How To Date A Kinfolks Knife

How To Date A Kinfolks Knife – Of all the knives I’ve tried so far, the Kinfolks is still one of the nicest. Look and you will see the same thing.

However, this aesthetic poses some challenges in telling which period the knife really belongs to. If you have a Kinfolks knife by now, you probably already know this.

How To Date A Kinfolks Knife

How To Date A Kinfolks Knife

Today, you and I are embarking on a journey that will hopefully help us estimate the date of manufacture of your Kinfolks knife, or at least what era it comes from.

Press Button Knife Co. Antique Automatic Knife W/ Brown Bone Handles (5002915)

Kineplex doesn’t have a clear history surrounding the knife, but the little we know is interesting.

If you guessed from the name, the company was founded by related entrepreneurs. One thing you might not expect is that two of the founding members—J. The Russell case and the Dean case also found precedent.

It is accepted that the Kinfolks knife company was founded in 1924 until the 1950s. The company closed up shop in the 1950s, and they have since been resurrected in other capacities.

During the period of knife production, the company created a long line of hunting and fishing knives.

Ww2 German, Soviet, Allied Militaria, Uniforms, Awards, Weapons History. War Relics Forum

Some of these tactical knives are believed to have reached WWII, but there is no concrete evidence of this anywhere. Although there is no proof of this, this does not detract from the value of well-made vintage knives.

The most interesting thing about this company is that they were founded in Little Valley, New York. This American heritage contributes to the high craftsmanship and quality control that these knives carry.

Today, they’ve become a collector’s favorite, so we’re interested in meeting them to see if they’re the real deal or a fake. The challenge of going out with a close knife

How To Date A Kinfolks Knife

One of the biggest challenges in any knife encounter is the change in ownership that occurs along the line.

Vintage Kinfolks My65 Knife W/original Sheath Hunting Bowie Style C1940’s Case

Fortunately, we don’t have Kinfolks, but we do have a unique problem. The original documents were created so many years ago that all catalogs and identification materials may be lost or unreliable.

Add to that some dodgy collectors who use this fact to weave a bunch of these knives, and we have another challenge on our hands.

Also, most people assume that these knives are only from the 1920s and 1930s, which is not the case. Others give only a vague date when the original Kinfolks company made the knife. It’s hard to tell when these knives came from.

However, this should not prevent you from knowing when your knife was made. Effective dating with a relative knife

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Try these tips to find out if your Kinfolks knife is original, or when it was made: #1 Read the dating guide

One of Kinfolks most comprehensive knife dating guides is by Dean Elliot Case. The book includes not only biographies of the company’s founders, but also four catalogs that will help you meet them.

If you’re interested in the story of three cousins ​​who came together to start the knife company we know today, check out the book today on Amazon.

How To Date A Kinfolks Knife

Before you commit to selling, you might want to check if the few Kinfolks knives you have are genuine. In that case, this book is also a good investment.

Continuation Of Enormous Single Owner Knife Collection

However, if you inherited the knife from an older person (your father, grandfather, uncle, etc.), you may not need a book. If you are not interested in these things, love me. #2 Check the markings on the blade

Kinfolk people used to mark knife blades, and these marks would tell what period the knife came from. Sometimes they also refer to general blade or knife materials, which are equally useful for cutting years.

This shows the American made Flame Edge Super Hunter model. The designation “TC” indicates that the blade is made of tungsten carbide, a material that Kinfolks started using in 1957.

Kinfolks was granted a patent for the use of tungsten carbon in knives in 1955, and the knives went into production.

Vintage Old Us Early Kinfolks Hunting Knife & Sheath Gift For

It is not known when these knives went out of production, but they were produced until 1993.

I wish I could help more, but this is what my limited knowledge can bring me. I’d rather give up now than give you misinformation anyway.

Check out local knife forums where you can find experienced knife collectors, hobbyists and users. You can also check out larger forums like BladeForums, AllAboutPocketKnives or other related options.

How To Date A Kinfolks Knife

Alternatively, you can look for Facebook groups or other social media gatherings where you can find knife experts. Be prepared to take a clear picture of the knife, but don’t let anyone send you the knife.

Kinfolks 330 4 1/2 Fixed Blade

In addition to Kinfolks knives, there are several other well-made knives that you have and want to meet. I have mentioned some of them here:

These guides will reveal some insider tips and strategies to help you get the exact date of these knives, narrow down their age, or make sure you have the original papers. A final thought

Although part of the Case knife family, Kinfolks knives did not last long on the market. During the time they spent here, they came up with some pretty cool knives that collectors still have today.

If you have one of these knives, follow the instructions above and make the date or era as small as possible.

Vintage Japanese Japan Made Original Bowie Hunting Knife

Show me the knife and I’ll tell you who you are. I know my knives – maybe not as well as my mother, but enough to write you useful guides. have fun!

The best knives we know today were made before one of the world wars or because of one or both of those wars. Although, these sources are filled with many bad events, but the knives record the times and the good work of the creators.

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How To Date A Kinfolks Knife

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Falling in love is like falling in love with tap knives, and building a Ka-bar knife can be a little more difficult. In fact, I believe that learning how to match with a bar knife requires more precision and more moving parts than when we did it with the love lever…Kinfolks USA 330 No. 4-1/2 Hunting Knife. 8″ OAL; fair handle. Also includes Hubertus Solingen sheath knife, 8-1/8″ OAL.

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