How To Draw Lana Del Rey’s Eyes

How To Draw Lana Del Rey’s Eyes – The first step is to choose a good reference. This photo is originally in color, but I converted it to black and white to make it easier. I usually print the reference, but it’s not necessary. For this drawing I just used paper, paper, an eraser and a pencil. This time I only used a Bpencil because I know many of you won’t always have access to an 8B pencil (or any similar pencil). But I recommend using more than one class for better realism

I used the grid technique to sketch/draw the proportions of this line. I will give a simple example to clarify what I mean. You can see the smile in this photo for reference. I traced the same holes (same size and quantity) on my drawing paper for reference. As you can see, the reference box 1A is empty, which means that 1A in the table must also be empty. 2A is a small part of the reference eye, so I need to draw that part (of the same length) in box 2A of the drawing. Of course, it’s a bit more complicated than attracting real people, but you get the idea! 🙂 more

How To Draw Lana Del Rey’s Eyes

How To Draw Lana Del Rey's Eyes

As you can see, this is my draft. I already broke the set. It’s not always necessary to break up all the mesh, but since the skin is so light, it’s best to break it up first or the pores will show.

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I started to draw the left eye. Her eyes are very dark in this photo. Line the brows in a soft shadow and add a dark shadow between the lid and the browbone. Draw the lash line very dark (especially in this photo) and of course add eyelashes. Eyelashes are very long, so don’t forget them! I continued to draw the small part of the right eye. the space between the eyelid and the eyebrow is completely dark! more

Now we move with the right eye. It’s even darker. As you can see, the white of the eye on the right of the iris is also very dark. The closest thing to white in this part is the eyelid and the white of the eye in the left corner. Everything else is dark. But make some parts a little darker (eg the eyebrow) so you can see the differences. more

I blended the skin around the eyes a bit to make the skin even (this is optional). Now we will draw the nose. I usually start by drawing the nostrils. Always the darkest parts of the nose. As you can see from the diagram, the light source comes from the left, which means there is more darkness on the right side (why the right eye is dark). So you can add more darkness on the right side and a shadow from the nose. more

Almost finished drawing the features. Drawing the upper lip is not very difficult. Start by drawing a black line between your upper and lower lip. fill in the top lip with a few layers of graphite. There aren’t any different tones in this section, so it’s pretty easy. more

Marker Drawing I Did Of Lana Del Rey

Now for the trickier part: the lower lip. She is known for her lips. We can achieve it with shadows and highlights. Slightly darken the base of the bottom lip and fill in the rest of the lips. Add a highlight to the lips (in the middle) with an eraser. The top light is white. more

In this drawing, we will not draw any skin shadows except for the dark shadows on the face and neck. Why? The contrast of the selection is relaxed and the whiteness can make the image softer. The neck area is definitely dark because of the shadow on the chin. more

Hair is hard to draw. You don’t want to draw all the lines because it’s too long, but you can do it faster. Now all you have to do is add the shadows. There are no lines or tags yet, we will add them later. Of course, you can call it done at this point, but read on to make your hair more realistic. more

How To Draw Lana Del Rey's Eyes

Take the fabric and blend the shadows. It doesn’t have to be very smooth or precise, if it’s a little messy. Now take your (sharp) pencil and add some lines! Follow the direction of the hair and add more fiber to the darker areas and less fiber to the lighter areas. Hair coloring takes a lot of time, but the more time you spend, the better the results. As you can see by adding shading before the lines, it takes less time to get real hair, but the same (or better) results! more

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This is the end of communication! Take out your curls and add shine to your hair. I also “bleached” the diamonds and added more darkness where I felt it was needed.

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Description: This is how to draw the beautiful Lana Del Rey 🙂 All you need is pen and paper!

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