How To Chip A P75 Ecu

How To Chip A P75 Ecu – Honda ECUs have updated generation, model and diagnostic tables. The diagnostic generations are OBD 0, OBD I and OBD II. Model examples are P28, P72, etc. Board revisions are 1980, 11F0 and 1720. Generate diagnostics (OBD 0, OBD I, OBD IIa/b) in each generation

Knowing the generation of your ECU is extremely important. For the P28 this is easy as the P28 is made only for OBD I vehicles, however, Integrated ECUs like the P72 and P75 have both OBD I and OBD II versions. Don’t worry about this when you buy ECU online, ECU OBD II is basically worthless.

How To Chip A P75 Ecu

How To Chip A P75 Ecu

Just because you have an OBD 0 or an OBD I ECU doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be able to tune in simply. Looking at the side of the ECU, you should see 37820-PXX-XXX. The numbers after the letter P, like P28 or P30 are important. Here are a few things to keep in mind about the most common versions: New Obd1 Ecu Full Socket Kit + Sst Rewritable Chip P28 P30 P72 P08 P05 P06 P75 Compatible With Honda Acura Dc2 Ek Eg Sir Si

The only reason a board update is often of interest is when you’re trying to add components like VTEC converters.

The only time you need to worry about whether your ECU is UDSM or JDM is when choosing to buy a chipset. JDM ECUs require slightly different chips than their USDM counterparts, so make sure you choose the correct one when ordering. Professionally equipped with our highest quality chipset, re-cleaned and fully tested to ensure trouble-free operation. Quick and easy chip replacement in minutes.

Honda designed the ECU to be able to include a second ROM that can function in place of the original ROM. “ROM” is “basemap”. If jumper J1 is connected, the second ROM will be used (I’ll call it “sub ROM”). If jumper J1 is removed, the ECU uses the main ROM.

Of course, you need to know what a ROM is! This stands for “read-only memory” and is easily thought of as a group of tables where data is stored. All fuel curves and ignition timing are stored there. If you want to change the way the engine works, you need to be able to change these things.

Honda B20 B / Z Chip Non Vtec Obd1 Ecu P75 P05 Pr4 P06 P29 Jdm 2step Shift Light

So the idea is to be able to put in a ROM with different settings than stock. It’s called a “chip”.

Capacitor Replacement Options: Honda/Acura OBD1 ECUs are over 20 years old. Over time, the original capacitors can begin to leak and fail, causing ECU board failure and ECU failure. If you want to replace all your ECU capacitors while it’s here (recommended), just choose this option and we’ll replace all your ECU capacitors with new ones!

There is no chip included in this ECU. You must install a programmed chip in this ECU before it can be used.

How To Chip A P75 Ecu

If you are looking for a chipped ECU with a programmed chip, you may want to check out our P28 Chipped ECU with a custom basemap.

P75 Ecu Socket And Chip Problem

2. Choose from the shipping options available in your online shopping cart (this is for RETURNING the shipment to you once the job is complete).

4. You will receive an order confirmation email. Please print and enclose your shipment to us. Pack the ECU securely and send it to us. Click here for our shipping address

5. Take your package to any delivery shop, post office, etc. you want and send it to us. You will pay them to ship to us.

6. After we receive your ECU, we will complete the service, retest the ECU to make sure it is working properly, then deliver the goods back to you. At this point, you will receive a confirmation email with tracking.

Problem With My Ecu Please Help

7. Delivery time is 1-2 business days from the time we receive your ECU until it is shipped back. Your total wait time will depend on the shipping method you use to ship to us, as well as the return method you choose at checkout. Let me start off by saying that I am not a newbie when it comes to sending ecus, I actually have a 100+ ecu chip…

I have one now I’ve finished drinking and converted to VTEC (1980 disc) and I can’t see why I’m selling CEL.. all done precisely with clean solders with great penetration . I am trying to tune a car with this new ecu. I use a membrane with Mien Yaen 2.0 and Holog. I’ve tuned a bunch of vehicles with this setup with no issues. When I connect hardware to this ecu, I get a solid CEL even after writing the previous tune for the ostrich, even after keystroke. Also can’t connect throttling directly in chrome. Timeout and cannot connect. I also tried installing the EPROM chip with the old tuning into the ecu and rekeying – the CEL is still solid. The main relay clicks and the fuel pump continues but the CEL is solid. Do not flash through the diagonal jumper.

