How To Find A Submissive Man

How To Find A Submissive Man – “Leave a Foot”: Rethinking the Influence of Men Submitted by BDSM Lindsay Goldworth’s New Book Makes Us Rethink What It Means to Be in Bed

“What people don’t understand about submission, whether male or female, is that submission is an object of desire,” writes Lindsey Goldworth.

How To Find A Submissive Man

How To Find A Submissive Man

In other words, the submissive has power, or at least as much power as their dominant partner.

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And yet, many straight men (and women) still hold the idea of ​​men laying down. Long-term life insurance – established by these in recent years

Franchise – Remember that men often think that the main role in bed, as in life, while women are always doing. Whenever, ever, we think of gay men, we make them fall into two stereotypes: businessmen with great power – à la Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort or Paul Giamatti’s character .

– Machine blows with the high paid dominatrix of the strip, or cowardly “beta male” about whom the alt-right types will slur as “cuck” and, recently, “supp.”

But, like many patriarchal stereotypes, it doesn’t necessarily reflect the greater power of homosexuality at play, both in the kink community as well as in the more vanilla form of intercourse.

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In fact, when Goldworth’s book was originally written with a female audience in mind, it was sparked by a discussion among a group of men on Reddit who wondered if they were the same. . in bed

“It’s not a fun thing, just a bonding thing,” Goldort said. This man said, am I not oppressing women in bed, or am I dominant and aggressive in bed? A woman is in charge. “

Whatever male sub-stereotype we fall back on, whether it’s Leonardo DiCaprio getting hot wax poured on Leonardo DiCaprio’s back by a sponsor or a shy guy who just wants to get with it, we all talk about sex. Think – and by extension, right. – as an absolute condition that is always linked to one’s behavior. But although many people can see their main role or recognition as important to themselves, control and submission, like gender itself, There is a lot of water. Consider the search in the bedroom. Don’t worry about what part of the order they are talking about.

How To Find A Submissive Man

The men in the Goldwart thread on Reddit, for example, may not all want to become full-time participants. Most of them just want to change the power switch in their bedroom for a while.

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“This man wrote, ‘Once, my girlfriend was very drunk, and she just put me on the bed, and she just had a way with me, and it was the hottest night in my life,’ and all that.” They were like, ‘Oh my God. You are very lucky. You’re very lucky,’ Goldworth said. do not want to sleep.. They want to be gentle, or they want the woman to be there and control.

So it’s not surprising that books about strong women resonated with men who worship them – and it turns out that there are more men than we think.

“I’ve had a lot of guys come up to me and tell me they bought the book, a lot of straight guys,” Goldort said. “I’ve seen a lot of men who you wouldn’t expect to have sex, and they’re there, and they come back. They’re very emotional, and they want to be teased or forced to have sex in public. , they want to be publicly ridiculed, or they want to be hung or tied by a woman. What a beautiful woman? Who wouldn’t be?’

But while it’s one thing for a man to throw out rhetorical questions in praise of important women, unfortunately for most men it’s another thing to act on the experience in bed.

The Submissive (woman)

: “Relationship, or nakedness, acknowledges that a woman can be satisfied with following him, so that she can be satisfied with being called her boyfriend’s husband, and think it’s like being treated sexually. around, to be told what to do and fight, then he is less than a man, he is unbelievable. “

The first step in combating the double standard problem, according to several pro-Domes Goldort interviewed, is to stop labeling them.

“They all said, ‘Don’t worry about labels, like up and down and sub and dom. It doesn’t benefit people, and it will limit you,” Goldort said. “You don’t need a label, just check things out and play with energy. It’s a lot of fun, and you can open a whole world of joy and fun and new in the relationship.

How To Find A Submissive Man

Also, Goldort added, nationalism isn’t always about whips and chains. While submission is an important part of BDSM, which Goldworth says does not have the concept of “water storage,” the principle of submission can be applied to more vanilla situations.

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Maybe instead of thinking of him as “submissive,” maybe he’s just a lover who is more interested in you than himself.

For many men, being gentle in the bedroom may simply mean allowing yourself to put your partner’s interests first.

“Maybe instead of thinking of him as ‘submissive,’ maybe he’s just a lover who is more interested in you than himself,” Goldort wrote in the article.

“You don’t have to use the word civil if it makes you uncomfortable,” he said. “Think about it, ‘I always do what he wants because I like to give him what he wants, because that’s my biggest thing. He comes first, and he gives it to me” That’s what he need, and I want to make him happy. because I want to be a lover, I want to be the one to rock his world. “

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There is power in this surrender – the power in being afraid to follow your passion and defy gender stereotypes, but also the power to be someone else’s basis of interest. If you’ve ever had an orgasm, you know that sexual pleasure is powerful. It is not a small task to give it.

“When I finally had a man in my life, I was so happy,” dominatrix and sex educator Hedsey Haven told Goldort. “These men are stronger and braver than your average, middle of the road, straight, hetero, mainstream man. Because they really let go and let go. To me, that’s manhood.” more and stronger.

None of this is to say, however, that men who really want to control their partners should immediately do a sexual 180 to be good, really “male” lovers. Then, as Goldworth said, “Don’t worry about labels. Just go with your feelings and go with your passion.”

How To Find A Submissive Man

Life is too short – and obviously too vulnerable to the effects of infection – to not have the sex (consensual) you want.

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“Our opinions run the gamut, especially if you’re lucky enough to have a good opinion,” Goldort says. “We all have different feelings. I think that’s great. If you find someone who is willing to explore something with you, that’s such a gift.

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Gone are the days of bloodthirsty conquerors, savage cavers and Herculean heroes. Because according to the vastness of the Internet, the hottest thing you, a man, can do right now is submissive and maybe

Yes, there is a new form of us. Users of Twitter, TikTok and Instagram use the words “submissive and breeding” to admire and lust after men (mostly men) for attractiveness, to the extent that men are now accept it.

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According to Know Your Meme, the viral tweet was posted by the user @T4RIG on July 23 of this year. The tweet apparently encourages men to “platonically normalize telling their brothers that they look submissive and childish” with a bunch of slapping emojis between each word. Over the next few days, the phrase became a copycat, with internet users using it for many images – like this one

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