How To Call Your Energy Back

How To Call Your Energy Back – With the world’s collective anxiety in a constant state of mental alertness, our energy is being spent in ways that drain our heart and soul. People are not designed to scroll through news all day, have instant access to disturbing images and videos, or spend most of the day in front of a screen.

Practicing spiritual hygiene is always a good idea, but it becomes especially important in turbulent and stressful times. Energy healing is an accessible way to make the energy field bright and vibrant, which in turn strengthens the mind and body.

How To Call Your Energy Back

How To Call Your Energy Back

1. Before going to bed, find a comfortable sitting position. Pull the crown of your head toward the sky, pull it through your side body, and let your sitting bones settle into the floor, bed, or chair, feeling stability through your lower body and expansion through your upper body. The hands can naturally rest wherever they feel comfortable – palms up on the thighs cultivate the energy of absorption, while palms down cultivate more grounding energy. You can touch the index finger with the thumb for Gyana mudra (nature and awareness) or place the prayer hands in the center of the heart, whatever feels right for you.

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2. Take three deep breaths, breathing in through your nose for four or five counts and breathing out through your mouth for four or five counts.

3. Think about your day and remember any conversations, experiences or arguments that weigh on your mind – maybe you didn’t tell the truth when you really wanted to, maybe you were harsh or wanted to be more assertive and strong open. Maybe you’ve judged someone because their beliefs are different from yours and that’s not good for you, or maybe you speak your mind but you’ve lost your relationship as a result. Take whatever happens during the day that is not settling in your soul or that is causing stress and tension in your body.

4. Create your own energy field above your head – this is different for everyone and can even vary from day to day depending on your mood. Some of my favorite visuals for this exercise include:

6. Reflect on the situations and changes that bother you and let their energy drain from your body like sand. Summon any pieces of spirit you have left behind, focus this energy into what is above your head. Please come back to me clean and get paid for the highest good of all involved.”

Call Your Energy Back — Jay Fields

7. I like to pray at this time, but if that doesn’t feel right to you, you can say a mantra, hum, read poetry, do some breathing, or just sit still. I also find it helpful to imagine how I want the experience or conversation to go in the future.

8. Now notice this new energy and energy spreading from the voice into the crown of the head (where the soft spot is on the baby), then feel it pouring into the shoulders, spreading across the chest, down the arms and fingers upper hand , through the stomach, hips and pelvis then makes its way down the legs, ankles, calves, feet and toes, washing the energy that envelops you in a nutritious coconut. Understand that each cell in your body has enough time to absorb this amount of power and energy.

9. When you feel complete, take three deep clean breaths, using inhalation to get into the deeper parts of the stomach and exhale completely through the mouth. Thank your voice for your help and let it disappear into the ether.

How To Call Your Energy Back

10. Then stretch your arms up like a sun or a rainbow, releasing any remaining tension you may be holding. Do this a few times to feel the expansion through your upper body and into your heart space.

Building Better Mental Health

The concept of pleasure is in heavy rotation in my Positive Psychology classes at UPenn and my Psychology at Yale because research has found that the act of stimulation is what increases happiness, not the actual event.

Happy Summer Solstice! The longest and brightest day of the year has been observed in all societies and cultures, from the Egyptians to the English to the Aztecs, as a celebration of light, joy and enlightenment.

With so much darkness and gloom in the world lately, now seems like the perfect time to shine!

Working with the phases of the moon is a way to deepen our connection with nature and ourselves. I believe that respecting the rhythms of nature can make it easier to identify, recognize and honor the ebbs and flows of our bodies.

Getting Started… Comfortable Space, Free From Distraction Pen And Paper Water Keep An Open Heart And Open Mind.

During the new moon phase, the sun and the moon align with each other, mixing the Yang energy – the warming, masculine, energetic energy of the sun with the yin energy – the cooling, feminine, receptive energy of the moon. The balance of these two opposing forces in the dark sky creates a strong invitation to let go and start anew – it’s the perfect canvas for a new beginning. The discussion is moving in the direction of division. I could see it in his body language and I felt it in the way he said, “We just worked on it a lot. It should be easy.”

I didn’t know about it at the time, but my energy had flowed into the space between us, as if my shadow had reached out to him and begged, “No, don’t go!” I think off the middle. Although my voice was quiet when I said, “I don’t think so, I think we had a lot of great times,” there was an angry edge to my part of the conversation.

So sad because I’m speaking from the part of me that surrenders to you with power. When I catch myself doing this, I think I am bringing power back to myself. I was immediately upset. I still feel, quietly and without doubt, that it is right. We are working hard and it is better to leave.

How To Call Your Energy Back

I share this story because it is an example of a time in my past where I forcibly put space between myself and someone else rather than move myself because I wasn’t ready to face the reality of the situation. And while it may sound esoteric and woo-woo to talk about finding space between yourself and another, many of us do it many times.

A Prayer For Calling Your Energy Back — Madison Morrigan

It is what we do when we try to control a situation or another person as an attempt to not feel what we don’t want to feel. It is often unconscious, but identified by an underlying grip, whether that grip takes on the flavor of frenzy or numbness.

Interestingly, when I ask clients where they find their strength in a specific conversation or situation where they think they are trying to control the outcome, they can say without saying, “It’s right in front of me. ” I knew it immediately. When I asked him how he felt, he raised his arms as if reaching for something. Sometimes he even leans his whole body forward as if he might fall.

The sad thing about this example is that when it happens, you are out of touch with what is true for you. Or you are out of touch with your inner resources that really empower you

About what is true for you. And that lends itself to a collection of relationships that feel a little (even very) unfulfilled, a whole series of situations in your life that seem to set off time bombs of emotional tension, and feeling that you are always at a distance from you. yourself. .

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Because of how complex it is to work with your energy in front of you, what I find amazing is that when I ask a client to imagine back to a situation and see if they can bring the energy back to them itself, can do. almost instantly. It’s like some kind of movie where a spirit enters someone’s body to take them over. Except in this case, it returns to itself. You choose to have yourself.

The difficult thing about owning yourself—being truly in yourself—is that you are vulnerable to all the things you may not want to feel and all the truths you may not want to admit.

The thing about being truly in your body is that you have access to all kinds of resources that you don’t have when you’re just in your head—things like courage, compassion, wisdom, and emotional regulation. The things you will need to feel in control and resourceful are your own weaknesses.

How To Call Your Energy Back

I encourage you to play with this week. Be curious. Ask yourself, “Where is my strength or focus in this situation? Is it in front of me or just another person? If I take my power back to myself, what will I feel? What would be true? “

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This is sometimes enough – just glancing at it

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