How To Cut Custom Foam Inserts

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Today we are using laser cutting to create foam inserts for our industrial equipment. These custom carpet inserts are made from polyethylene foam (PE foam or PEF), and are laser cut and engraved. We use our Trotec Speedy 400 100w laser cutting machine.

How To Cut Custom Foam Inserts

How To Cut Custom Foam Inserts

We always recommend checking the MSDS sheet of the PEF sheets you are going to laser, and ask our technical staff if the material is safe to cut or engrave.

Custom Foam Case Inserts

These foam inserts are perfect for organizing and storing industrial equipment, tools, promotional items, signs and items you want to display professionally.

First, we place our objects in their containers so that their status can be seen. In our case, we box our industrial equipment. Later, their photo was taken from above. This figure serves as a guide when cutting the foam.

Next, we’ll import the image we took into our design program. First we need to resize the image to match the size of the actual box.

We will create a rectangle with the dimensions of our container and adjust the image to it. Once the bottom is straight, we cut our material to create the cut lines. If you want, you can add space to make it easier to remove items, add labels, etc.

Case Club 1450 Hard Case With Custom Foam & Your Company Logo

Once we have created the shape, we place it in our foam machine and send the job to the laser with the following settings:

After everything is cut, we can put it together. Flatten the foam as needed, place your items in their place and you’re done! It’s an easy way to create beautiful displays for anything you want to display.

TIA 3D is a steam train better way for customers to place foam than with custom foam inserts. While professional installation and trimming is always a good idea, it is not necessary. You can make it yourself.

How To Cut Custom Foam Inserts

That said, it’s easy to go wrong. ‘Pick n’ pluck’ foam is far from ideal, and poor cutting techniques can make new foam installations less effective.

High Density Anti Shake Protective Eva Sponge Foam Inlay Die Cut Foam Inserts For Tool Package Box Sponge Custom Foam

We’ll help you avoid this with five easy ways to make your own foam inserts, DIY-style:

We will help you avoid it. Here’s how to make your own cut foam insert, DIY style.

You need a case, but what size? First, place all of your tools in the order you plan to place them, leaving about half an inch between each tool and the edge of the foam. Remember that there is at least enough space to hold everything (but, again: some things should be left because your devices will be squeezed and trying to charge them will be a problem).

Next, you’ll want to measure the tallest fixture and add an inch (usually ½ inch) for clearance. With this, you can measure the interior height of the case you want.

Eco Fan Custom Kraft Tube With Die Cut Foam Insert Bps Team

To make your own whipped cream, you’ll need some high-quality foam that’s fine. Our DIY engine is a great place to start.

In partnership with Easy Peel, our DIY foam service is designed to provide you with foam inserts to fit any size, whether it’s for your toolbox or medicine cabinet. Enter your size requirements (depending on your case) on our calculator page and we’ll give you an instant quote. Then, simply complete the order and your custom foam will be inserted. Don’t forget to check out our foam tutorial page when it comes out!

Choose the factor that fits your outer/inner dimensions. In other words, choose the one that works for you. No matter what you’re into, there are plenty of cases available, from camera and watch cases to rugged device cases. Everything is made by famous brands like Peli and Hofbauer.

How To Cut Custom Foam Inserts

Prepare your foam sheet i. You need three pieces: two thin pieces to fit the lid and base, then a thicker piece in the middle. This is where things get tricky.

Mycasebuilder Canon 70d Custom Foam Insert For Nanuk Cc70dn925

Since you need to know the thickness of the top and bottom parts, all you need to do is take the height of the inside of the case and the height of the largest piece of your device. Then, it is split into two and a half inches and added to allow the equipment to fit when the case is closed.

If you have one, an electric carving knife is perfect. However, since this is not a household item, you can use a hacksaw (less effective). A wood saw can be uncomfortable and you can get into trouble, and a kitchen knife can be very difficult to control (and can cause injury). So, go for the hacksaw.

Using protective gloves, secure the foam any way you can (an assignment clamp works well). Basically, leave the part you want to cut. Grab the tools/items you want to put in the bag and drag them around. Cut a quarter inch along the line so the tools fit but are easy to remove.

All that’s left is to take the insert cut out and cut your foam and it’s ready to use. We recommend that you purchase an extra sheet that you can use. We dare you to get it right the first time…

Industrial Hand Tools

As we said, this is an unfair method that works for many people, but not everyone. If you are interested in fast die cutting technology and precision cutting technology with laser engraving, check out our foam cutting service. This may be the right solution.

Thanks to Easy Peel, our new product gives you the opportunity to cut DIY foam directly for your toolbox. All you have to do is enter the exact measurements you need through our calculator page and we’ll give you an instant quote. So, just complete the order and your ingredients will arrive. Don’t forget to check out our foam tutorial page when it comes out! These lessons will show you what to do.

In the meantime, stay tuned to our blog section. We update it with new content and many foam sources are available. For more information, call 0800 8400 166 or click here.

How To Cut Custom Foam Inserts

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Custom Foam Packaging

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How To Cut Custom Foam Inserts

In FUSH cases we only offer customization

Got My Laser Cutter Dialed In, So Made Custom Foam Inserts For The Case For My B&t Ghm9 Compact Gen2 G Sbr. (my Deadair Wolfman Is Still In Atf Jail, Sadly.) :

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