How To Delete Character In Black Desert Online

How To Delete Character In Black Desert Online – Black Desert Mobile just released a global version, so everyone on the NA and European servers is trying to get ahead of everyone else. If this is your goal as well, the best thing you can do is download the latest version ( and play the game on your PC. Not only will it optimize your XP grinding, but it will also give you several advanced tools for better character control.

Once you’ve installed BDM on , you’ll want to head out into the world and start your adventure. However, as a new player, you might not be too familiar with the game’s progression and combat mechanics. While we’ve created separate guides for both aspects of Black Desert Mobile, we’d like to offer you a quick selection of the most useful tips for beginners. That way, you can get up and running right away without making too many costly mistakes!

How To Delete Character In Black Desert Online

How To Delete Character In Black Desert Online

BDM encourages players to level up at least three different characters. A family basically includes all the characters you create on a single server. For example, if you complete a quest or defeat a difficult boss with one of your characters, others can simply skip the action while still receiving a reward.

Black Desert Mobile: How To Level Up Quickly

The classes in this game are quite unique, and some are better suited than others for defeating challenging opponents. For example, most players start with a soldier or a giant, but there are some bosses that deal a lot of damage to nearby targets. This can be very annoying in melee classes, but it becomes cool for witches or rangers. Most of the time, when you hit a progression wall, the game simply tells you to switch to another character (or invest real currency if you want to do that).

Let’s say you leveled your favorite class to 30 and hit a progress wall. Now you have to start a new character, but that doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. First, your Black Soul is shared by the entire family, meaning that if you’ve upgraded it on your main character, your other characters will benefit from the added CP.

Also, when you unlock the camp, you can visit the storage building and put all your gear in it. You can then log into your alt, grab that gear, and equip it. Just like that, you have collected hundreds of CP with little to no effort. Now you can focus on that nasty boss that was giving your main character trouble.

Daily achievements are a great source of materials and currency. Since resources are a very important part of Black Desert Mobile, we have created a separate guide for farming. For now, it’s important to remember that daily achievements are an important part of your character development.

Bdo Pvp Combat, Skills, And Cc Guide (black Desert Online)

Most of them are complete in the sense that they ask you to do obvious things like use potions a certain number of times. Others, such as achievements related to camping or PvP, will require your participation. These achievements are usually very easy to get and the rewards are always decent.

At this point, CP (or Combat Power) in Black Desert Mobile is more or less broken. Regardless of your class or playstyle, the biggest boost you can give your character is to increase his CP. This is mainly because your character gets +100 CP every time he reaches a new CP threshold like 1900, 2200, 2500, etc.

In other words, it doesn’t matter if the stats on a tool are junk. If the latter has a higher CP than your current item, it’s worth changing. It’s also a good idea to focus on crafting purple gems for your gear, at least until you hit 2500 CP.

How To Delete Character In Black Desert Online

You can add up to 50 friends in Black Desert Mobile and you need to reach this limit as soon as possible. When someone has been your friend for at least 24 hours, you can greet them in the social menu. This gives you more social tokens for each greeting, which you can then use in the shop to buy useful chests.

Black Desert Online Download

The chests you buy with Social Tokens (up to 20 per day) contain a wide variety of useful things, from resources to pet food and even decent gear.

Knowledge is an important way to get more CP in Black Desert Mobile. You can gain knowledge by doing various activities such as meeting people, doing quests, defeating important bosses, or killing a certain number of certain mobs.

So that you don’t have to go back to every town you’ve been to when you hit level 55 and want to increase your CP with knowledge, always check the list of important people in the area before you go. Anyone on this list who has a small book next to their name will give you knowledge if you talk to them.

Leveling up BDM is almost as important as upgrading a character’s CP. We talk more about this in our fast progression guide, but a few milestones are particularly important. For example, when you reach level 20, you will receive a family quest that will unlock the game’s “Black Soul Mode” after completing the game.

Creating A Character

This basically allows you to continue farming for XP, foraging, or fishing after quitting, which can be especially helpful for your progress. Just remember to log in every 3 hours (or 6 hours if you can afford the Black Soul Plus version), grab the loot and reset the timer.

One of the many reasons why Black Desert Mobile is such a fantastic MMORPG is that it includes many mechanics that are simply designed to encourage you to explore the game world. For example, your character cannot automatically search for resources. You just have to go there and find rocks to mine, wood to cut and food to collect.

You can also have fun finding and taming horses and talking to random NPCs who can offer interesting side quests and rewards. It seems that no matter which direction you go, something can surprise you. And isn’t that what makes an MMORPG great in the first place?

How To Delete Character In Black Desert Online

4 is not available on Windows XP. You must be running Windows 7 or later. Windows 10 is recommended. Another week, two more levels earned in Black Desert Online. I went from following the main quest to going back and following the side quests. My thoughts on the experience are below.

Black Desert Online: Winter Season Guide

Progress: I finally finished the Medina quest line and reached level 56, which meant going back and completing all the side quests with experience. But before doing the side quests, I completed two important quest lines. The first was the Awakening quest line, which gave access to a new set of skills and weapons.

Another was Cheng Tom’s questline, which I complained about on Tuesday. I understand that the 30% battle XP bonus when I complete quests is nice. But 22 non-combat missions in a game where combat is arguably its strongest selling point makes no sense. But I survived the experience.

Story: I left the main quests now and Chen Tom’s quest line was weak. But I like following the Wicked Witch thread I was on. If I wasn’t in a hurry to get to the end of the season, I might have completed the first block of tasks in Valencia. If the sidequests don’t get me to level 59, I might have to anyway.

Gear: After completing the Medina quest line, I also unlocked the option to get Tuval gear from Fughar. I’m now rocking Tuval’s PRI level armor and weapons. I also got the Awakening Level THREE Tuval weapon after completing the Awakening quest line. I also picked up some pretty accessories.

Black Desert Keeps Crashing? Here’s How To Fix It

Awakening: I was a little surprised to suddenly have to choose between awakening and legacy skill sets. Ultimately, I decided to follow the path of awakening because awakening seemed like a natural progression.

Not so sure how I feel about the skills yet. My problem, as always, is learning a new key combination. I have a bad habit of hitting the wrong keys when playing Blizzard. But Voltaic Pulse is easy enough to play (Shift+F) and I like the animation of me throwing magic arrows when I hit the crowd. I need to improve the casting of Fissure Wave (S+LMB+RMB).

Not sure about the technical name BDO, but now I can summon a pet. I like the ability. I just need to figure out what I need to do to keep Keeper Tet instead of Gore.

How To Delete Character In Black Desert Online

AFK Play: Tried making my own

Black Desert Online: How To Gain Knowledge

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