How To Crack Accounts Using Openbullet

How To Crack Accounts Using Openbullet – Dealing with the impact of the global pandemic, from avoiding COVID-19 scams and malware to social distancing and working from home, millions of us have turned to collaboration and communication tools to maintain work and personal connections. Thanks to its ease of use, cross-platform capability and low price point, Zoom has quickly become the video meeting service of choice: the number of daily meeting participants on the platform grew from 10 million in December to 200 million in March and 300 million. in April.

Software and services that reach mass adoption also tend to attract the attention of attackers. The more popular they are, the more attractive targets they make. In this case, Zoom was not actually breached, but the credentials stolen in the third-party breach are being used against them, disclosed as “leaked Zoom credentials”. Criminals take advantage of name recognition, which helps them better monetize compromised data — although price wars among underground sites have driven Zoom accounts below $0.01 (and in some cases, they’re given away for free).

How To Crack Accounts Using Openbullet

How To Crack Accounts Using Openbullet

Figure 1: A post offering Zoom “literally half the price of the competition” because it “hates the next guy to come at you.”

How Openbullet Is Used And Abused By Cybercriminals

It appears that bad actors are trying to sell Zoom credits so that their community can enjoy the service at a lower price (as with Spotify and Disney+, where credits can be obtained illegally for less than $2 a year as a one-time cost, usually $9.99/month+).

For sellers, offering stolen credit from a well-known service increases their darknet marketplace customer base. What about buyers? Motivation is likely to be one of three things:

The “Zoom Credentials for Sale” story has attracted a lot of attention from major press outlets, and while they have begun to acknowledge the possibility that most (if not all) of the exposed passwords are out of date, most of the articles are compromised. . Zoom’s reputation and the company have been forced to communicate more publicly than ever about security measures.

In an effort to dispel any confusion surrounding the alleged “leaking” of evidence from these Zoom accounts, our research team presents this summary with an analysis of a trove of evidence found on crime forums proving that they were enhanced with Zoom’s permissive data. Meeting hijacking (host pins, meeting IDs, etc.), list building using textbook credentialing attacks, and outdated third-party databases. In other words, while this is news to media outlets, this evidence is not new to the criminal community.

Cybercriminal ‘cloud Of Logs’: The Emerging Underground Business Of Selling Access To Stolen Data

“The analysis found that threat actors were conducting credentialing attacks using email addresses and passwords obtained during previous breaches of other companies or through malware infections on their devices. Preventing account takeover is the right thing to do, and we value this important security information. This information provided to us by a third party that has helped identify Zoom users who may have reused compromised passwords in the breach. We have reset account passwords and notified affected users. Zoom will continue to work diligently to identify and respond to such issues in the future.”

On the deep and dark web, it is common practice for criminal marketplaces to advertise the sale of illegal goods, such as stolen credentials, which criminals can use to take over consumer accounts, steal money, and siphon reward points.

A quick Clearnet search on April 28 turned up several recent articles from Tier 1 media outlets about sharing and selling Zoom credentials on the dark web. Cybersecurity companies continue to publish blog articles and analyzes of leaked credential databases that are supposedly meant to benefit Zoom, but actually only feed the news cycle.

How To Crack Accounts Using Openbullet

The short answer is no: researchers see a decline in Zoom account sharing as criminals try to avoid the attention of law enforcement. Some forums have removed Zoom account sales:

Python Hack · Github Topics · Github

Also, Zoom’s changes to its user interface seem to have messed with the configurations we’ve seen in circulation. The changes appear to disrupt criminals trying to gain access to user accounts. However, criminals tend to evade these new measures. Once the immediate media attention dies down, we expect Zoom accounts to be publicly traded.

A recent analysis of Fortune 1000 employee breach data provides insight into the severity of the password reuse problem: on average, 76.5% of F1000 employees reuse passwords. It’s not impossible that a large number of Zoom users do the same.

