How To Data Transfer Battle Cats

How To Data Transfer Battle Cats – Some of you may not know this, but almost a year ago I lost my BC account. This was my first BC acc and I lost it from an HGT error. I tried to transfer data to fix it but it ended in tragedy. Well, what did I do? I grew up and dealt with it. Almost a year playing on the new acc I’m much better now (completed everything actually) and felt complete. I was at peace. But one day I got curious and searched for a Ponos contact for no reason (XD) and actually found their email! Now I think I lost my first account? Well, guess what. I had the question code….

So I called Ponos and gave them the search code. They sent me transfer codes and verify codes and I put them in my second iPad and got the account back! I thought to myself, “Why didn’t I do this a year ago?” As if it were that simple! Anyway, I realized what I was screwing up on BC at that point and saw that I was stuck in ITF 2 months. So I beat that with my new 100% uber wearless skills! And this is where the real adventure begins.

How To Data Transfer Battle Cats

How To Data Transfer Battle Cats

I captured Capone’s prison in the Prison Destruction stage. So yes, I beat that too. So I just did some more SoL and hit the subchapter. I did more…and more…(with a lot of Uber hauling) and more…and more… until…I WAS IN MARY’S NIGHT!!! So I somehow made it to Capone’s prison to Dead End Night in ONE DAY!?! I think that’s crazy….but as expected, I beat Li’l Nyandam and also got the cat unit. Now I wonder how long I will get tomorrow 🤔🤔🤔

How To Transfer I Forgot How To Transfer

This website stores cookies in your browser to improve your online experience and display your personalized content. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to find out more and learn how to set your preferences. Serial Codes were special codes that could be entered into the game for various prizes. This feature was removed along with the Invite Friends to get the Moneko feature in the Version 4.3 Update.

These were one-time use codes sent to PONOS contest winners. These codes would give the player things like XP, Cat Food and Tickets.

These were one-time use codes included with Battle Cats merchandise (or in the case of Mob Cat and the 5 Kishidan Collaboration Units, movie tickets and CDs). They would give items or Units Cat.

From the title screen, tap the “Invite your friends to get Moneko” button at the bottom right of the screen.

The Burgle Cats

However, many of the cats listed below are not available, but others have found new ways to get, some only in the Switch port.

BCEN (Old • Current) • BCJP (Old • Current) • BCTW • BCKR • 3DS (Name Comparisons) • Minna de Nyanko Daisensou

• Empire of the Cats • Into the Future • Cats of the Cosmos • The Aku Realms • Legend Stages • Challenge Battle • Catclaw Dojo • Arena of Honor

How To Data Transfer Battle Cats

Rarity: Normal (NN) • Special (EX) • Extremely Rare (RR) • Super Rare (SR) • Uber Rare (UR) • Legendary Rare (LR)

Battle Cats Mod Apk V11.8.1 (unlimited Xp Cats Food)

Traits: Traitless • Red • Floating • Black • Metal • Angel • Alien (Star) • Zombie • Aku • Relic • Typeless • Colossal • Behemoth • Witch

Shop Items • Gamatoto Expedition • Ototo Development Team • Catnip Challenges • Officers Club • Meow Coins • Wild Cat Slots • Cat Scratcher

XP • NP • Cat Food • Battle Items • Catamins • Materials • Tickets • Catfruit / Behemoth Stones • Catseyes

Merchandise • BCEN Exclusive • BCJP Exclusive • BCTW Exclusive • BCKR Exclusive • Revival Mode • Pop Culture References • April Fools Jokes • Unfulfilled Features Whether it’s Sega vs. Nintendo or Cox’s plans against her -every other plan, everyone gets hyped when there is an event. conflict between brands. However, there are some who do not like to take sides in such duels. But no one can deny that such battles are very interesting. It keeps things fun, for … Read more

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How To Data Transfer Battle Cats

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