How To Become A Hair Extension Educator

How To Become A Hair Extension Educator – Our toddler teacher, Kari Fuller, is here to teach you everything you need to know about Fusion Extensions! Segments include: tools, consultation, preparation, installation, mixing and shaping, aftercare, maintenance and disposal.

Learn how to properly heat keratin connectors with the Babe Melting Connector and how to keep your hair clean and free of keratin residue. Also learn how to style hair using our Micro Bonding Technique – the best technique for fine hair clients! With our alcohol remover and hair extension tool removal and reapplication methods, you can reuse and reapply!

How To Become A Hair Extension Educator

How To Become A Hair Extension Educator

AFTER CARE: Get all the tips and tricks for hair care and extensions, including what products are safe to use on your extensions and how to properly wash, condition and style them. In addition, you will learn how to safely remove extensions using the appropriate tools.

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Transform your clients with ethically handcrafted and expertly crafted Babe Hair Extensions. Stylists have used this method longer than any other because it’s a classic way to add length and volume. Fusion patches are installed using keratin bonds that mimic the natural protein found in hair. The joints are sealed using our hot melt Babe joint heating plates. Fusion extensions provide the longest lasting hold of any type of extension, making them a great choice for clients with very active lifestyles!

After purchase, you will receive an e-mail. email with login data (username and password). Your access to this course will expire after 60 days.

During these difficult times, we want to let you know that our distribution partners are doing everything they can to stay open to serve your hair extension needs.

In addition, in support of our partners, Babe is also currently able to process your orders through this website (with verified credentials) or by contacting our customer service at (888) 840-2223. was created to fill the gaps by other means. used in industry. While other methods make women feel uncomfortable about augmentation, IBE

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Promises trouble-free and convenient installation. When other extension methods require 3-6 weeks between maintenance treatments, IBE

Offers a more reliable method with the ability to run twice as long between resets. While many extensions make guests feel insecure about certain hairstyles, IBE

Gives integrity from every look. It offers flexibility and comfort even when tied in a ponytail. This patented method literally “revolutionized” the extension industry!

How To Become A Hair Extension Educator

Did you know that your extensions are in the regrowth phase 80% of the time you wear them? Once you understand this, you’ll understand why it’s so important to choose an extension method that promises a reliable and harmless experience for as long as you wear them. MBP

How To Properly Prep The Hair For Extensions

Was the first extension method to clearly show how your extensions should look at every stage of wear. The unique structure of our base, combined with our precise stitching pattern, gives guests confidence that their extensions will last and be easy to maintain. In fact, in 2020 During the coronavirus pandemic, lounges were closed, forcing guests to take exceptionally long breaks between their IBEs.

Maintenance appointments. It was truly incredible to watch women return to the salon after 4-6 months and their lines still held up perfectly.

Created the industry trend of “show growth” and undoubtedly continues to lead the way in the development community. MBP

Scaling programs requires a higher standard of performance, which directly translates to higher expectations of what growth should look and feel like. here is an MBE

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A guest that was monitored weekly for 7 weeks after its installation. Notice how flawlessly it was set up, making the regrowth comfortable and easy to maintain.

Week 1: Client recently had IBE® installed, comfortably positioned and perfectly matched to her hair color.

Week 5: The ducks moved away from her head. As her natural hair continues to grow, her scalp is not irritated.

How To Become A Hair Extension Educator

Week 7: Client’s hair has grown back. It’s time to reinstall her IBE® for best results.

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! Here are some comparison photos of IBE with another well-known manual extension method using beaded strings.

And I-Tip techniques. Since the number of mounting points has been significantly reduced (from over 100 to 30), customers benefit greatly. The extensions are thicker, more beautiful, and most importantly, they look more natural.

How is the IBE method different from the traditional bead duck method? The IBE® method is much better! Where the traditional method causes discomfort at the roots of the hair, IBE® provides comfort, a seamless blend with natural hair and a wide variety of hairstyles such as buns and updos.

Method and Tape-In method? Customers will be delighted to switch from tacky glue to lightweight wefts they can barely feel! And the benefits don’t stop there! IBE® is much easier to hide when styling your hair than bands, which offer much more versatility. Also, for those with blonde highlights or thinner hair, it becomes more and more difficult to combine the strips with natural hair. Finally, IBE® removal only takes a few minutes and leaves no residue.

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Because of the time and skill required, hand hair extensions are considered a luxury service. The total price will vary depending on the salon, the number of extensions required (to achieve the desired volume) and the length desired by the client. Initial installation prices typically start at $200-$250 per line, plus the cost of the extensions themselves. Painting services are paid extra.

The customer who comes for maintenance will pay the same as for the original installation. This is because the beads are not simply pushed towards the roots as with other methods. During reapplying, an IBE® certified technician will completely remove the warp and weft and then reapply everything, maintaining the proper tension.

Sometimes stylists offer packages that usually cost between $1,000 and $2,500. These packages will include extensions, fitting, coloring of both extensions and natural hair, as well as custom cuts and styling.

How To Become A Hair Extension Educator

Although IBE® extensions require some investment, great, voluminous, natural-looking results are long-lasting with proper care. Once installed, the IBE® can be used for 6-12 months with regular maintenance.

All About Invisible Bead Extensions

In order for handmade hair to look beautiful and lush, its care and maintenance is non-negotiable. Taking care of your extensions will extend their life. Below are some tips on how to take care of outstretched arms:

Cleaning: Wash your hair regularly with a sulfate-free shampoo that is safe for hair extensions. Be careful not to rub the ducks. Instead, you should wash the roots and squeeze the foam through the appendages. Be sure to pair your shampoo with a moisturizing conditioner that you use through the mid-lengths and ends of your hair. Leave the conditioner on your hair for about 5 minutes, then rinse well.

Wet Hair Preparation: Hand-tied hair will retain a lot of water after washing, so it is very important to gently towel dry your hair after washing and conditioning. The best way is to wring it out gently with a towel to remove excess water. The hair can then be allowed to dry. When the hair is about 80-90% dry, you can continue drying. Make sure the top of the strands is completely dry.

Brushing and Combing: Brush your hair several times a day to prevent tangles and tangling. The best way is to work in sections, lifting the rows of hair to prevent them from tangling. You should also detangle your hair from the ends to the roots and avoid combing the appliques near the scalp. When brushing, it’s helpful to hold the base of the cushions against your head with one hand for support.

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Product Usage: Because extensions are made from human hair, they tend to dry out. Moisturizing your hair will be essential. Your hydration can be doubled. Apply a light leave-in conditioner first to help detangle and protect delicate strands from damage. Then use a clear serum or oil to nourish both your extensions and your natural hair.

If your natural hair feels dry, don’t go for a product with protein. Avoid protein treatments, as they are not only necessary, but will also make the ducks rough and more fragile.

Blow drying: When drying hair extensions, it is very important to do it one row at a time. You can use a flat or round brush to do the job. Using this tool, your extensions and natural hair will blend smoothly during drying. Make sure each row is completely dry to avoid discomfort.

How To Become A Hair Extension Educator

Hot Style: Now that you have long, luscious curls, you also have tons of great hairstyle options! Those who prefer soft, romantic curls or waves will be pleased to know that extensions last longer. Be sure to apply before using the curling iron

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