When I clip j1 to return the ecu to stock, the CEL shuts down. I rechecked the chip components and I don’t see any visual issues..

How To Chip A P75 Ecu

Maybe it’s because it’s a bit blurry in the picture but some socket solder joints look pretty bad. A more detailed picture of the table would be helpful. Can be split in half on each side (2 photos on each side).

How To Identify Your Honda Ecu

Yes, I will try to post it. They were blurry because I had to compress them because HT didn’t let me upload the original image. The welds all look good…

Here are some more pictures. The lighting makes the coating on the board look weird in a few spots but all the solder joints look great to me…

I even went through all of my solder joints and reheated them to make sure they have good penetration and solid solder joints.. I can’t figure out wtf. Don’t know if the 74HC373 logic chip is faulty or not…

Its plate is “1980” and there’s no R54 on those…but yeah, thanks for closing. I also don’t see anything alarming or out of place. The lock chip is in place, the capacitors are in place, nothing to worry about about the R54, the solder joints look decent… would definitely make me lean towards a bad lock chip or the SST 27SF512 EEPROM. I assume you have tried some SST chips? The only thing I can’t tell is the transistor in the Q101 it faces – IIRC it’s biased but not sure if it throws out a solid CEL.

Obd1 Ecu Full Socket Kit + Sst Rewritable Chip P28 P30 P72 P08 P05 P06 P75 Compatible With Honda Acura Dc2 Ek Eg Sir Si

Q101 is factory, intact. Q26 and Q37 are soldered to the VTEC converter but I don’t think they are biased and they are installed in the same direction as the other analog transistors – not to mention the VTEC part of the breadboard, so I will think if there is a problem there it will only affect VTEC functionality and not cause CEL problems.. true

Yes, I have tried french fries and have also used ostrich. Yes, the welds are not perfect but they are clean enough that I won’t have any problems. I tore the placards in the garage against a small table so they’re not the prettiest but solid anyway.

Have you ever seen a bad 74HC373? I think that could be the problem? I’ll try throwing in another ZIF socket to see if that’s the problem. It’s never bad, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, it can certainly be the problem is a manufacturing defect.

How To Chip A P75 Ecu

I’ve only chipped a few dozen ECUs myself, but I’ve personally never heard of or seen a poor locking chip. However, I had a broken SST chip before. Depending on how much heat is thrown at the chip it can mess it up, IDK. Not trying to beat you here, but are you sure that the SST chip is the right way all the time haha? Just try to remove the variables.

Pnd Or Prb Ecu

Haha yeah, I’m sure the EPROM chip is installed correctly… I’ve had broken EPROM chips in the past so I always replace them first if something goes wrong. I get a solid CEL regardless of whether it has an SST EPROM chip, or an ostrich Moates.. I’ve never seen a bad 74HC373 logic chip, but I’m running out of possible reasons….

I damaged thousands (literally) of ECUs and found 373 broken out of the box. They can also be damaged by overheating during soldering and…

You can get a solid CE bulb even with a VTEC circuit if you accidentally replace the C60 with a J10 – happened to me once.

By the way, all transistors must be installed correctly because there is an emitter, collector and gate that need the correct voltage across the emitter and collector to “open” or “close”.

Denshigiken P75 37820 P75 A51 Ecu Installed On Anton Moisey’s Honda Civic On Wheelwell

Thanks for the facts and insight 7rrivera7. I was hoping you would call here and confirm once again that I’m on the right

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