How To Change Light Mode On A Fantech Keyboard

How To Change Light Mode On A Fantech Keyboard – The Fantech Optilite MK872 package includes the switch puller (hotswap feature), the plastic keycap puller, the manual, and of course the keyboard.

The structure of Optilite MK872 is similar to the classic and famous design of Cooler Master QF Rapid. The unibody plastic construction and non-floating key design are still preferred by most keyboard enthusiasts. It has a height of 3.5cm (default) and 4.5cm with a stand (measured from the edge of the keyboard to the ESC keycap). Fantech chose the connection as a non-removable braided cable probably to protect the board from water as it is claimed to be 100% waterproof.

How To Change Light Mode On A Fantech Keyboard

How To Change Light Mode On A Fantech Keyboard

Optilite MK872 has an applicable optical SMD switch and there are currently 2 variants available as black optical (linear, bottom force around 50-55g using a coin to test it because no switch info) and blue optics (flashes but not as strong as an outemu blue switch with almost 57g of bottom power). The switches are unbranded and have no per-key stabilizers, unlike the LK optical switches from Bloody and also found on an elite Razer Huntsman. It is a bit difficult to remove the applicable switches using the included switch puller, so we recommend using the replacement IC puller and gently removing the switches being careful not to damage the switch housing. The blue switch is not as strong as the average blue switch, and the black switch is a bit harder.

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The upper keys (shift, enter and space) are also unbranded and have a lot of rattling. You can easily get rid of the rattle by applying dielectric grease to the punctures and leads.

The keycaps available on the Optilite MK872 are dual OEM ABS profiles. The side of the keycap is a bit glossy and not as good as the top, showing uneven material. The keycap of Optilite MK872 is only about 1mm and the extra legends (media key and fantech logo on the spacebar) printed on the pad will wear out over time. You can easily change the keycaps with any keycap that has a cherry mx body and the layout is standard so you won’t have problems with keycap compatibility.

According to Fantech world, Optilite MK872 has software to adjust the light but unfortunately we can’t find it on their website ( However, the lighting modes can be changed in the immediate settings (FN + PSc, FN + pause, etc.) and lighting speed via the FN + Arrow keys. The Optilite MK872 RGB SMD LED is bright and vibrant even in the dark. You can also set the light to monochrome if you want it to be red, white, or some other color.

Selling for around 2600 pesos on Lazada (, the Fantech Optilite MK872 is the cheapest optical-mechanical keyboard available in the Philippines. Equipped with hot-swappable switches, 100% waterproof (flood-proof and spill-proof, NOT anti-spillproof) and 1-year warranty from FANTECH, this keyboard is intended for users who always drink coffee/water next to the desk or user to let the kids at home run around with their milk and water cups. This was the problem of some users who had their mechanical keyboard damaged by accidentally spilling water on the board, so Fantech has answered your request. We went live on our waterproof test page (, see the link for proof. If you don’t want stock switches, you can easily order some gateron optical switches at online stores and order them on Fantech Optilite MK872 as it will be able to be hot-applied.

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Tags: Fantech Fantech Optilite MK872 Gaming Keyboard Mechanical Keyboard Mechanical Keyboard MK872 Optilite Optilite MK872 Optilite MK872 Review TKLT Thank you for purchasing FANTECH MAXFIT67 Mechanical Keyboard MK858. The MAXFIT67 features premium Gateron hotswappable sockets compatible with Cherry, Gateron, Kailh and others, as well as a premium macro knob for easy control of your PC. The explosive layout design allows for easy typing, and the DYE-SUB keycaps provide a premium feel for keyboard enthusiasts. The MAXFIT67 also features a south-facing switch socket design for maximum switch compatibility, as well as BT5.0 + 2.4Ghz + USB connection modes. Elevate your game with MAXFIT67!

Use the keycap pull tool to clamp the keycap and pull up to remove the keycap from the switch. Sometimes the switch can also pop out if the keycap is held firmly to the switch, this is normal. For longer keys such as the spacebar, always clamp and release from the INTERMEDIATE of the keycap.

Use the switch puller to push the two tabs located on the top and bottom of the switch. Once they are pushed in, pull up to remove the switch from the keyboard case.

How To Change Light Mode On A Fantech Keyboard

Warning: It is very easy to scratch your keyboard case with this tool, so be careful when removing the switches!

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When installing a new switch, align the switch with the holes in the keyboard and plug it straight down. A slight resistance is required and the switch will pop into the keyboard frame. At this point, you should have Notepad on your PC ready, open it, and make sure the switch works when you tap it. If the switch doesn’t light or the key doesn’t appear on your PC when you press it, the switch isn’t installed properly. Remove the switch and make sure the pins are straight, then reinsert it.

Plug the Type-C cable into the keyboard, and then connect the keyboard to the computer by plugging the USB jack into the computer’s USB port. Hold FN + T 3s to activate wired mode, after it is connected, the white indicator light will be on.

Plug the USB receiver into the computer USB port. Hold FN+R 3s to activate 2.4Ghz mode, once it is connected, the green indicator light will be on. If it is not connected for 30 seconds, the indicator light will stop blinking and the keyboard will go to sleep mode.

Maxfit67 can connect 3 Bluetooth devices simultaneously via combo key, connect bluetooth by holding FN+Q/FN+W/FN+E. Then navigate to your device BT settings and start the beginning of the pairing process. During pairing, the indicator will continue to flash. Once connected, the indicator will always be on.

Fantech Maxfit87 Mechanical Keyboard User Manual

On the home screen, you can customize the keyboard keys and set macros by clicking the keys.

Lighting On this screen you can customize up to 19 lighting modes and can even set the speed and brightness of some modes.

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