How To Be A Wig Ambassador

How To Be A Wig Ambassador – For the first time ever, Oway launched a global competition to find a global ambassador.

The winning country stylist will participate in ECCO’s annual fashion show, be featured in Owayan’s 2020 book, and be presented with an award on stage in front of Oway World (at a TBD location, but it’s sure to be awesome).

How To Be A Wig Ambassador

How To Be A Wig Ambassador

This competition is the first of its kind and will be worth it. In addition to supporting your crafting and salon business, you’ll earn unlimited rewards for representing the brand we all love.

Brand Ambassador Contract Template

Sound like an opportunity you can’t miss? Read on to find out everything you need to know about the competition.

2. Then make a cut and color according to the theme of the Blue Tit x Oway OCEANS fashion collection. The focus of your work should be on color.

3. Take three (3) original photos of your work: close-up, style change, and full-length photo. The close-up and style change should be aimed strictly at the head and show the details of the hair (see examples on the left).

Be sure to describe how you created the look – the color technique, any Oway products used, and the process of creating the style and color.

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If you want to do some retouching, you can use Photoshop or your preferred platform, but only to correct imperfections. You cannot retouch the color in any way or add elements.

The application deadline is 15 November 2019. The finalists from each country will be announced on 29 November 2019.

Country winners will present their work to a jury selected by Oway at ECCO 2020, and this jury will select a Global Ambassador winner!

How To Be A Wig Ambassador

Submit your contributions by filling out the form below. We can’t wait to see what you come up with and we’re sending you good vibes – until ECCO 2020! Mastering wigs/units requires measuring and detailing for a smooth installation. Jada Jenkins, Sam Villa Ambassador, Mizani Artist and L’amour de Rose Salon Owner @jadajenkinsco discuss the different types of wigs and how to install them on Thursday, July 22nd at 9:00am PT/12:00pm ET on Instagram Live, more info here.

Portrait Of Cornelis Calkoen (1696 1764). Portrait Of Cornelis Calkoen (1696 1764), Ambassador In Istanbul From

Measurement – To measure your head and hairline correctly for a safe and personalized wig installation, use a tape measure to measure head circumference from temple to temple, nape (from one ear to the other), front to back and sideburns. for side burning. The size of the wig depends on the circumference – small, medium or large.

Refinement of the hairline – The right foundation is the key to a smooth wig installation. Choosing the right lace, bleaching the knot on the lace and/or using tent material spray helps with the blend. The laces must match the skin tone. If any hair is left out, choose hair that has a similar natural texture and gently blend with a comb or flat iron.

Storage – Storage on a rack helps keep hair fresh and extends its life, covering with a plastic basket over the rack prevents dust from settling. “I encourage my clients to shampoo and refresh their wigs every 3/4 weeks (daily wear) and 5/6 (if not worn every day)… one wrong move can put a wig at risk and we will not have their investment go to waste,” explains Jenkins.

Scalp Health – Before applying the wig, trim and condition the hair to prevent breakage and use Mizani Scalp Care to ensure the scalp is healthy and able to withstand wearing the cap and wig.

Patricia Nikole, @paintedhair, Joins Wella As Brand Ambassador

“Be sure to advise clients to take a break from time to time to allow the scalp and hair to breathe,” adds Jenkins.

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