How To Ask For A Raise As A Nanny

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How To Ask For A Raise As A Nanny

How To Ask For A Raise As A Nanny

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How To Ask For A Raise, Over And Over Again

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How To Ask For A Raise As A Nanny

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English For Work. How To Ask For A Raise

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With the economy and the job market the way they are, many feel happy to have a place to call work and a steady salary. However, if you’ve worked hard and taken on new responsibilities and haven’t yet seen an increase in your paycheck, it might be a good time to ask for a raise.

Of course, asking for more money can be risky when the economy and the job market are in trouble – you don’t want to seem demanding when it could hurt your business. However, good employees deserve to be rewarded based on their value to the company, and there are ways to talk to your compensation boss without getting jolted.

“Be aware of where the company is financially,” says Dr. Roshawnna Novellus, CEO of EnrichHER. “If you have access to the financial statements, use them to show that you are aware of the situation and that the proposed increase is in line with the current budget.”

Why It’s The Perfect Time To Ask For A Raise

If your company is known to be struggling financially, this is probably not the best time to ask for a raise. However, if you know the company is in a secure financial position – and you have contributed to this – highlight your contributions and the value they have added to the company’s success.

“If you haven’t done your homework and haven’t proven your accomplishments with difficult metrics, it’s probably not the right time [to ask for a raise],” says Novellus.

Be clear about your desire for a raise before the next performance review arrives. If you start the conversation early, your manager will be aware of your professional goals and hopefully help you achieve them.

How To Ask For A Raise As A Nanny

Ashley Stahl, career expert at SoFi, suggests setting up a meeting with your manager at the beginning of each quarter. In this meeting, you should discuss your salary and the potential increase.

How To Ask For A Raise

“Ask for a list of achievements that would truly exceed your expectations,” says Stahl. “That way, by the time the performance review arrives, you’ve already set things in motion and checked the results from the required action list. If you wait, it is possible that the budget for that year is already fixed, without your increase. “

When it comes to asking for a raise, there’s one main thing everyone should do in advance: prepare the information and performance metrics to support your request.

You must be your biggest career advancement cheerleader. Novellus suggests tracking performance metrics against the company’s core KPIs, combining quantifiable metrics with more qualitative data, such as customer support letters about your skills and relationships.

“This combination of data shows that you are versatile and good at your job,” says Novellus.

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SoFi’s Stahl recommends taking the time to create a list of projects and achievements you’ve completed that somehow link your work to more revenue.

“Make sure you outline quantifiable results in your conversation because, regardless of your role, you are always contributing to the organization’s bottom line,” she says.

Novellus applied this advice early in its career and was able to achieve a 10% increase as a result.

How To Ask For A Raise As A Nanny

At the time, she was a program manager at a finance company and had access to the billing rates of anyone working on any of her projects. This approach gave her an insight into what others were doing and she made the disturbing discovery that she was earning far less than her white male counterparts.

How To Ask Your Employer For A Raise (sample Letter)

However, she knew that this alone was not enough to increase her salary. It was then that he began tracking her work using qualitative metrics, such as the number of clients who renewed their contracts with her and other examples of her success in her role.

She collected all this data along with customer support letters before meeting with management. After submitting the metrics and letters, she asked for a 20 percent raise and received a 10 percent raise in between. While she may not have gotten the raise she originally asked for, she still managed to get a significant raise by coming prepared and knowing the performance metrics.

Novellus’ experience in requesting a raise is an example of Stahl’s advice to keep a list of ongoing projects and results to prove it. But the important thing to remember is that it shouldn’t just be a list of things you’ve done or worked on. Instead, focus on the results of your work and how it benefited the company.

When you are considering asking for a raise, you are probably hoping for an adjustment to your base salary, but don’t stop at that number.

How To Ask For A Raise At Work » 11 Effective Tips & Scripts

“Think about the overall quality of your life, especially if your organization’s core values ​​mention things like health and awareness or work-life balance,” says Novellus. “In that case, it is more than reasonable to put a question on the table that includes a fitness subscription, access to doctors, physiotherapists or psychiatrists, or childcare vouchers / reimbursements depending on your needs and what your organization already has. provides. “

Salary isn’t the only thing that can be negotiated; think about other aspects of your life for which a raise would be appropriate.

The thought of asking for a raise can be scary in itself, but don’t let that deter you from actually asking, as the odds of getting one are more in your favor than you would have thought.

How To Ask For A Raise As A Nanny

In fact, according to a survey by career site PayScale, only 37 percent

Use This Script To Ask For A Raise In 2022

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