How To Dovetail Ribbon

How To Dovetail Ribbon – Sandy Sandler is here to show you another very easy way to make a beautiful big red bow today. It will be great to decorate your gifts and home for Valentine’s Day this summer.

First, cut the spring wire. Then fold it in half and put it inside. There will be one loop on one side and two loose wires on the other side. This will serve as your slider. Tuck the ends under to stay out of the way while you make your bow.

How To Dovetail Ribbon

How To Dovetail Ribbon

Now cut about 1 ½ yards of red ribbon. Twist the ends and tuck in for a tail. For the tail, fold the ribbon in half and cut at an angle away from the fold.

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Next, add a little more than 5-inch wide ribbon and twist it back and forth. Make sure the rings are roughly the same size. Continue making loops until you have three loops on each side. When you reach the last round, press the small part of the button loop in the middle.

Then insert the loose wire into the loop and pull tight while the spring is still inside. Then remove it from the bow, separate the ends, twist and tie a knot. Tie a double knot for extra security.

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How To Dovetail Ribbon

Easy-to-create bow makers are available on his website’s online store as well as at various retailers such as Amazon, AC Moore, Pat Catan’s Stores, Jo Ann’s Store, Michael’s and Walmart.

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How To Dovetail Ribbon

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How To Dovetail Ribbon

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I made this bow to add a fabric garland. My goal was to create a simple bow because I didn’t want to spoil the colors and patterns on the wreath. I only picked up 1 pack of 2″ duct tape from Dollar Tree this summer, so it was a bargain.

I’ve linked to the ribbon description on the Dollar Tree website so you can find it in store (Ribbon Description). You can buy it in bulk in the physical store, but by the box on their website.

Making a bow with EZ Bow Maker is quick and easy. You can also make other bows with this tool, such as holiday bows, flower bows, tree bows, etc. The process is going smoothly. Basically, you twist and twist the ribbon and then tie it with wire (or zip ties). However, I have included pictures of the process below.

Once your bow is complete, attach it to the wreath using the wire. Most likely after you tie the bow to the wreath. Play with the loops until you get the shape you want.

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