How To Download Videos From Erome

How To Download Videos From Erome – Created and produced by Level Ground • Directed by Andy Motz • Featured in association with Durden &

Blooming in the Whirlwind is an experimental poem + film collaboration + inspired by Gwendolyn Brooks, created and produced by Level Ground and now presented in collaboration with Durden and Ray.

How To Download Videos From Erome

How To Download Videos From Erome

In August 2020, Level Ground invited poets to submit an original poem about a tumultuous year ‘swelling in the storm’, and we selected nine poems for the project. Each poem was paired with a filmmaker for a film premiere that premiered online in October 2020.

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After we released the project last fall, a new partnership at Durden & Co approached Level Ground to develop and expand the project. Now, from November 13 to December 5, the entire project will be installed at Durden & Co. The gallery is open Saturdays and Sundays (and by appointment).

Each of the following 9 collaborations contains an original poem that inspired the short film that inspired the installation. Also watch a short Q&A between the poet and the filmmaker

Life / Thump Thump Thump This HeartPom By: Simone Tetrault Filed By: Alex Smith, Andrew Neal Installation: Ismael De Anda III

There’s No Such Thing as Bloompom by Christina Brown Film: Meredith Adelaide Installation by: Sean Noyes

Reka Pupp /

Untitled: Emergency Strategy / Ricky’s Response.

Examines the epidemic in a unique and moving way through three different art forms created in three different periods Special thanks to Andy Motz and Theo DeMarco – this project would not have been possible without you!

If you enjoyed this project and want to support more compassionate testing, consider making a donation to Level Ground by becoming a Venmo@ or LevelGround member.

How To Download Videos From Erome

Arezzo Varthania • Installation artist Arezzo is a versatile artist He has an MFA/MA in Arts He has exhibited his works internationally;

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Jireh Deng • Poet Jireh is an Asian American journalist and poet based in Southern California. Their work has been featured in the Asian American Writers Workshop, VS Podcast, LA Taco, Human Rights Campaign, and more. They intern at the LA Times in the summer of 2021 and at NPR this fall of 2021.

Leila Jarman • Filmmaker Leila is an Iranian-Brazilian-American filmmaker and interdisciplinary artist. His work has been shown at film festivals and exhibitions around the world, including TATE UK, LACMA, MOCA and Ars Electronica.

Reed Van Brunscott • Installation artist Reed uses sculpture, installation and video to transform nostalgic or everyday household objects into extraordinary forms. Of Peruvian and Dutch descent, he has a broad, multifaceted understanding of visual language Van Brunscott holds an MFA from USC and a BFA from the Rietveld Academy of Art in Amsterdam.

Simone Tetrault • Poet Simone is a writer and director whose process is deeply focused on the weight of the work, those who help make it, and those who receive it. His games include

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Andres Vazquez • Filmmaker Andres is an American Latino filmmaker from Los Angeles. As the seventh son of Mexican immigrants and a descendant of the Braquero program, Andrés’s filmmaking explores the relationship between work and identity, and how people’s linguistic processes work on what their circumstances make them.

Christina Brown • Poet Christina is a writer and teacher living in Long Beach, CA. She is the managing editor of Pear Shape Press and creator of B Pod: A Queer Podcast. His first full-length poetry collection will be available in 2022

Flora Kao • Installation artist exploring architecture and technology, mixed media artist Flora Kao explores the poetry of human relationships with the environment. Kao has had solo exhibitions at the Pasadena Museum of California Art, Commonwealth and Council, Gallery 825, Art Merge LAB, UC Irvine University Art Gallery, HAUS Gallery and the LA Art Show.

How To Download Videos From Erome

Carly Koontz • Poet Carly is a poet, theater maker and artist based in Santa Barbara, CA. He passionately uses these methods to explore knowledge and relationships, what it means to be present and eternal. Her artistic endeavor is to invite others into conversation with plenty of generosity and space to listen, learn and grow.

