How To Get Surf Wax Out Of Car Seats

How To Get Surf Wax Out Of Car Seats - Keep your car and beach free of sticky and toxic surf wax. Orange peels are the perfect way to process and store surf wax.

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How To Get Surf Wax Out Of Car Seats

How To Get Surf Wax Out Of Car Seats

Introduction: Orange peels are the best way to store, recycle and reuse surf wax. Its designed to fit into your cars cup holder and collect debris, dirt particles, even old wax and turn them into a new bin. We know youve had the experience of getting surf wax on your cars interior, and we know Orange Peel will be the perfect solution for that.

Scraping Wax Off A Surfboard.

Orange Peels goal is to help every explorer make the smallest possible impact on the environment and not dip their cars into modern works of art covered in melted wax!

Maintenance: After replacing the orange peel on your car, you should discard the remaining wax between each session. Place them on a boardwalk, on the beach, or on the inside of your car.

Recycling: The heat from your cars interior and the direct heat of the sun will melt these bits of wax into a new load, no matter what you do!

Not everyone lives in a state as hot and sunny as Florida, so we saved the orange peel microwave and oven. Once the orange peel is filled, place it in the oven and bake your new wax in a few minutes!

The Orange Peel

Reuse: if the wax is slightly swollen, throw it away! Any old or dirty wax can easily be reused. Once dissolved, sand and particles will sink to the bottom. Again, when it is fixed, the sand will be on one side and can be easily removed.

While surf wax isnt the most expensive thing on the planet, it adds up and has an even more damaging impact on the environment.

Discoverable design: The orange peel exterior angle allows it to fit most modern cup holders, even oddly large or oddly small cup holders.

How To Get Surf Wax Out Of Car Seats

Silicone Construction: The silicone that makes up orange peels is very flexible, but very hard to stand on its own. Its texture makes it easy to remove wax with less force.

Surfboard Waxing Photos

Orange peel is resistant to heat and UV light, making it more durable in the environment in which it works best. The properties of silicone also make it immutable. You never have to worry about the wax sticking to the orange peel.

Wax Divider: A line through the middle of the orange peel helps divide the wax into a crescent shape, and is easy to use and still feels good in your hand.

The environmental impact of petroleum-based waxes may be greater than we realize. Outside of clear debris that may contain wax, most wax is toxic to ecosystem wildlife. Having an easy way to store and recycle leftover wax can help any master make small changes.

The personal touch is something you will notice immediately. Weve probably all had the unfortunate experience of getting surf wax on the inside of our cars. This forgotten block can damage carpets and rugs worth thousands of dollars.

Chord: Surf Wax America

Its also incredibly simple, requiring very little to actually impact the environment. Orange Peel is a set it and forget it design. We want you to put the orange peel on your car and forget about it. Let the sun be hot, let the surf wax, and keep the orange peel off your car.

Peel Surf Co. Dedicated to bringing a unique product that helps enthusiasts recycle and reuse surf wax with minimal effort. Were trying to change the way surfers interact with the ocean.

Peel Surf Co started with a single product idea that they thought the surfing community could benefit from. The creation of Orange Peel was born out of what we witnessed in surfing. First, he couldnt use every last bit of wax from every load, it usually ended up as part of our cars upholstery, tucked into board shorts or, worst of all, somewhere on the beach. A good piece of wax is sometimes removed by simply sanding it.

How To Get Surf Wax Out Of Car Seats

We decided to do something about this situation and hoped to prevent some of the petroleum based waxes from washing up on the beach as well as provide a way to reuse and recycle the wax. How many times have you cleaned a wax board, rolled it all into a messy ball, and then cut it?

South Swell Ulu Lagoon Surf Wax Car Air Freshener

We hope that Orange Peel will be the product that not only saves you wax, but also your car seat, board shorts and beachwear.

Since international shipping was one of our biggest challenges during this campaign, we are looking for affordable ways to get Orange Peel to guys outside of the US. We will continue to update the campaign as we track the best delivery options for you.

Another challenge will be the manufacturing process, it can be difficult to limit error in any waste process, but continuing to work with a quality factory can ensure quality control. Living in Los Angeles and traveling the world, Ive seen many creative ways to transport a surfboard. Of course, the easiest way is to take the board with you to the car park, but this requires a little thought and planning. If you have to climb on board the car, you have to think more.

In summary, spend the extra $100 to get a board bag and proper strapping or soft rack to prevent problems while in your car or when transporting your board. Take the time to build it right! Never place the board in front of or on top of the machine. Also note that it is not in a safe place to walk on the side of the road. Getting run over by a windshield or another car or something really stupid can wear out a surfboard quickly.

The Bee That Liked Surf Wax

If youre picking up a board for the first time, its not a bad idea to get a second opinion from an experienced surfer or surf shop employee. Of course, always drive safe and surf!

Straps - Straps designed to keep the dashboard in place in your car. These are usually heavy duty items with a strap release mechanism on one end. Retails around $25-$30 at most surf shops* Shop local to support your favorite surf shop!

Belt release - see above. Releasing a belt should feed the next belt in one direction only, unless released by pressing the finger in the opposite direction. Whatever system you buy, read the instructions.

How To Get Surf Wax Out Of Car Seats

Casings - Foam cushions for communication between dashboard or car roof or lines.

Must Have Surf Supplies

Softshells - A complete set of fasteners and pads to secure your panels to your cars roof. Most surf shops sell for around $40-$50 - shop local!

Rigid rack - The most reliable and permanent roof system. Some vehicles come standard with solid tires, while some commercial companies such as Thule and Imaakima sell kits for different vehicle models.

Open Bars - Bars open from the roof of your car from 6am to 12pm. When you buy a car from a dealer, its almost always a factory purchase.

Drawers are a key part of hard shelves. These bars connect to the bars that run at 3′ and 9′ and run across your roof. This is something that can be attached to the board using the appropriate straps. These may be dealers or, more commonly, aftermarket companies. A soft rack is basically a temporary strip with a pad.

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Board bag - get one! Support your local thrift store or help the environment by buying used.

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