How To Beat Tall Chairs In Use Boxmen

How To Beat Tall Chairs In Use Boxmen – Summary: It’s your boyfriend’s release day and you’re ready to spend the day together—that is, until your boyfriend’s boyfriend comes to a surprise welcome back party. When your boyfriend comes over, he’s thinking about other things, especially what you’re wearing under your trench coat!

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How To Beat Tall Chairs In Use Boxmen

How To Beat Tall Chairs In Use Boxmen

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You open the drawer and stroke the colorful clothes inside. These special outfits have not been around for a long time. You explore your options: red lace, pale pink satin, green chiffon, and purple silk. You’ve thought a lot about what outfit your man likes best – after all, it’s his welcome home party and you want to welcome him in style.

After a while, you stand in front of the mirror, model the red lace teddy bear and analyze its effect. Dissatisfied, you take it off and throw it on the floor in frustration. Everything doesn’t seem right, you don’t have time to go out and buy something else, and your friend is about to walk in–

You frowned and looked at your watch. Baekhyun shouldn’t be home for another two hours, you definitely weren’t expecting anyone. You rushed to the closet and pulled on a tan trench coat, making sure the thick fabric covered all the important parts.

Walking barefoot to the front door, you watch the video and are surprised to see the faces of your boyfriend’s best friends – Chanyeol, Jongdae, Minseok, Junmyeon, Kyungsoo, and Yixing, with all kinds of faces Party decorations and snacks. You don’t know what they’re doing here – sure, they know Baek-hyun is going home today, but he’s well aware that he wants to be with you for the first night and you’re alone.

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You half opened the door. “Hey guys,” you greet weakly. “I – uh – I wasn’t expecting you… what are you doing here?”

“Of course, we’re here to throw a surprise welcome home party for Baekhyun!” Minseok clenched his fists, obviously excited to celebrate.

You frowned in confusion. You never remember talking about a party. “Yeah…surprise…for Baekhyun…” You smiled nervously, trying to cooperate.

How To Beat Tall Chairs In Use Boxmen

When you didn’t answer, Jun-myeon looked at Chanyeol who was suddenly silent to answer. “Right Chanyeol?”

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Chanyeol handed the balloon to Minseok. “Brother, I texted last week,” he said confidently at first. He scrolled through his phone and found the above text. His shoulders gradually slumped as he tried unsuccessfully to find what he was looking for. “I’m sorry,” he said, looking shy.

“So let me be honest… Y/N didn’t know we were coming, we just showed up out of the blue?” Jun-mian looked ready to scold the taller but younger man.

You step in, hoping to avoid fights and causing trouble in the hallways. It’s okay – really,” you said, gritting your teeth. “I’m sure Baekhyun will be excited to see you. “You open the door, wait for him to get in, and answer Kyung-soo with a sympathetic smile as he walks by.

You are amazed. No, that’s an understatement. You are really impressed. Your hope for a quiet evening with you and your significant other has now turned into a circus. You stare blankly at Chanyeol dangling a piñata filled with sour candy. In the kitchen, Kyungsoo is grilling bulgogi, rolled kimbap, and spicy side dishes. Minseok sets up the bar area and Jongdae makes a playlist. As Chanyeol starts rejecting most of his songs, Jong Dae can be heard shouting, “Oh, wow!”

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Looking for some peace, you quietly sneak out the door. You reach the stairwell, still only wearing your tan trench coat and unable to change because boys are in every room of your apartment. With a sigh, you rush to the top of the stairs. Nothing goes according to plan, you think miserably. You just want Baekhyun to be alone, to touch him and hold him as he wants. Sleeping in his arms, his familiar scent on your pillow.

You buried your face in your lap, tears burning in your eyes, sliding rebelliously down your cheeks. You don’t want to be sad when the day you’ve been waiting for finally arrives.

You look up trying to see your tears. However, you don’t have to see it to know it’s there. You can recognize his voice anywhere. It’s your Baekhyun who finally came back to you.

How To Beat Tall Chairs In Use Boxmen

Put the burden down, it will come right to you. “What’s wrong baby?” He cupped your cheek and gently wiped away the tears.

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You wrap your arms around him and hold him tight, remembering what it felt like to be held. More tears came and went, soaking Baekhyun’s coat, and what had happened today combined with a long, lonely night of waiting. You don’t know how long you stand there – seconds, minutes, years, it doesn’t matter, time has stopped.

“Y/N why are you sitting on the stairs crying? Did something happen?” Baekhyun’s hand runs through your hair rhythmically, making it hard for you to concentrate.

“Yeah? Well, let’s go inside, you can tell me everything.” Baekhyun bent down, putting his backpack down with one hand and hugging you tightly with the other, obviously wanting as much space as possible between you, Small. He will lead you out of the stairwell and down the hall.

Before the words were finished, the door opened and you and Baekhyun were pulled inside. Confetti explodes all around you and boys rush in for hugs and enthusiastic back pats.

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Resigned, you just shrugged, not wanting to ruin all the hard work the boys had put into everything. Kyungsoo offers you a drink and you take it, visibly thirsty after your previous incident with the waterworks.

As the swarm thins, the boys go to get food or drink, and Baek-hyun returns to you. “So that’s what you’re trying to tell me, honey?”

You nodded in agreement, learning from Baekhyun so the other boys wouldn’t hear. “Yeah, they showed up about two hours ago…without warning,” you admit.

How To Beat Tall Chairs In Use Boxmen

Baekhyun sighed and clenched his hands together. “I know it’s not what we envisioned tonight, but they’ll be out of here soon and then it’ll just be the two of us. And then the real fun will begin,” he said, arching his eyebrows suggestively.

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“That coat looks a little warm Y/N. Would you like to take it off?” Baekhyun starts to unbuckle the belt around your waist.

You assure him you’re fine, moving deftly out of range before you happen to flash someone at the party.

“Baekhyun, stop it,” you hiss. Lower your voice so you can be sure no one hears you add: I am. No. dressed. none. clothes. Under this. “

Baekhyun’s pupils widened and he let out a held breath. His arms slide around your waist and pull you closer until his lips rest on your ear. “Are you naked down there?”

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Kyungsoo grabbed Chanyeol and pulled him to the door, muttering “shut up” and “look at the room.” The others followed their cues and emptied the place in record time and Junmeyon promised you that he would come back tomorrow and clean up.

Before you can blink, Baekhyun pulls you in, gives you a numb kiss and points a finger at the belt of your coat. “Now let’s see what my kids got me,” he whispered with an evil grin on his face. “Look, she kindly wrapped it up.

After placing you on the bed, Baekhyun slowly loosened the tie around your waist, his hands shaking with long awaited anticipation.

How To Beat Tall Chairs In Use Boxmen

When Baekhyun sees you, you’re reminded of one of fashion’s most basic tenets: Sometimes simple is better. As for this outfit, you’ll be pretty inclined to agree.

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Author’s note. I was thinking about how long it’s been since I played this game and this stupid thought popped into my head, so I thought, “Why not write it?”. They are stupid. All. I would love to play with them. enjoy your meal!

I know exos likes to make fun of him saying he’s boring

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