How To Dispose Of A Broken Crystal

How To Dispose Of A Broken Crystal – It breaks my heart when one of my crystals breaks, but it has to happen. Maybe I’m smarter than average, but all my stupid friends are probably wondering what to do with broken crystals?

There are three steps to removing broken crystals. First, plan a small celebration to honor what the mirror has brought you. Then you may need to clear it of energy. Finally, you can get rid of it by burying it naturally. But depending on why it broke, you have a few other options.

How To Dispose Of A Broken Crystal

How To Dispose Of A Broken Crystal

The very first step is to understand why your glass is broken. Depending on the answer to this question, you may still want to consider using pieces for energy work. It may also have a message to listen to. If you want to get rid of it at the end of the day, check out the various ideas in this article.

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Understanding why your glass is broken is important because it can tell you what you need to hear.

Sometimes there is no sign. Old gravity, a hard floor, and a weak hand can be the culprit behind a shattering crystal. Accidents happen, we occasionally drop things and crystals.

Sometimes it pays to take a closer look at what happened. Did your glass shatter on its own without you touching it? Have you given it up but think there’s a bigger reason than just slippery fingers?

One explanation could be that your crystal has accumulated too much negative energy. If you don’t clean it regularly, over time your stone can accumulate negative energy and disintegrate.

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Remember to clean your crystals regularly, especially when using them for energy work. Some crystals do not retain negative energy (like selenite), while others are able to absorb it (like malachite and black tourmaline).

If too much negative energy is the cause of your crystal breaking, this will usually give you a clean break. You can also hold pieces of stone in your hand (or put your hands on them), close your eyes and feel them.

Like everything in this world, crystals have a purpose. When you use them for energy work or are useful to you in some way, they serve their purpose. At some point, they have done their job and are ready to ascend to the highest realms of existence. Their physical form is no longer needed and decays.

How To Dispose Of A Broken Crystal

Meditate with your mirror and feel its energy. If you don’t feel it vibrate or the stone looks dull, it’s probably overgrown.

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If this is the case, you can leave your mirror, it will no longer be useful for energy work.

Before discarding it, I suggest doing a small ceremony to honor your crystal. If it still generates power, you may want to clean it.

Whether your mirror has been your companion for years or weeks, you respect it. I could never dismiss a crystal like an old sock! (karma, hello?)

Create a simple ceremony to honor your mirror and say goodbye. I just love lighting a candle, meditating with a mirror in my hand or in front of me and repeating affirmations of gratitude and blessings.

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If you have decided that your stone has grown and no longer carries energy, there is no need to clean it. However, if it was broken for some other reason, your crystal still has energy and you’ll want to clear it in whatever way you choose. That way it won’t carry your energy wherever you throw it.

If you really want to dispose of your crystal and not keep it around, the best way I know is to bury it naturally. This is best done with a raised glass.

Once cleaned, to extract energy from it, take it to a forest or other ecosystem of your choice and bury it in the ground.

How To Dispose Of A Broken Crystal

A funeral is also a great occasion for a solemn ceremony. This is a sort of funeral for your crystal.

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You don’t need to bury too deep, but try to go at least a foot deep. You can place it near a tree or somewhere special to you as an offering. What comes from Earth returns to Earth; it’s a meaningful way to honor your mirror.

It makes more sense to gift your crystal pieces while they are still carrying energy. If the glass didn’t go up, there’s no reason why they couldn’t!

My favorite thing is to keep one piece of glass and give the other to friends I care about and want to keep in touch with. I believe that each of us, holding a piece of what used to be the whole mirror, is a way to create a relationship between us.

Alternatively, you can give all or part of the gifts to the child. Children are naturally drawn to crystals, and their pure hearts can often sense that these stones are special. You will make the child very happy!

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If the broken pieces are large enough and the glass still shakes, you might want to see how you put them back together. Your relationship with these crystals may have a different quality than when the crystal was whole, but you can still enrich it.

In this case, you can keep the pieces and use them for your energy work as you would any other stone.

Just because the glass is broken doesn’t mean it loses its energy. However, the aura of the pieces of glass is not the “aura pieces” of the whole glass. Each broken piece will have its own vibration and emotion, so you will have to create a new connection with each one.

How To Dispose Of A Broken Crystal

Why not use small pieces of crystal as decorations for your plant pots? Crystals and herbs make a wonderful combination. Both originate from the Earth and represent the duality of organic and mineral.

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You can use any glass and any plant if you like the arrangement. Or you can marry them so that your plants get the benefits of a healing mineral friend.

Rose quartz, amethyst, sodalite and tourmaline are known to have healing powers on sick plants. Jaspers are used to encourage new growth. Onyx and obsidian are recommended for tomato plants. In fact, black stones like onyx and obsidian confuse and repel insects.

If the crystal pieces are too small to use or you are feeling extra artistic, you can use them to create artistic jewelry.

You can hang them on the canvas you’re working on, on a small household item like a small lamp, or even on a kid’s shoe! The only limit is your imagination.

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If your glass is broken into many small pieces, even the best glue will not help you, it is better to remove it. But if your stone has broken into several large shards, it can be reattached.

. It’s best to collect the crystal shards first to make sure you have all the pieces. Then wash the surfaces with warm soapy water to remove the grease.

I recommend wearing rubber gloves to avoid touching the bearskin pieces – this will keep the grease from your fingers on the crystal, which weakens the effect of the glue.

How To Dispose Of A Broken Crystal

I recommend using E6000 glue. Popular with craft enthusiasts, it sticks to anything and is very strong when dry. Dries completely within 24 hours, then forms a flexible clear ball that can act as a crystal absorbent when dropped.

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Just be careful because E6000 vapor is poisonous! Be sure to be in a ventilated area.

In conclusion, there are many different things you can do with broken glass! In summary, there are two main ways.

Another common question is: Can you still use broken glass? Absolutely, as long as it still carries energy. If your glass shatters into hundreds of tiny pieces, you’re out of luck. But if the broken pieces are the right size, try to reason with them to see if you still agree with them. You can keep them or give them to friends who might need them. It’s okay…it’s from our best. It’s not the end of the world if you break the glass. Depending on the others, you can even use stone, and we have ideas for the bottom.

Don’t worry, you’re not cursed! Seriously, we have two schools of thought about what it means to break a crystal, and they don’t work together at all.

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The first is that if the stone breaks or you lose it, the energy of that widespread stone is no longer needed in your life. This is a sign that you have worked on a stage of your life’s journey. A stone that represents that aspect of your journey

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