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Madeleine St. John • Poet Madeleine is an internationally based author, fundraiser and dance therapist. With communication as the axis of each practice, Madeleine draws inspiration from culture, nature and human experience to create meaning and communication in art, philanthropy and medical contexts.

Tamisha is a Los Angeles-based speaker and facilitator who hosts workshops and discussions on diversity, community and the arts. She is a senior director of arts, religion and culture, teacher, artist and PhD candidate currently writing a thesis on religious themes in the works of Octavia Butler. When she is not working, Tamisha enjoys good food, good friends and good karaoke

Andrew Neal • Filmmaker Andrew is the Librarian of Required Reading Literature. With experience in film acquisition, development, distribution, and marketing, Andrew is a strong advocate for independent storytellers. He has an M. in theology and film, and is the former director of programming for Level Ground

Ilgin G. Corugan • Filmmaker Ilgin is an Istanbul-based filmmaker and photographer currently based in Los Angeles. In 2020, they founded a collective and a producer of queer films

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., Tommy Sanchez. Through their work, they aim to draw attention to multicultural experiences and concepts of belonging and community.

Kiyomi Fukui • Installation artist Born in the United States, Kiyomi grew up in Japan as the daughter of a Genachi-Korean father and a Japanese mother. In addition to print-based artwork, Kiyomi collaborates with fiber arts At the core of his practice is capturing the intimacy of a moment without looking at the media

Rich Johnson • Filmmaker Rich is an Asian-American writer, filmmaker, and artist with a passion for telling stories that explore what lies beneath curiosity. Rich is the creative force behind projects including FOUR WALLS (2020) and Letters to the Universe (2020) and founder of Centrifuge Arts.

How To Download Videos From Erome

Tara Vargas • Filmmaker Tamisha is a visual anthropologist and graduate student focusing on structural violence. Keeping true to that sentiment, his narrative explores the implicit life history of symbolism, using reflexive film techniques to reveal unseen events. Past work has promoted social justice and community-led movements

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Anthony D. Frederick • Filmmaker Anthony is a versatile storyteller specializing in digital video and post-production. He currently works as a post-production creative director for digital studio Watcher Entertainment.

Danielle is a poet based in Los Angeles For Daniel, writing poetry has always been a primary means of understanding experience and analyzing inner feelings. Between any two people, there is an underlying line that is constantly shared, so letting others know is an invitation to connection, resonance, and personal experience.

Ismael de Anda III • Installation artist Using dynamic processes, de Anda’s works often define a specific place, inspired by the community in which they are built. He has exhibited his work internationally / with Galleria Bruno Lisi, Rome and the Angelus Gate Cultural Center. De Anda collaborated with him on 2021 SUR: Two Years at the Torrance Art Museum.

Labkhand Manesh • Filmmaker Labkhand is a photographer, documentary and experimental filmmaker whose work questions identity as an Iranian and American immigrant. While creating themes of femininity and social and cultural norms Labkhand uses his work to create an invitation, and a platform to open up conversations

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Noor Jamal • Poet Noor is a 24-year-old writer based on the East Coast With a background in healthcare, writing has always been her side passion and source of creativity ‘Holding On’ was written during the violent 2020s as a reminder that change is inevitable – as we hold on, we grow into what we are meant to be.

Sean Noyes • Established artist Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Noyes’ work has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world, including the Scope Art Show, Miami and New York; Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm; SPRING/BREAK Art Exhibition, LA His gallery, Noisky Project, is featured

Tina Linville • Installation artist Tina received her BFA in Landscape from the University of Washington and her MFA in Fiber from California State University, Long Beach. In addition to his studio practice, Linville is the founder and managing director of Fourteen Fourteen. He lives and works in Marysville, California

How To Download Videos From Erome

Celebrating black wealth in luxury / For blacks, speech and revolutionaries Seeking infinite greatness, cultivating, healing and integrating abundant evolution A dark overflow of the dynamic infinity of dark space and time Using letters with numbers or symbols. Submission ideas can reflect and communicate the concept of Black Abundance Feel free to create a post about this material or another related theme

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Neneka is the creator and EIC

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