How To Become A Menopause Coach

How To Become A Menopause Coach – “The FREE Basic Course made me realize that I wanted to help others, so I trained with women as a Menopause Champion and for a period as a Menopause Coach. It’s paying off!”

“The sessions gave me the confidence to connect with Lauren to teach my body menopause”

How To Become A Menopause Coach

How To Become A Menopause Coach

Whether you are going through menopause or supporting others, this course is for you now or in the future.

How I Am Preparing For Menopause

Over the past few years, I’ve helped many employers train their workforce through menopause, training everyone from board members to line managers, and helping thousands of menopausal women learn to feel calm, confident, and focused.

This experience is a great starting point to challenge your misconceptions and start learning the principles I teach in my menopause training, coaching and awareness programs. My scriptures.

In my FREE Menopause Basics book, I take you on a journey to help you debunk the myths surrounding menopause and start learning how to manage and support your symptoms with simple lifestyle changes.

This experience is designed to EASILY do what I’m about to share so you can get the MAXIMUM benefit. I ended up quitting my job thinking I had early onset dementia – at 40!

Meet Kathy Fritz, Hormone Coach I Help Women Have A Symptom Free Perimenopause And Menopause. In Needham, Ma On Pepperlane

When I found out that “just”; during menopause, I tried to make sure that no one else fell into the trap of not knowing what menopause really is and how to support themselves.

To solve a problem, you must first understand that the journey after menopause is without a manual. No one is really prepared.

You often feel lonely and isolated, with nowhere to turn, lost in Dr. Google, and never knowing what’s true from fiction.

How To Become A Menopause Coach

You can help! You probably already know that menopause can feel like running a software update without enough memory. It keeps repeating and you can never really figure out why the system is no longer working efficiently. Learn what really happens during menopause and what you can do to stay on your A-game, which is so important to help your colleagues and clients get the help they need to stay on their A-game! That’s why I invite you to train as a Menopause coach. In six months, we’ll define menopause, introduce you to the tools and techniques you can use to support others through successful menopause as a Menopause Coach.

The Executive Menopause Coach

Forget Dr. Google and follow every social media profile with the words perimenopause and menopause in the title!

Sign up for Menopause Coach training and start using your voice by bringing your personal skills to help others today.

“I feel really qualified to help my colleagues. I always listen to my colleagues, but I never feel “educated”. Help. Now that I have more clarity about what I can do, I feel more confident in helping others.”

Designed by menopause expert and international speaker Lauren Chiren, Becoming a Menopause Coach is a quick way to learn about menopause and how to safely support others.

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So you are ready for a six-week Menopause Coaching program, from which you can also create many webinars!

Here you can mingle with other Menopause Coaches to support each other and join the live sessions that are happening.

Since this is a trial, we invite you to give us some ideas to help you get the most out of your trip.

How To Become A Menopause Coach

All I ask is that you attend one-on-one sessions as often as possible and stick to your 60-90 minute weekly commitments.

High Oestrogen, The Perimenopause Troublemaker

“I don’t want anyone else to go through what I did. That’s why I’m currently a Menopause Coach for Women in Phases.”

Menopause, which she initially thought was early onset dementia, left her career in finance, because Lauren knew all too well the struggles women face.

She has dedicated her most recent career to raising awareness of menopause in the workplace and developing tools and techniques to help individuals reclaim and thrive in their lives.

The information you receive through the Become a Menopause Coach program (referred to herein as the “Program”) should not be considered medical, nursing or nutritional advice and is in no way a substitute for qualified health care professionals, including your doctor.

How To Deal With Menopause, According To A Wellness Coach

You understand and agree that (i) I do not provide health care, medical or nutritional therapy and will not diagnose, treat or cure any disease, condition or illness. Other physical or mental illness or disease of the human body, (ii) I am not acting as a physician, massage therapist, psychologist, or other licensed or registered professional, and (iii) You have chosen to work with me and voluntarily participate in the program.

As a coach and a coach, I encourage you to keep in touch with your GP or GP as needed, and I encourage you to advise every client you work with and then do the same. Do not stop or change any of our treatment plans that you may be participating in without discussing the change with your doctor.

You acknowledge and assume full responsibility for your life and happiness and the life and happiness of your family (if any) and for the choices you make during and after the Program.

How To Become A Menopause Coach

In doing so and without limitation, you hereby and forever waive, release and release me, my heirs, agents, administrators, assigns, assigns, officers, agents, employees, representatives, agents and all others acting in their capacity. on behalf of the (“Released Parties”) from all claims or liability for injury or damage to the person and/or property of you or your family (if any), including those arising from the negligent act or omission of any affected person. or other persons acting on their behalf arising out of or in connection with participation in the Program or services provided by me or Related Parties. practice recipe.

Menopause Training Course For Health Professionals

Together, we can build a world where menopausal women are valued and supported to improve their physical and mental health.

We are an accredited online training program dedicated to educating and networking health and fitness professionals, building confidence to treat, train, counsel, support and thrive for women during menopause and beyond!

Our course guides you through the changes, teaches you what women need and what they don’t, so that you can incorporate this into your professional practice.

Expand your understanding of hormone changes and learn how to integrate this knowledge with rehabilitation, clinical treatment, sports education, personal training, exercise and pilates classes, and yoga.

Free Menopause The Basics

Our vibrant digital training program includes the highest quality menopause education by selected experts in their fields.

The Menopause Movement is the world’s first dedicated menopause training group. Network, cross-reference and share with other recognized experts in the Menopause Movement.

Together, we can build a world where all women are encouraged to help themselves and each other through menopause.

How To Become A Menopause Coach

Open up new opportunities to grow your business and work with a huge group of menopausal women who want to age, stay healthy, and need your support.

Hormonal Wellness Coaching Homepage

“It’s online, so you can spend time taking notes on the important points and you can do it in stages”

Our high-impact, hands-on course modules focus on fun and networking. All this is provided by our training experts, who offer clear and affirming solutions for this complex and challenging period of a woman’s life.

Our modular course is designed to fit around your busy life and is broken down into small parts so you can access it at a time and pace that suits you. In addition to our core modules, you can access our ongoing expert masterclasses to dive deeper into some of the specialist areas of women’s health and wellbeing.

After completing the course you will become a certified Menopause MOT specialist and receive a certificate by email confirming the number of CPD hours you have completed. You may use our trademarks and logos on your website and workplace.

From Menopause To Anxiety: The New Tech Tackling Women’s Health Problems

All women seeking professional help with menopause are invited to join the Menopause Movement® Network. Join our community to connect with other health and fitness professionals, get recommendations from other members, and share ideas. You will also receive regular updates from our experts.

Our modular course is designed to fit around your busy life and is broken down into small parts so you can access it at a time and pace that suits you. In addition to our core modules, you can access our ongoing expert masterclasses to dive deeper into some of the specialist areas of women’s health and wellbeing.

After completing the course, you will receive CPD points and become an MOT-certified motorcycle menopause specialist. This allows you to use the MPM branding and logo on your website and workspace.

How To Become A Menopause Coach

You will be added to the MPM network,

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