How To Clean A Straw Bag

How To Clean A Straw Bag – I’m sure you’ve either seen or heard of the now popular Loewe Bag. I’ve definitely been on Instagram for a while and have seen all the “IT” girls I’ve posted. I’m sure next spring and summer you’ll see more of this hay bag. But in case you didn’t know, the SMALL Loewe handbag costs $500! That’s not quite a wallet-friendly price – especially for a one-time bag that you may only be able to use a couple of months a year. So I’ve rounded up some similar affordable bags that will make you feel stylish without breaking the bank.

But first I want to mention the differences between DUPES and COUNTERFEITS. True Dupe is a design that draws similar qualities to a prototype but doesn’t repeat branding or elements. A replica is a bag that looks just like a designer bag – even if it’s on the labels. Unfortunately, you’ll find many bloggers promoting “dupes” that are actually fakes (I wrote an entire blog on this, which I linked above, if you’re interested).

How To Clean A Straw Bag

How To Clean A Straw Bag

The reason I love the Loewe basket bag so much is because it’s the best accessory. I love the casual feel of the straw basket and the leather details make it more than a handbag. I also really dig the asymmetrical handle. So when looking for dupes I look for straw baskets with leather details. Bonus points if they are comfortable taking in the details!

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I first looked at Etsy because there are always so many choices for handbags. I have seen many options for straw bags with leather handles. It’s a bit hard to find straw basket bags with asymmetrical handles but I did find this option. And I saw a straw bag with a leather patch on the side – it looks like a LOEWE bag. Overall, this Etsy store has a variety of straw bag options. These Etsy bags are quickly running out of stock (which is why some of the bags in the collection are no longer associated).

Another place to find dupes is Mango. Mango actually has a lot of dupes in designer bags. I’m not a big fan of supporting fast fashion brands, but if you really like something and can’t use the word “the real thing”, this is a good option. Just make sure it’s something you’ll get a lot of use from to avoid sending more items to landfills. I also tend to avoid fast fashion because it doesn’t always involve skin. Right now I only see this basket bag, but I hope they have more options as spring/summer approaches, so keep your eyes peeled!

The LOEWE basket is really nothing new. It’s an experience of traditional French straw basket bags. With a little Googling, you can find plenty of stores that sell French basket bags. French Baskets sell many straw basket bags with leather handles. It’s also available on Etsy!

Last year, I bought a nice straw bag from Sézane – one of my favorite French brands. It’s not exactly Loewe’s Dupe Bag but I think it’s a great choice for a summer bag! Sézane always has several straw bags available. I really love the woven bucket bag with leather details!

How To Wash Fabric And Straw Handbags

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How To Clean A Straw Bag

If your straw bag needs repair, follow these tips to restore the beauty and lighten the color of your purse or purse without harming the delicate material.

A Waterproof Bag Made From Red Used Recycled Clean Straws. Purchased In The Philippines.

Test the color of the handbag on the inside edge or bottom of the purse, before cleaning it thoroughly with a damp cloth.

To maintain the bag’s shape, line the bag with tissue paper before cleaning or repairing the bag.

Mix two to three drops of dish soap or baby shampoo in a sink filled with cold water to start cleaning your wallet.

Rinse the fabric, until the soft material is damp to the touch. If the fabric is wet, the straw bag will absorb the excess water and create a permanent stain.

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Remove the suds from the soapy water from all over the straw bag with a cloth. To avoid tearing the delicate grass fibers, avoid washing the bag vigorously.

Rinse the white cloth again with cold water to remove any soapy residue from baby shampoo or detergent. Wash the fabric to make sure it is free of soap.

Wipe gently and in the direction of weaving a straw purse; Don’t try to play against your bags. Doing so can damage the grass fibres.

How To Clean A Straw Bag

Place the bag on a table in a well-ventilated area. Leave the hay bag to dry for at least 12 hours.

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For straw bags without coating, also paint a little with cement. Put the cement inside the bag on the back of the drawing.

Place the canvas inside the drawing. Press the fabric against the torn straw bag to seal it for 15 minutes.

After the cement has dried, wipe the area with a soft cloth. Let the hay bag dry overnight. Remove the glue with tweezers or with your fingernails.

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