How To Export Almonds From California To India

How To Export Almonds From California To India – B.LINE: Almonds are displayed in a dry fruit shop. Dry fruits are in high demand when winter arrives: Khari Baoli wholesale market, in the national capital 7..12. 2011. PHOTO: Kamal Narang

According to the Almond Board of California (ABC), direct shipments of almonds from California to India increased 68 percent from 53,965 tons to 90,500 tons between 2011-12 and 2017-18.

How To Export Almonds From California To India

How To Export Almonds From California To India

That the government is now targeting a 20 percent annual growth in almond exports to India. In that regard, he said the focus was on family, Diwali, weddings and the food industry.

Where Do Almonds Grow?

“The way forward is to continue more research in the country,” he said, adding that ABC has been active in India with trade and consumer programs for the past 20 years.

Founded in 1950, ABC markets almonds using a research-based approach in all aspects of marketing, cultivation and production on behalf of more than 6,000 California almond growers and processors in the U.S. Sudarshan Mazumdar, ABC Regional Director – India, said $26 million has been spent on research activities in the country so far, resulting in 161 articles being published in various journals.

“For us, India, like most countries, has a long tradition of eating almonds. The only thing we are doing now is making Indians consume more almonds,” Mazumdar said.

He said, after the liberation of India, Indians are more aware about health and food control. In addition, there are more and more people who can afford to eat almonds, which bodes well for the industry.

Us Using Innovative Ways To Boost Almond Sales In India

Swati Kalgoankar, Senior Director of ABC Nutrition Research, speaking at a session on “Nutritional Benefits of Almonds”, said that three glucose control studies are underway in India, with results expected in 2019. The studies are designed to find out how well almonds can work in glucose control.

Overall, ABC focuses on the 500 million people living in India, who are considered potential almond consumers based on the country’s development and urbanization. Now it sees an opportunity to make almonds a year-round consumer product. California is the world’s largest producer and exporter of almonds, accounting for 81 percent of the world’s supply, and India is among its top five exporting countries. In 2017-2018, almond production in California was 10,00,171 tonnes, compared to 80,800 tonnes in Australia, 50,954 tonnes in Spain and 15,000 tonnes each in Iran and Tunisia.

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How To Export Almonds From California To India

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266 | Death of Queen Elizabeth II | India observes a national day of mourning on September 11. Imports of almonds from Europe are increasing, mainly due to the trend towards a healthier lifestyle among consumers. Almonds are the main import of nuts in the European market. Spain, Germany and growing markets such as the Netherlands and Italy offer opportunities for exporters. Food safety certification, supported by regular laboratory tests and strong CSR standards, is a very important success factor for exporters.

Almonds are the fruit of the almond tree (Prunus amygdalus). Almonds consist of four parts: the core (meat), the middle shell, the outer green shell (almond body) and the thin skin layer (brown skin).

The commercial importance of almonds is related to their kernels. Almonds are usually harvested with a mechanical tree shaker, which knocks the shelled almonds to the ground. The beans are then collected and sent for the following processing steps: cleaning and sorting.

After harvesting, the hull is removed and the almonds can be shelled, usually with various types of peeling or cracking machines. Unpeeled almonds can also be stored for later processing. Removing the brown skin using a bleaching machine produces blanched almonds, but exporters usually do not perform this step because importers and processors also perform the bleaching operation.

California Is Stuck With 1 Billion Pounds Of Almonds

Almond trees are grown in countries with a Mediterranean climate zone characterized by rainy winters and dry summers. The United States leads global almond production with about 80 percent, followed by Australia, Iran and Tunisia. The growing world production of almonds exceeded 1.2 million tons in the 2017-2018 season.

The most popular California varieties are Nonpareil, Carmel, Monterey, Butte, Padre, Mission and Sonora. The most popular Spanish varieties are Valencia, Marcona, Largueta, Mallorca and Amarga. For marketing purposes, almond varieties are grouped into broad classifications based on distinguishing characteristics such as size, shape and “whiteness.”

