How To Fix Cracked Print On Shirt

How To Fix Cracked Print On Shirt – Many times we hear clients inquiring to us and these are some of the concerns of clients and it has become a normal concern.

This release printing situation is primarily associated with vinyl and digital thermal transfer printing. There are many reasons behind these reasons, but this is usually the main one – the cost savings of using cheap vinyl film material.

How To Fix Cracked Print On Shirt

How To Fix Cracked Print On Shirt

Quality matters and can affect durability. Inferior vinyl films have poor adhesion, poor material, and are prone to tearing, peeling and other damage.

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In printing, we use high quality PU vinyl transfer film. In our previous blog post, “The Difference Between Vinyl and Digital Thermal Transfer Printing?”, we discussed PVC versus PU film, the latter being a more advanced material.

The adhesive is strong yet lightweight, so most of our prints last 40-50 washes or more and are comfortable to wear.

With proper care and washing, your shirt can even be washed hundreds of times. However, as with all things, an expiration date is inevitable. These prints have a lifespan that increases over time with age, wear and many other factors.

We are very satisfied when we see customers in Singapore wearing our printed shirts. Our clients appreciate the quality of our prints, such as students who print with us from 1 to 5 years old, but their first printed shirt lasts their middle school life, while custom vinyl heat transfers such as names and numbers The print is still intact.

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For digital and vinyl thermal transfer prints, if the prints are still intact and not fully peeled or washed, you can use simple home techniques to fix them. Since these techniques transfer the print to the shirt using heat, you can reheat the peeled print with a household iron.

The outer surface of the print must be well protected and cannot be ironed directly, otherwise it will damage and melt the print. Since these films are coated with a special type of glue on the back, the trick is to use indirect heat to melt, transfer and re-adhere the glue to the shirting fabric.

Don’t worry, you can also use the same homemade technique above. This should smooth your print out again.

How To Fix Cracked Print On Shirt

This cracking situation is related to screen printing. For suppliers who use inferior screen printing inks, cracks in the print can be found even after many washes. For printing, we use high quality screen printing inks because we firmly believe in bringing the best quality to our customers at an affordable price.

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Another reason could be insufficient drying and curing of the screen printing ink. In prints, we do two waves of ink drying, and then finish drying the prints with a heat press, ensuring quality and durability.

However, there are methods, such as crackle effect printing, which are used in fashion and merchandise. They are purposely designed to have a cracked and flaky effect.

Today, with the advancement of technology, it is rare to use traditional techniques (hand washing) to wash clothes. Many Singaporeans own washing machines and dryers to help save time, hassle and effort.

If your shirts are screen printed, you won’t have much concern about washing them, as their prints have a longer lifespan and durability. You can throw the shirt in the washing machine.

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For digital and vinyl heat transfer printing, it is always recommended to wash inside out in the washing machine, never wash or tumble dry in warm water.

Regardless of the printing technique used, it is recommended to practice simple techniques such as checking the garment instructions on the label and washing the T-shirt inside out. Hello football fans! Carson is back with a chat about a common problem football players face. Have any of these things happened to you?

No fun, right? Well, I have some tips to help you keep your prints from fading or cracking, and keep your jersey looking as fresh as it did when you bought it.

How To Fix Cracked Print On Shirt

First, when the jersey needs to be washed, turn it over. This will protect the numbers from the worst possible speed of the washing machine.

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Wash the jersey in cold water as hot water will start to weaken the adhesive used to hold the jersey print in place.

Do not put sweatshirts in the dryer. If you can take anything away from this post, please know that heat = bad. Once the print is attached to your jersey, that should be the last time you see the jersey hot, except for your fiery action on the field!

Even if you follow these tips exactly, sometimes things will happen. You forgot to wash your jersey before the big game, so you tossed it in the dryer because it wouldn’t be that bad…right?

You’re on the court better than anyone, but nobody notices because they’re constantly looking at your stats.

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Fortunately, all hope is not lost! For numbers that need to be touched or letters with slightly wrinkled edges, there is a simple trick to reading them. You will need an iron, ironing board, and a piece of white paper or cloth.

Maintaining your jersey and doing little touches like this can make all the difference in the life of your jersey.

Also, if you received our printed sweatshirt and it has cracks, peeling or other defects, please return it to us within 30 days and we will fix it for you for free!

How To Fix Cracked Print On Shirt

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