How To Find A Mommy Dom

How To Find A Mommy Dom – Girl Doms are very diverse and draw strength from a wide range of activities. Don’t assume you understand what she wants to hear until you look really closely.

Here is the rub. Supposed male dominance does funny things to girls who want to break the mold. “Role reversal” is thrown around as a catch-all term, but it doesn’t really work that way. The return of what role?? There are many.

How To Find A Mommy Dom

How To Find A Mommy Dom

The old premise was that a woman reversed the roles by climbing into bed and suffocating her lover and what not. But this is only part of the puzzle. If he’s still the one buying her dinner and spoiling her on Valentine’s Day, have they really switched roles? Not really.

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“Chivalry,” someone pointed out to me, is a great example of this. Down or down, it always seems to be

To be a knight. Why is that? Doesn’t that seem like it should be part of the “reversal of roles” as well? If you are dating a girl dom, how many of these “male responsibilities” remain exactly the same and how many are “opposite”? it is unclear. And traditional FemDom doesn’t seem to have those answers for us.

Whatever you are, there is someone on the other side who is looking for someone like you. As an atypical girl myself, I had to work hard to find people who shared my beliefs about this. (But it is possible – and worth it!)

Dominatrix is ​​the type of classic femdom we see in mainstream BDSM. She is leather bound and scantily clad, wearing spiked heels that she uses to stomp on you. They want to be

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. She is a goddess. Untouchable. You are not precious and she will make sure you know it. They make grown men cry. They are in complete and total physical and spiritual dominance – and will pay you good money for the opportunity.

They are not very picky about who is under their service because it is more about a personal power trip. (And often, income). They are not looking for a man to date (you are far more valuable), they are looking for mats to walk on. If you want a –

These ladies have a way with tools. Paddles, whips, whips, swings, machines, anything you can dream of. They usually work with older men, so they are not ready to hold back.

How To Find A Mommy Dom

The only problem is that they are usually fake. These characters were invented for the male gaze, leather-clad bombshells who are ready to hit on any man with enough money in their pocket to pay for their time. There is not much in this narrative that appeals to real women. In porn, it’s usually a bunch of naked babies surrounding an ugly old guy, pushing him hard until he cries. (Why are they having so much fun? Why are they so sticky and hot? And why are there so many of them? Come on, at least arch your back!!) The whole dynamic is, ironically, very masculine. Men invented it. And women took over the role because it was in such high demand. Those who actually do this are often older as this is a very traditional form of FemDom.

Bound: The Mommy Domme’s Club: Dominatrix Bdsm Stories Part 1 By Ember Knight

“Where can I find these women?” or public events. Some may even have their own business cards, websites, porn channels, etc. These ladies are

“How do I approach them?” HUMILITY AND GOOD BEHAVIOR!!!!! She will expect to be treated like a queen from the first moment. Treat her like the real Queen of England. Sometimes they ask for “tribute”, a kind of payment, before saying hello.

Princess is a more mainstream, more exploratory type of FemDom. She is possibly a forerunner. She probably spent most of her years as a tough submariner, but became addicted to the thrill of power. She is girly, sweet and acts like a traditional “girlfriend” in a way. But she is

. She will clean you and then bite your arm. They don’t hold back. Because their role is

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. They like to push their man’s buttons and make him do all kinds of crazy things for her so that she can really test his obedience. “Buy me ice cream!” “Tie my shoes!” “Take my bag!” “Eat me out until I’m done 5 times! At least!!” She is bossy. But she will reward you with kindness and sweetness. “Ah, now that’s a good obedient boy!”

These girls are still out on their own. They may not have all the marbles together. They are not yet ready to lead with 100% confidence. They want you

. (Because they trust you to handle all their swings and bail them out when they screw up.) That’s why they usually get on better with guys who are more masculine and secure in their dating lives. Every day, but she is willing to pamper her fat girlfriend and give up control in the bedroom.

How To Find A Mommy Dom

“Where can I find these women?” Tumblr, Instagram, Reddit, the hot pockets where young people hang out. They probably eavesdrop on all the other fan-based media not related to the turds. Stupid girls are weird. Just trust me on this one.

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“How do I know when I see one?” They are honest, opinionated, demanding and love to be pampered. They may identify as switches, but they certainly seem to have power.

“How do I approach them?” Princesses usually feel more comfortable when their husband is more experienced. They like to feel safe to explore and go as much as they can without fear of hurting their partner. Be gentlemanly, sweet, approachable, brag about your qualifications why she should trust you. Try to take the lead in the conversation first and offer her some ideas. If you buy his cow,

Ah yes, Mother Dom. Popular on Tumblr, these ladies are a beautiful alternative to the weak guys who

. She is gentle, loving, supportive, comfortable and confident. Unlike princesses, mothers are perfect for nervous boys who need guidance and care. Protectors and gods and wild lovers. You know… like

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. They are all about praise. Praise to the point of embarrassment. “You look so adorable when you blush like that, my beautiful boy. Am I shocking you? Poor thing, come into my arms and let me touch you in all the right places.

Mothers are true leaders. They put power through their care, so you melt into their sweet touch. Emotional delivery is the name of the game. They make you so drunk with their flowery words and suggestions that you can’t help but follow all their orders.

Mothers like soft sons. Handsome angelic guys who prefer to play a more feminine role in a relationship. She’ll buy you flowers and underwear and say, “Well, aren’t you the cutest rubber the world has ever seen!” What a good boy you are, mom is so lucky to have a son like you. It’s not always about looks. It’s about behavior. Do you like the idea of ​​being pampered like a little puppy dog ​​and cuddled at any time of the day? A Mami Dom is for you.

How To Find A Mommy Dom

“How do I know when I see one?” They will call themselves “Mom”. Their interactions will be rather condescending and will make your heart burst into a million butterflies.

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“How do I approach them?” You look beautiful! Be a snack! Make yourself worthy of spoiling! Give her something to compliment you on. Send a photo of yourself wearing a cute sweater and ask how it looks.

Drivers are the least weird, but perhaps the most powerful. She is charming, modest and sweet as a peach, but an immovable object in and out of the bedroom. Leadership runs so deep in her veins, she doesn’t need to wear a belt to do it. Dominance is not a vice, it is their whole life. She is a type A, dominant, democratic authority in any group she enters. Modest, caring and supportive, she shows her strength when she puts others before herself. She does not like to be admired. She is not looking for sexual slavery. She does not need to be told that she is a queen and a goddess.

. The most successful CEOs are like that. Good fathers, husbands, partners – men have learned that real strength is to be classy and remain humble. If you try too hard to prove your dominance, you will definitely overcompensate.

. In general, women have to work harder to prove themselves worthy of power, so they have to fight hard and sometimes be a little muddy. (And sometimes men like bullies. See: dominatrix.) Most girl-doms are also reluctant to give up the pleasures they enjoy as “the female role” (being pretty, getting flowers, not buying the drinks ) himself, etc. ) However, the leaders are so confident in their dominance that they have adopted the completely opposite approach, so much so that it has almost come full circle. “Don’t bother me with your flyers and flattery. What can I do to support?

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Executive Girl-Doms are basically everything we expect a good Guy-Dom to be. Except, you know, they’re women. It shows how differently we see the same traits when they appear in different types of people.

You know how guys effortlessly and naturally pay for their date’s dinner and get into bed as it is

“Where can I find these women?” These are our societies

How To Find A Mommy Dom

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