How To Beat Escape The Closet

How To Beat Escape The Closet – Escape Artist is a level in Escape Academy where players must solve puzzles to reach the Escape Artist Hall and make their mark among the greatest escape artists of all time.

In this guide, we will guide you through the Escape Artist level, and show you what to watch out for and how to solve the puzzles.

How To Beat Escape The Closet

How To Beat Escape The Closet

After passing the prologue and entry test, the Escape Hall section opens, where the Escape Artist layer is located.

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When you drive to the courtyard of the Hall of the Fugitives, you will be greeted by Professor Sleep. You can then walk around and check the location, but the clock is already ticking and you only have 30 minutes to complete the level, so it’s best to be light-footed and get to work.

Your goal is to leave a mark on the monument depicting all the greatest escapists that ever lived. You must first solve some puzzles in order to get the necessary materials and reach the monument.

There are several items and interactive items that can be collected in the area. Also pay attention to the visual cues as they can appear anywhere.

Go to the building on the left, the studio, and look for the three paint-stained items:

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When you have the three items, place them on the table with a bucket on top. The colored spots on the table and items show a 3-digit code that says “139”. Use this code to open the locked locker where you will find an invisible counter ink.

Go to the corner of the studio where there are paint splotches and white lines that seem to have been erased. Use Anti-Invisible ink to reveal the lines connecting the paint spots to the door combination lock on the left.

To solve this puzzle you need to figure out what color should be on the part of the lock by following the line from the lock to the color correction. When a line reaches a fork you have to follow both lines and then mix the colors they lead to i.e. blue + yellow = green. Once you’ve figured out the color, scroll through the options in the lock area until you find the right color, then do the same for the other areas.

How To Beat Escape The Closet

The solution reads from above: red triangle, purple rhombus, yellow pentagon, green circle. This will open the door to the teacher’s office, where you can get spray paint from the cupboard.

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Back in the studio, open the farthest cabinet where you’ll find the open sesame painting. Then go to the desk on the right and place the painting on the frame. This cuts the drawing into strips that you can rearrange.

After rearranging the notes, notice the red arrows on the drawing. They go from left to right: right, left, right, up, down, down.

Once you memorize or note stress, enter the locked room directly behind you on the other side of the room. Click the arrows in order and you will open the door.

Inside the room there is a safe on the left and a painting scanner on the right. To get the code to the safe, you need to scan the canvases on the right wall and decipher the clues.

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The first leftmost canvas shows a drawing of the fountain, followed by the cube sculpture, then the keyhole sculpture, while the fourth canvas shows a series of symbols arranged in a 3×3 grid.

Go outside to the yard and look for these landmarks and you will find the symbols spray painted on them. Note these symbols and return to the room to look at the fourth cloth. Locate where the symbols are on the grid and type them into the vault box in order from left to right to open the vault.

Inside the vault you’ll find a strange statue, along with a note from Prof. Sleep that says “deal with it and knock it out”, and a picture of an illusion of a face and a vase.

How To Beat Escape The Closet

Exit the courtyard and go to the door facing it. Place the strange sculpture on the face which is her nose. You then need to redefine the face’s eyes, eyebrows and jaw to open the door.

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The key to the solution is the illusion of the face and the vase. Along the outer walls of this building are panels on plinths depicting the face of the door with its facial features in various configurations. You need to find the pedestals that look like the face and the vase illusion and then look at the tablet sitting on top.

Once you have found the correct tablets and moved the face pieces on the door accordingly, knock on the door and it will open, giving you access to the Fugitive Hall.

In the Hall of the Fugitives you will see a statue with two keys on a pedestal on either side. The buttons are numbered #2 and #5. There are also three other wings with locked gates that have numbers spray painted on them. On the left are the numbers 5, 10 and 7.

Since you only have keys #2 and #5 right now, adding them gives you 7, so go to the east wing and use both keys on its gate.

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The eastern wing contains four chests that can be turned to the right or left. Near the gate of the wing are drawn portraits in silhouette of the people depicted on the breastplates. Pay attention to the direction the silhouettes are facing, as you will have to rotate the chest in the same direction.

Once the chest is rotated correctly, a secret door will open where you can get keys #3, #4, and #7.

The north wing will have six chests and each head can be flipped like a switch. Check the paintings near the north wing gate to find out which people were beheaded, as these are the ones whose heads should be knocked off.

How To Beat Escape The Closet

The solution to this puzzle is to turn the head of Timmy, Michelle Windsor. Once this is solved, another secret door will open revealing Key #1.

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Since you only have keys #1 and #4, use them both to open the gate to the west wing. Inside the west wing there are five places for busts on bases of different heights. As with the previous puzzles, you must look at the paintings surrounding the gate to figure out how to rearrange the chests in the correct order.

From the five paintings you can tell the height of the people based on who they are and the white picket fence.

After arranging the chest correctly, the secret door behind it will open, leading to the escape wall where you can place your name with the spray paint.

You have successfully completed the Escape level Amen, congratulations! If you want, you can do the level again to see if you can complete it faster. After you arrive at the office, it’s time to explore the rest of the lobby. In this guide we will show you all the rooms.

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If you’re looking for something that isn’t covered in this guide, check out our walkthrough on Prey for the first day on the job, hacking, office with a view, and everything you know will change to, where we cover the critical path that will lead you to the Talos 1 lobby. This is also a good way Make sure you did everything you were supposed to do.

Ironically, the Ministry of Security is the easiest to get to. There are two access options – the key card can be found at the I.T. Ward, or you can crawl through a vent.

To get to the office, go to the back right corner of the lobby. There is a corridor with a staircase down, helpfully labeled “Security”. If you have the key card, just go inside. If not, climb up the big yellow pipe that runs along the wall in the hallway. Take the pipe through the vent that leads you to the office.

How To Beat Escape The Closet

A character sheet for Captain Stabfellow (he has “brown hair and huge muscles”) and a weapon upgrade kit. From Elias’ computer, download the Talos 1 Lobby Environment Map.

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After that is the office of Corporal Sarah Elazar. Pick up the rifle and grenades from her desk, then read the note taped to her lamp – it contains the code for the cell to your left. Check her email while you’re here. Then check the book of religion. Inside is a quote Judges 5:26 Enter the code 0526 to open the safe – you will find some pomegranates and all sorts of goodies inside.

Now go to the holding cell. Shoot the impersonator posing as the dead man’s chair, then examine the note on the table in front of him to pick up the optional Stenen Neuromods

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