How To Become An Equine Lawyer

How To Become An Equine Lawyer – This site is the site I have been looking for for years; A collection of information on all things equestrian, including practical advice on how to start an equestrian business.

Whatever your level of experience with horses or farms, I hope this is a place where you can get lost and learn along the way – from vets to lifelong farmers, trainers and non-profit contributors welcome.

How To Become An Equine Lawyer

How To Become An Equine Lawyer

Horse law tips for letting your friend’s horse ride in your trailer and letting a friend tow your horse with a trailer. Do you take pictures of horses for your friends? Or is someone pulling your horse for you? Here are 3 horse law tips you need to know for horse trailer posts.

Equine — Cce Livestock Program Working Team

Call me biased, but knights are good people. A very common scenario is when people choose one-off or more regular horse trailer posts.

I grew up doing this regularly. We have always kept our horses on our own property. During my hunting jump years, my horse shared riding lessons in another family’s trailer a few days a week.

Now, these trailer posts may be a little less frequent for me, but they still come up from time to time! A few months ago I found myself in a horse crisis. My horse almost lost an eye in a blizzard and an amazing friend saved the day by taking us both to the horse hospital as my vet was out of town.

There’s nothing wrong with trailer sharing, but there are some elements of horse law you need to know to do it safely.

The Horse Murder Scandal

I want to touch on a few things today so you can be prepared the next time you need a horse trailer share:

As you will hear on this blog, our purpose in educating our readers about horse law is not out of paranoia that a bad incident can lead to a disastrous lawsuit (ie, friends probably won’t sue their friends unless that something is going right) .

BUT as an equine lawyer I see accidents involving horses happen very often. God forbid, if an accident happens, you need to be prepared for third party liability rather than the friend you are helping.

How To Become An Equine Lawyer

Let’s use a real customer example to put it into perspective. A client of mine was pulling a friend’s horse (the friend was even in the car with him) and they crashed onto black ice. It was very clear to the passenger that the driver was not at fault and that he did not hold the driver responsible. In other words, he did not sue the driver.

The Consumer Rights Act 2015

However, when the driver hit the black ice, they switched to the other lane and stopped a car in the other lane from behind. There was almost no damage (and luckily the horses were in good shape), but that driver’s insurance company sued my client. At the end of the day, it’s just business. The insurance company was trying to cover his costs. Nothing about it was surprising.

That said, when discussing equine law issues, it is not just a question of whether two friendly parties will sue each other in the event of an accident. We must always consider the responsibility of third parties.

However, we are not here to just talk about things that could go wrong. With these scenarios in the back of your mind, let’s find ways to prevent them and ensure the safety of everyone involved.

As a lawyer, I always want comprehensive advice on using a contract in any scenario. But as a horse owner I know this is not always practical.

How Lawyers Can Learn From Horses

Take my crisis, for example. When I called my friend to pick up my horse and I went to the horse hospital in the middle of the night, I would not have expected him to pick up my phone late at night and then tell me to wait until he found a liability. waiver for me. To sign before agreeing to send us in a trailer to the hospital. Frankly, I would not be a happy camper in this scenario.

However, if you are in an environment where you regularly tow someone’s horse (or if you are a trainer who tows a fully stabled horse to a horse show), you must have the horse’s owner sign a trailer liability release form.

If you purchase a shipping liability release form from Fairway Stables™, your release will cover all of the following. If you have a liability exemption form from elsewhere, make sure it has:

How To Become An Equine Lawyer

While it may seem strange to ask a friend to sign a legal document before sharing a vehicle, it won’t be as awkward as defending a lawsuit.

Horse Barn With Apartment

Actually, a disclaimer doesn’t completely prevent a lawsuit from happening, but it certainly acts as a deterrent. Furthermore, a well-crafted release of liability can be your defense in the event of a lawsuit. This means that yes, you could still face a lawsuit, but a disclaimer will help prevent a judge from ruling against you.

What insurance do you have for your horse? What about your car? It is important to note that many car insurance policies will cover damage to a vehicle, but not a trailer (or its contents). The same idea applies to a general liability policy that is unlikely to cover injury to a horse.

It’s always a good idea to have horse insurance in case a horse is injured (and if you’re trailering someone else’s horse, it’s a good idea to discuss in advance whether you need it). It is recommended that you insure your trailer with a horse cart insurance policy (or contact your auto insurance provider for a horse rider).

If you have hooks or expensive equipment on your horse trailer, it would be wise for all owners to have a rider on their current home owner’s insurance policy to cover potential loss or damage to those items. Also, discuss how to use that hitch or equipment when towing a trailer with someone else.

Warning: Posting A Sign Will Not Protect You

For example, do you want to let someone keep their very expensive saddle in the trailer overnight? What if the trailer breaks down and the saddle is stolen? Are you responsible for this theft? This is a conversation that needs to be addressed before the trailer and can be included under the disclaimer.

Again, sharing riding trailers should not be avoided. They can be very beneficial for both parties! Keep these elements of horse law in mind and don’t forget to apply a shipping liability release form. These procedures may seem compelling for the sake of routine, but placing these details before horse trailer posts will protect you from an accident.

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How To Become An Equine Lawyer

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