This research covers general information about the shelled almond market in Europe. Table 1 shows the official statistical codes used in the international almond trade. Since the import of shelled almonds from Europe is insignificant, the statistical analysis of this study only uses codes for shelled almonds, i.e. seeds.

How To Export Almonds From California To India

However, the batch identifier and the name and address of the manufacturer, packer, distributor or importer may be replaced by an identification mark.

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In retail packaging, product labels must comply with EU regulations on providing food information to consumers. This regulation defines more clearly the nutrition label, origin label, allergen label and readability (minimum font size of mandatory information). Please note that this regulation lists almonds as a product that may cause allergies or intolerances, and therefore allergen instructions must be clearly visible on retail packaging. Retail products must also be labeled in a language understood by the consumer, so usually it must be in the official language or official languages ​​of each target country.

There is no general rule for export package sizes for almonds, but the most common size for the European market is 25 kg, although many traders accept imperial units and 50 lb (22.68 kg) packages. Other sizes used are 5, 10 and 12.5 kg packs. Cardboard boxes are a common type of packaging, often with a layer of plastic inside. Usually a 20-foot container is filled with 450 25kg bags and a 40-foot container with 880 25kg bags.

The shelf life of almonds should be at least 12 months when stored in appropriate conditions. A temperature of 2–7 °C and a relative humidity of 50–60% provide optimal storage conditions.

Spain and Germany are currently the largest almond markets in Europe and offer great opportunities. The growing Dutch and Italian markets also offer good opportunities, but you could face stiff competition from the United States.

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Food safety certification, supported by regular laboratory tests and compliance with CSR standards, can also be of great benefit to European market suppliers.

In addition to the quality requirements stated in the product description, you can get an overview of buyer requirements in the European Union from our study of buyer requirements for processed fruit and vegetables.

All food sold in the European Union, including cashew nuts, must be safe. This also applies to imported products. Additional materials must be approved. Hazardous impurities such as pesticide residues and excessive amounts of mycotoxins or preservatives are prohibited. It should also be readily apparent from the packaging label whether the food contains an allergen.

How To Export Almonds From California To India

The presence of aflatoxin is the most common reason for rejecting restrictions on almonds exported to Europe. In 2018, almonds (mostly from the United States) were rejected at European borders 35 times because of aflatoxin. Therefore, it is highly recommended to follow good post-harvest practices, especially good storage conditions to avoid aflatoxin contamination. Temperature and relative humidity are the most important factors in preventing Aspergillus development and aflatoxin contamination.

Know Your Almonds: Gurbandi Vs Mamra Vs California

Very low levels of salmonella and E. coli in ready-to-eat or processed foods, including almonds, are a major cause of foodborne illness. Salmonella can be transferred to almonds from birds, other animals and people who come into contact with almonds during production and processing. It can also be found in open water, waste piles, soil, etc. In addition to good agricultural and hygiene practices, pasteurization is now increasingly used to prevent salmonella outbreaks.

The general maximum residue limit (MRL) for almonds is 0.01 mg/kg. However, according to EU legislation on lambda-cyhalothrin, the European Food Safety Authority found some information about certain metabolites of this pesticide and may change the MRL by 2020 after further scientific studies.

On June 5, 2018, the European Commission published a regulation setting the maximum residue level of fosetyl at 500 ppm in the nut group, including almonds. By February 2019, the maximum residue level for the almond pesticide iprodione is expected to drop from 0.2 ppm to 0.01 ppm.

The safety of food contact materials must be evaluated to ensure that hazardous amounts of chemicals do not enter the food.

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European Union regulations on food labeling prohibit misleading consumers. Claims cannot be made that food can prevent, treat or cure human disease. Allergens must be highlighted in the ingredient list. Allergen information requirements now also apply to unpackaged foods such as

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