan jumped on the mission last year, seeing the value of a restaurant that could provide local USVI tourism.

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Here are some samples from their current menu: Ceviche Taco, Green Curry Taco, The Vegan Taco, Rum Ribs Taco.

Here’s a sample from their latest craft cocktail menu: Dangerous, Thai Chili Infused Blue Agave Tequila, Fresh Watermelon Juice, Fresh Lime Juice and Pineapple Syrup! Mark Jumbie w/Cruzan Light Rum. Muda Tucker. Axel Rose. The Harbor Cool is a refreshing blend of gin, cucumber infused soda and fresh lime juice. Wiley’s Whiskey – Jack Daniels®, sour cream and fresh lime juice. Dylan’s Lemonade. Flip’s Grapefruit Margarita and Hunter’s Passion / Cruzan Mango Rum!

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, we’ll be in the east of Coral Bay.

How To Get To Lime Out St John

Guests are asked not to board the boat. We are located about 100 feet from the beach, so we ask that you reach us by boat, boat or canoe. We have a pop-up bar for quick seating when you arrive, or you can have your cocktails/tacos delivered or pick them up yourself!

St. John Lime Out Adventure Sail


As of early 2019, Lime export is only available by boat. Some of the charter companies do Lime Out tours. Flyaway Charters VI offers 2-hour trips on 1/2 and full days from Coral Harbor and great rates, Salt Deck has great deals and 1/2 day options. Cruz Bay Watersports operates group tours from the Westin Hotel. Voodoo Charters runs special Lime Out trips on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. There are some private charter yacht charters, including Island Roots Charters, that will bring you to Lime Out on a taco day charter.

Lime Out is all about fun on the water, but we can’t enjoy delicious tacos and the Caribbean without making sure all customers are safe!

: The area around Lime Out is a mixed use area. Boats moving in the canal, people in paddle boats and kayaks, swimmers. Swimming within a few meters of the boat is not recommended. Sailing through the harbor is not allowed and is very dangerous.

St. Thomas & St. John/u.s. Virgin Islands: A Shore Excursion

Sail at wake speed in port and be very careful around Lime Out.

: Anchors can cause serious damage to the ocean floor. Lime Out is looking to anchor/remove solutions around Lime Out and in USVI. If you are binding, you must bind in the sand. Around the Lime Out there are areas of sea grass and coral that must be avoided at all costs.

There are many secret string balls around Lime Out that are not approved for use, don’t think they are designed for everyday use. Do not stop in the Saunders Gut area where there is seaweed.

How To Get To Lime Out St John

Before and after Lime Out is important no matter where you land on the swim. It is always helpful to soak the stone before setting up to ensure that the area below is suitable for setting up. Around Lime Outer and Coral Harbor there are many bays with sheltered or sticky areas. Keep this in mind as you spend your day at the end of the beautiful island.

Top Places To See & Things To Do In Saint John, Usvi (+ Map & Tips)

Part of the beauty of Lime Outs is its remote location. If you’re looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle and the hectic lifestyle – consider staying in and around Coral Bay. Nearby you will find excellent snorkeling. Coral Bay restaurants, shops and bars are a 15-20 minute drive. If this sounds like your vacation, check this out

They often visit St. John’s may remember the famous Angel’s Rest beach bar in Hansen Bay. It was a popular attraction serving rum cocktails and cold beer. Unfortunately, Angel’s Rest pop-up bar was lost during Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017. Owner Peter Hoschl decided not to rebuild.

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Lime Out Vi Taco And Cocktail Bar In The Virgin Islands Sustainability Efforts

A floating taco boat located in southeast St. John’s in Coral Harbor. The simple combination of delicious tacos + salty sea makes for a “best day” as we like to say.

We invite you to enjoy delicious tacos + handmade movies in the midst of the peace of nature and the location of St. John, US Virgin Islands.

Lime Out is a swim-up bar where guests can enjoy delicious tacos and drink craft cocktails, local juice or fresh hibiscus tea in the comfort of the ocean. All of our Lime Out guests have the option of sitting on one of our floating green circles, sitting at the bar or sitting on their boat.

How To Get To Lime Out St John

Lime Out aims to give its guests a fun, fresh look. It’s hard not to enjoy this selection of merchandise, from Life is Better on the Water to Gone Day.

Our Story — Lime Out

She’s the girl behind the lens for some of Lime Out’s coolest photos. Sarah, a lifelong resident and international actress, is just getting started! You can find him on his blue boat kiteboarding, surfing and enjoying his favorite taco, tuna tacos. We offer a variety of day trips to choose from throughout the week. Whether you prefer a few ski resorts, a special dinner, or a sunset with a glass of champagne, Voodoo brings you the ultimate experience on the water.

No need to rush to the station, enjoy early morning and later pickup times. This trip starts in the middle of the day with snorkeling and a fun trip to the other side of St. Skip the lunch rush at Lime Out and enjoy tacos without the crowds.

Take a break after your lunch

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