Simply put, password recovery promotes account acquisition. Passwords are the easiest entry point for criminals and continue to be leaked through third-party breaches, affecting even the most sophisticated users of high-tech services.

Once the evidence is in hand, account takeovers become easy and profitable, resulting in indirect access to company data, funds and personal information, and devastation to victims’ lives and finances.

Netflix And Hulu Hackers Are Coming For Your Passwords

Companies like Zoom, whose user data has been exposed through various third-party leaks, are experiencing brand and reputational damage. Zoom has responded quickly with increased transparency and new security features, all of which have helped mitigate some of the damage; However, users who use their compromised Zoom passwords on other accounts may continue to experience exposure of sensitive data as criminals move from one account to another.

Figure 3. Criminals use user password reuse, recycling, and fuzzy matches to compromise multiple personal and work accounts.

As we said, criminals take advantage of the lowest hanging fruit, recycled passwords, using evidence from third-party data breaches to gain access to other accounts. In credentialing attacks, criminals automate their account takeover attempts by using account verification tools to simultaneously test thousands of stolen passwords using combo lists (formats of thousands of credential pairs for use with account verifiers). With impressive success rates, cheap evidence and advanced crimeware tools allow evidence to be collected with minimal effort, cost or expertise – even for the most experienced criminals.

How To Crack Accounts Using Openbullet

Often, attackers start with a popular account tester such as Sentry MBA, SNIPR, or OpenBullet (which is free and considered a legitimate “online testing suite”) and upload a configuration file or “configuration” to modify it. a specific target. Configurations can be purchased privately, from account control software vendors, or downloaded for free from many criminal forums.

How Bots Are Ruining Online Gaming For Players And Publishers

SNIPR includes innovations that increase user-friendliness and detect theft. In addition, it has pre-baked built-in configurations capable of targeting large websites, so even low-skilled criminals can use the tool without creating and uploading configuration files.

Unlike Openbullet, SNIPR is not free. Like OpenBullet, the tool has its own open source development community and supports multiple attack surfaces such as web requests, email (IMAP), and more, enabling applications, games, and more. SNIPR dynamically scrapes public proxies, allowing attackers to find alternative proxies.

Investigators have obtained several databases containing usernames, passwords, host PINs, meeting IDs and names on several underground forums. Analysis of these databases shows that they were created using textbook credentialing attacks using old compromised databases.

Figure 9: Enhanced list of Zoom user logins, meeting links, host keys, full names, and additions shared in the forum.

Open Bullet Configs Used By Iranian Hackers

Listing 2: Our team discovered a short listing that included the seller’s Discord username and ad sales for Zoom accounts:

When we analyzed these accounts, we saw that 100% of credentials were already in the reusable password dataset:

List 3: In late April, the human intelligence team obtained a list of several thousand leaked Zoom accounts. Based on our analysis, the majority of previously recovered passwords were obtained from the Chegg (2018), MyFitnessPal (2018), and Poshmark (2019) breaches.

How To Crack Accounts Using Openbullet

Despite the fact that almost 100% of known Zoom credential leaks stem from older breaches, the resulting media attention has kept the company in the spotlight. As a result, it has implemented several visible security-related feature improvements. For example, this is:

The New Cracking Tools That Automate Credential Stuffing & Account Takeover

It is also common practice for customers to continuously monitor all user credentials and verify their users’ passwords against our entire database regardless of usernames, preventing users from choosing any password that is exposed in the event of a data breach. We recommend forcing a user to reset their password after detecting a breached password, and why:

During a routine security check, we discovered that your login information may have been compromised by a breach unrelated to Zoom. Because many people use the same email address and password combinations on multiple sites, we require you to reset your password before you can regain access to your account. We strongly recommend that you do the same for other sites and services that use the same password and create a strong and unique password for each one.

(See our guide on notifying users that their passwords have been exposed in a third-party breach for more information)


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