How To Get Cheeto Dust Off Your Fingers

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In early 2020, Cheetos officially named the cheesy residue you leave on your fingers after eating a bag of chips… cheeto finger. Wise.

How To Get Cheeto Dust Off Your Fingers

How To Get Cheeto Dust Off Your Fingers

Recently, one of my friends posted a picture on Facebook of what I thought was a fake product. They posted a picture of Cheeto Finger Covers, which I thought was pretty hilarious.

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Then I realized, this is not a gag product… this is real! Someone is selling Cheeto toe covers on Amazon and making money.

So, like any normal person, I decided to do some market research to see if entering the “Cheeto Finger” market was a good idea. What do I see?

I want to find some things in research that are always relevant to Cheeto Fingers.

First I went to Amazon and did a quick search for my topic. I then used the Jungle Scout chrome extension to see how much the top sellers were making.

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At the time of the video, Jungle Scout showed that the top seller was making $23,000…now it appears to be closer to $20,000 per month.

I don’t see any sites dedicated to cheeto fingers… go figure. But I found that the following keywords have a certain monthly search rate. I use the WMS Anywhere Chrome Extension (which is free) to quickly find the volume.

Serps are mostly e-commerce or news websites. People seem to want to laugh at Cheeto Fingers rather than make a serious business out of it.

How To Get Cheeto Dust Off Your Fingers

I’m not one to say you shouldn’t build a niche website on such a narrow topic, so do what you want. However, I personally would not bet my future ability to buy as many snacks as I want on the Cheeto Fingers niche.

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However, I’ve seen a few “funny” websites that just have a ton of witty products or other things that obviously get a lot of traffic. So maybe you don’t want to put all the dust in the Cheeto shapes, maybe you can have the word as part of a wider “fun” website.

I used SEMrush to do a competitive analysis and see how much traffic those sites were getting… in case you were wondering.

I personally would stick to eating Cheetos instead of going into the Cheeto Finger niche. However, if I decided to make money off of products related to glorious cheese dust, this is what I would do.

I personally would make a website related to gag products or funny products in general. You can play with humor, create shareable memes and maybe get famous on social media.

Finally I Know What Is All Over My Fingers When Eating Cheetos

Cheeto Fingers will be one of the many thousands of products I will write about over time. Sure, you can do the classic “Best Fingertips” articles or “Cheeto Fingers Review” articles. But I would still like to keep a steady stream of interesting content that is shared, gets links, and can get a lot of traffic from Google if you do it right.

A site that receives a lot of traffic will generally be monetized with display ads (like Ezoic, Mediavine, or Google Adsense).

This can eventually lead to other opportunities such as t-shirts, mugs or other products that include anything that makes sense. (Remember that people who come to your site probably like strange product ideas or adventurers).

How To Get Cheeto Dust Off Your Fingers

You could also consider selling through Amazon FBA, but I would only do that if I had some unique perspective on existing products. I would definitely not just copy an existing player design because he is making $20,000 a month. I would make my own variety of toe covers or fun “food clips” or anything that would help me stand out from the crowd.

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But I have given my reasons so you can make up your own mind. As we said, you can change from “Cheeto Fingers” and probably find your way to success.

If you suddenly have the urge to eat Cheetos after all this “business” talk, be sure to protect your fingers with the best seller on Amazon right here. (Yes, that’s my affiliate link).

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Do you want to learn step by step how I built my Niche Empire to full income? Yes! I love learning, the nasty colored residue left on my thumb, index and middle finger after eating a bag of – you guessed it – Cheetos.

. For people who enjoy the latter, Cheetos fingers are a disaster. As someone who enjoys this idiosyncrasy, I never understand the hate when your toes go up.

How To Get Cheeto Dust Off Your Fingers

But as I met more people, I realized that not everyone enjoys the same things that I do. Few people like the smell of gas. Few people like to watch

Cheetos Reveals That The Orange Cheese Dust That Covers The Snack Is Called Cheetle

What can you do for those who want to enjoy eating food that gets their fingers dirty, but hates the mess it makes?

While it may seem strange to eat Cheetos with chopsticks, it is very beneficial to get your hands dirty.

And not only can you use Cheetos sticks, you can use them for any food that leaves marks on your fingers, like…

If you have a pair of chopsticks, or plan to visit a Kannada restaurant soon, grab a pair and see what the fuss is about. Don’t forget to share a picture of your experience in the comments below.

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If there’s one thing you can count on when you eat Cheetos, it’s that you’ll get orange cheese dust all over your fingers and everything they touch. So what’s a hot dog to do when it’s snack time? Chip fingers to the rescue!

You know those crazy fingerless gloves that were all the rage thanks to Madonna in the 1980s? Well, Chip Fingers is basically what they do with all the fingers they cut off those gloves. Unless they are made of food-grade silicone instead of non-food-grade black lace. They come in a set of three, so you can grab a Cheeto without worrying about your fingers turning orange. They work well with Doritos, BBQ chips and other messy snacks. You can pick up a set for about $15 on Amazon (affiliate link).

How To Get Cheeto Dust Off Your Fingers

Also, did you know that Cheetos aren’t even orange because of the cheese? Never. They get their trademark orange color from a petroleum-based dye called FD&C Yellow 6, also known as Sunset Yellow FCF. I learned this from a college research paper, I am not your child. Hot Cheetos stains are difficult to remove because of the bright food coloring they come with. It is important to note that food coloring in gel, liquid or powder form is safe to use, but it tends to accumulate and can easily stain clothes, furniture and carpet.

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Fortunately, stains are usually not difficult to remove and can be done using common cleaning products that you already have at home. Food colors and paints tend to dry quickly, so it is important to handle stains well for easy removal. Read on for ways to remove Hot Cheeto stains.

When the fabric is marked as “dry clean” only, simply wipe the area with a paper towel. Take the garment to the dry cleaner immediately and identify the stain.

If you choose to use a dry cleaner, you must remove the stain using the detergent contained in it before placing the garment in the dry bag.

Always remember that you should not put clothes in a hot dryer if there are stains.

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