How To Fix Lennox Error Code 201

How To Fix Lennox Error Code 201 – When troubleshooting, be aware that you are dealing with potentially lethal voltage and highly flammable gas. If you are not able to perform these operations safely, do not attempt them.

York oven error codes appear in three colors, red, green, and amber/yellow. Each color will also flash multiple times to indicate a specific error. Breaking down each color and number of sparks will help you solve the problem with your York stove.

How To Fix Lennox Error Code 201

How To Fix Lennox Error Code 201

If you see 1 amber/yellow flash, that’s all good, the thermostat needs cooling.

What Is A P1 Or P4 Error Code?

If 2 amber/yellow flashes are visible, this indicates that all is well and there is a call to heat.

If you see 3 amber/yellow flashes, that means all is well and your York Furnace is completing its final cycle. Of all the York oven error codes, this is the one you see most often.

If your York furnace has 4 amber/yellow lights, it may be that your heating system is a little restricted. Airflow is not moving as you see this error code.

If you see a constant, fast flashing amber/yellow error code, it means the spark plug needs some cleaning.

How To Reset A Lennox Furnace

As above, if you see 1 red flash on your York stove, this indicates that the gas valve is not energized. You may have a gas leak at the valve.

2 Red lights mean the pressure regulator is probably stuck. If this switch is in the “off” position, you will get this error code.

If you see 3 red lights, your pressure switch may be stuck in the “on” position.

How To Fix Lennox Error Code 201

4 red lights can indicate that the “high limit” switch is open. A clogged air filter or restricted airflow can be an error code for this York furnace.

Have Lennox Elite And I Am Getting An E1 Error Code, 2 Years Old And I Just Got The Code A Couple Of Hours Ago, Nothing,

If you see 5 red lights on your York oven, this means that your oven’s roller switch or auxiliary switch is open. This switch can be reset by pressing the center of the red button on your oven (it should be on the side).

6 red lights on your stove means the gas valve is not working. This valve will need to be replaced.

7 red lights mean your oven is in “lockout mode”. If the restart fails after 3 attempts, the “lockout mode” will last for one hour. When the clock runs out, the attempt will be repeated.

If your York oven has 1 green glow, it means your oven is working successfully and does not need to heat up.

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2 green lights on your furnace, it is trying to recall/retrieve stored York furnace error codes. The 2 green lights you see also mean no stored fault codes are found.

If there are 3 green lights, please see the meaning of 2 green lights above. 3 green lights on your stove are the same as 2 green lights. Everything is going well with your furnace.

Internal control error or no power Normal operation, call for heat Normal operation, call for heat present

How To Fix Lennox Error Code 201

Pre-purge – The control starts the engine and waits for the pressure switch to close. If the pressure switch is not closed within 30 seconds of the induction coil, the controller will flash “1” on the LED. The controller will energize the indicator indefinitely when there is a heat call and the pressure switch is open.

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Call for Heat – Checks that the control pressure switch is open. If the pressure switch closes, the control will flash “2” on the traffic light and wait indefinitely for the pressure switch to open.

Limit operation – If there is no heat (energy B) call, the limit switch will be ignored. If the limit switch is open and there is a call for heat, the control energizes the throttle valve and closes the engine to run at heat speed, and drives the engine. The controller will flash “3” on the LED until the limit switch closes. When the switch closes again or the thermal call is lost, the control drives the motor that is sent after cleaning and drives the closed block due to the selected fan delay. The control unit will return to normal operation after the shutdown is delayed.

Repeat Shutdown – If the ignition is not reset on the fifth attempt to turn on (initial attempt + 4 times), the control energizes the gas valve and goes into lockout. “4” on the control LED indicates that the ignition is off.

A twin communication fault occurs when the 24 VAC supplies to the twins are out of phase with each other, or when power is pulled from one twin. In the event of a twin error, the control thermostat will not respond to commands and the status LED will light up “5”. Open range and unwanted flame reaction still work. The controller attempts to establish continuous communication and automatically resumes normal operation when communication is re-established. If a connected error occurs during a heating cycle, the two furnaces immediately stop the heating call. The only possibility of mis-synchronization is if the calling twins are set differently. If a twin error occurs during high speed fan or continuous fan, both controls shut down immediately.

Lennox High Voltage Error E113

Limit Operation – If the limit switch is 5 times for heat, the control will go into hard lockout and LED “6” will be lit. The lockout can be manually reset by heating the control for more than 1 second or the thermostat call for more than 1 second and less than 20 seconds.

Extinction Re-Cycle – Control will re-cycle up to 5 flame losses (4 re-cycles) during call for heat. During this lockout, LED “7” will be lit.

Fire Status – When fire is detected, the flame LED lights up. If the flame current is below 1.0 uA (+/- 50%), the flame LED will flash slowly to indicate a “weak” flame. If the flame gas valve is closed, the flame LED will flash rapidly. If a flame is detected for more than 4 seconds, the control will energize the motor at heat speed and shut down the engine while the gas valve is de-energized. When the fire is no longer detected, the sent engine will operate through the post cleaner and the closed extinguishing engine will operate through the selected heater fan during the day. The control will operate a soft lock, but will still respond to open range and flare. When a flame is caused by an unwanted flame, the flame LED will flash quickly.

How To Fix Lennox Error Code 201

Soft Lock – The control will not initiate heat dials and will not run the fan continuously. Cold calling works normally. The control will still respond to open range and unwanted flare. The lockout will automatically reset after 1 hour. The lockout can be manually reset by removing the control for more than 1 second or removing the thermostat call for heat for more than 1 and less than 20 seconds.

Lennox Air Handler Control Installation Instructions

Hard Lock – If the controller detects a fault on the control board, the stage LED will turn off and the controller will lock until the fault persists. If the hardware error is removed, the hard lock will automatically reset.

Ignition Delay: Call for Normal Heat Rapid Ignition: Normal Call for Heat: Control Shutdown Intermittent: Power 2 Check Flash: System Shutdown (No Fire) or Reverse Polarity 3 Flash: Pressure Transfer Problem 4 Flash: Heat (Limit) 5 Shutdown Avoidance : flame with gas valve closed

Ignition Slow Normal – Heat Call From Thermostat Flash Normal – Heat Call From Thermostat Permanently On Control Panel – Needs To Be Replaced Permanently Off Power 2 Flash System Lockout (recycle or Recycle) 3 Flash Vent Pressure Open Flash Fault 4 High Temperature Limiting Device 5 Sensing No Flame

Flashing Slow Normal – Call for Heat from Thermostat Flash Fast Normal – Call for Heat from Thermostat Constant on control panel – needs to be replaced. 4 High temperature limiter 5 Sense AC voltage (<2 Volts) when no flame is present

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