How To Fix Shift System Fault

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The DQ200’s 7-speed DSG automatic transmission is a transmission that is rapidly increasing in popularity. A double clutch transmission, it was brought to replace the 6-speed “DQ250” DSG unit and finds itself in more and more vehicles. And with that immense popularity comes an increasing number of people who may fall victim to some of the mistakes that come with this transition.

How To Fix Shift System Fault

How To Fix Shift System Fault

Fortunately, there really isn’t a huge list of faults with the DQ200. Unfortunately, the mistakes we’ve seen so far can be very expensive to fix. But before we get into that, let’s briefly go over the differences between this transmission and its 6-speed predecessor.

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The previous 6-speed direct gearbox (DSG) – DQ250 – was a single-chamber affair, meaning that all the components inside the gearbox shared the same fluid. This had the disadvantage that contamination of any component within the transmission could affect another component within the transmission. Given that one such component was a dual-clutch assembly that, by its very nature, burns and emits small amounts of debris, this isn’t exactly the best setup.

The DQ200 made several changes that improved efficiency and weight savings compared to previous models. But the two most significant changes were the separation of the hydraulic system from the rest of the transmission and the move to a rigid double club assembly.

By moving the hydraulic system – the valves and solenoids and other delicate mechanical components that are the control center of the gearbox – into its own closed system, the transmission has a much lower chance of causing malfunction as a result of oil contamination, which is important. components because the only dirt that can enter that chamber will come from the components inside.

Also, moving to a dry clutch assembly removed the biggest source of the above contamination entirely from the transmission fluid. It has also made it so that you no longer have to open any of the transmissions to change or replace the clutch. Although, since we are about to start, there is no need to facilitate the change of the set.

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An inevitable aspect of any furniture system is that it will fail over time. It is designed with this in mind, as the whole purpose of the clutch is to “break down” to provide a smooth transition between gear ratios. The new dry shifter in the DSG DQ200 is much more like a regular manual shifter than the previous wet DQ250.

The control module for the transmission will try to adjust and compensate over time, however it will eventually reach a point where the clutch is simply too worn to function properly. When this happens, the most common symptoms one may experience is running in the gears and in “out of control” mode.

Sliving will usually manifest itself as the motor running higher than it should. In extreme cases, it may not be possible at all. Safe mode – also known as “default” and “lame” mode – will limit the shift to just one gear (often third gear), and will also provide some kind of indicator on the dashboard. This indicator can come in different forms depending on the vehicle, such as a flashing “PRNDS” display indicating “Transmission Failsafe”.

How To Fix Shift System Fault

The way the two-hook system works means that one hook is responsible for the even chains, and the other for the even chains. Therefore, problems in all odd or even shoes (as opposed to special shoes) is a big sign that you have a club problem.

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The dual clutch in the DQ200 7-speed DSG looks a lot more like a regular manual clutch than previous DSG versions, but not as simple!

It is important to note that although the DQ200’s dual clutch may look very similar to a manual clutch, changing one is not a simple process. It requires special tools and a certain procedure that, if done incorrectly, will damage the new coil, and may even damage the transmission itself. Due to the cost of mounting the coil and the technicality of its installation, some manufacturers will sell these coils only to professionals who have passed a course and are qualified to install them.

This is a separate hydraulic system from the one described above. It contains all the mechanisms to control the shift paddles that operate the gears themselves, and the computer does all the “thinking” for the gearbox. It is located next to the transmission – which faces the front of the vehicle when installed – and is a self-contained unit, meaning it can be removed completely without having to remove any parts. The mechatronics can be changed within the module itself, however this is a relative task and requires special diagnostic skills from the manufacturer.

If the electronic component fails, unfortunately, it can manifest itself in several ways because it is responsible for all the actions that occur in the transmission during use. Failed security would be the most likely external symptom, but some diagnostic tools would be needed to get more information about this.

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Simple fault diagnosis is a common problem with the pump inside the hydraulic control unit. This fault will often result in little or no drive, failure mode, and often the unit will leak hydraulic fluid from the steam at the top. This fluid is different from regular transmission fluid because it is green. The main error code associated with this problem includes “Pump Play Protection”. Fortunately, this problem can be fixed by a professional, or the entire unit can be completely replaced. It must be the entire unit, however, because the fault involves more than just the electronic component.

The control module for the DQ200 7-speed DSG has several components that must be configured correctly to go back into the transmission.

As with the church assembly, this is not a job that can be done without the right tools and expertise. The transmission must go into a specific configuration before removing the unit, and the unit itself must be in the same configuration before returning to the transmission. Failure to do so could cause the unit to break, or the transmission to simply not work. The switch can be installed to remove the control module with diagnostic tools on the correct configuration, however, if such tools are not available, it can also be done manually. Be warned though, it’s impossible to see if everything is lined up correctly once the unit is lifted into place. In short, be very sure that everything is installed correctly before deploying, because you will not be able to verify that you have it correctly until you test drive the vehicle and find that you have missing components.

How To Fix Shift System Fault

And that’s it. There really aren’t that many common faults for the DQ200 DSG 7-speed transmission, and one of those faults is a simple and unavoidable shifting problem. All in all, that’s not bad for an automatic transmission.

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How To Fix Shift System Fault

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