How To Get Goodies In Tabby Cat

How To Get Goodies In Tabby Cat – If you’re like me, you grew up drawing mustaches on celebrities. All photographs were subjected to your doodling fury, and you took your creativity to a whole new level with computer programs like Microsoft Paint. The advent of digital cameras means no one is safe from your handiwork, especially not your friends. When you finally got your hands on Photoshop, you spent hours laughing maniacally at your artistry.

But today is different. You are a serious adult with important things and a reputation to uphold. You keep up with modern web techniques and trends and have little time for entertainment other than the random gif on Slack…right?

How To Get Goodies In Tabby Cat

How To Get Goodies In Tabby Cat

If there’s one thing 2016 taught me, it’s that we—self-serious, world-changing technocrats and universe-shakers—haven’t changed from our younger, more blissful selves.

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How do I know? This year I created a Chrome extension called Tabby Cat and watched hundreds of thousands of people lose productivity for randomly generated cats. Tabby Cat replaces your new tab page with an SVG cat like “Stinky Dinosaur” or “Tiny Potato”. Over time, cats collect goodies that vary in absurdity from fishbones to lawn flamingos to rainbows. Both kids and adults use this extension, with analytics showing that the majority of usage takes place between 9-5 Monday to Friday. Tabby Cat’s popularity has convinced me that there is still plenty of room for fun in our big, grown-up hearts.

Today, we’re going to combine the formula behind Tabby Cat with your desire to please (or troll) your friends, and create a web app that pops your friends with random objects and environments of your choosing. You can publish it as a Chrome extension to replace your New Tab or host it as a website and point to it with the New Tab Redirect extension.

Here’s a sneak peek at my final result with my partner, my cat and I in fun accessories. Your result will look exactly as you want.

We’ll discuss how to build a Chrome extension that replaces the New Tab page and explore ways to program randomness into your work to create something truly delightful.

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Note: This can be as simple or complex as you want. Much of the application is pre-built so you can kick back and get in touch with your creative side. If you want to dive deep, you will find ways to do so.

Note: We use Google Chrome to build and preview this application because the end result is a Chrome extension. This means that the application is not fully compatible with the browser, but that’s okay.

The first thing to do is choose what your muses are. With the holidays coming up, I suggest you find inspiration in your family.

How To Get Goodies In Tabby Cat

For each person, find a picture that shows their face as far forward as possible. Place the picture in the picture

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Layer from the Illustrator file and line up their face with the pattern. Then, rename the artboard to something descriptive

Note that some of my photos don’t completely fill the artboard – that’s fine. Images are clipped to ovals when rendered in the application.

Object The key should be the person’s name and the value should be the file path to the image.

The application will randomly select one of these options each time you open a new tab. This template is used for everything in the configuration file. You give choices to application groups, and it picks one at random each time it loads. Only these are unique

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Now, when you refresh the project in Chrome, you’ll see one of your friends with their name, like this:

Now that you’ve loaded your friends into the application, it’s time to call them names. This step definitely yields the most laughs for the least amount of effort.

. To get the words flowing, I was inspired by the ways some of my relatives could be described during a holiday gathering…

How To Get Goodies In Tabby Cat

Real talk: I’m terrible at choosing color palettes, so I have a trick I’d like to share with you. If you have the gift of color ability, go ahead.

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To create a color palette, I start by going to and pressing the spacebar until I find a palette I like. We need a variety of colors for our palette, so lock in the colors you like and keep pressing the spacebar until you find a nice, full range. You can use as few colors as you like.

Copy the colors to your swatches in Adobe Illustrator. They will be the basis for all illustrations you create later.

Now you need a set of background colors. Here’s my trick to making your painting consistent without completely blending into your palette. Use the “Adjust Palette” tool on the colors to tone down the brightness a few notes and the saturation a bit to remove the neon effect. This will be your background color.

This is the fun part. Objects, accessories, lizards – whatever you want – we will draw and put them on your friends.

Purrfect Things Of Captain Ahab The Sailor Cat & Little Zissou

Your objects are grouped into groups, and each time you load the page, an option from each group is randomly selected. Think of a group like “hats” or “glasses”. This allows combinations of accessories to be shown simultaneously without showing two of the same type on the same person.

To begin, open Illustrator and create a new artboard from the template. Think of a set of objects that you can refer to. I find that hats are a good place to start. If you don’t feel like drawing, you can use cut-out pictures instead.

An object that describes the group of accessories you just created. Its value should be an array of file paths to your images. This is my line of hats:

How To Get Goodies In Tabby Cat

Repeat the above steps to create as many accessory groups as you need. I went on to create the glasses and hairstyles, so my final Illustrator file looks like this:

Nina Ottosson By Petstages Buggin’ Out Puzzle & Play

The final step is to add your new groups to the configuration object. List your groups in the order you want them to be sorted in the DOM. My final output is hair, then hats, then glasses:

Feel free to go a lot crazier than me. I was thinking about adding a bunch of animals, Sir David Attenborough himself, or featuring the animals with little safari hats in celebration of the new season of Planet Earth! But I’m going out…

Today we’re going to cover option #1 because I want to show you how to make the simplest Chrome extension possible. However, I recommend option #2 if you want to keep your project private. Every Chrome extension you publish is publicly available, so if your friends want to publish to an extension that anyone can use, I’d suggest sticking with option #2.

File to the root of your project with the following content. There are many other properties you can add to your manifest file, but these are the only ones needed to replace a new tab:

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A light example of a Chrome extension, but Google has tons of great documentation on how to get things going. Check it out and see what inspires you.

Now that you know how to create a new tab extension, go ahead and create! But handle your power responsibly. New tabs are opened so often that they have become a part of everyday life – consider how many tabs you have open today. Some people like to-do lists on their tabs, while others like cats.

Leslie Zacharkov is a designer/developer and creator of Tabby Cat. She likes to spend time outside and consider where to get the best soft pretzels. Follow her on Twitter at @lslez. Do you love a mysterious, slightly stubborn, but oh so unique cat? You may have noticed that they care a little about what’s on their plate. Cats have a reputation for being lazy, and while this is somewhat true, it’s often more subtle than that. Cats are the inventors of many things – beds, laps, toys, but above all – food.

How To Get Goodies In Tabby Cat

Food is a cat’s main motivator – it’s at the top of their list of priorities. They prefer to eat in a safe environment according to their natural eating habits. Don’t forget: our domestic cats have all the same needs, instincts, preferences and expectations as their wild ancestors. With this in mind, a few minor adjustments can make their ‘pickiness’ disappear. Here are some tips and tricks to help your cat get all the nutrition and enjoyment it deserves.

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At first, if your cat is picky about their food, their hesitation is more about how the food is served than the actual food itself. That’s why our first and most important tip is to always make your cat’s environment, especially its feeding area, predictable and recognizable.

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