How The Milky Way Was Made Poem Analysis

How The Milky Way Was Made Poem Analysis – This essay was published in Chinese in 2011 by Chinese Social Science Quarterly. This was also published

In his project [Dis]Corporate Bodies in 2014. An earlier version of the essay is available in the Nietzsche Circle archive. Yıldızların Enkazı also has a Turkish translation of this essay: Nietzsche ve Şiirin Esrikliği.

How The Milky Way Was Made Poem Analysis

How The Milky Way Was Made Poem Analysis

“The wreckage of the stars – I built the world from this wreckage,” Nietzsche says in a line of poetry.

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Attitude towards Nietzsche, is seen as a symptom of his emerging “stupidity” (his alleged megalomania). Of course, in other circles, for example, among the Surrealists (or Klossowski, or with the always ambiguous Blanchot), such madness would be celebrated as the embodiment of Nietzsche’s philosophy – if

However, there are deep doubts about this madness/madness – indeed, there are such in the light of Foucault’s work

Strategically distributed to limit the access or “legitimacy” of “knowledge” (truth), as in the Lyssenko affair, or to reflect on the tragic and strange fate of Wilhelm Reich.

Twentieth century. Furthermore, the hegemony of the network of variants of the “logic of science” has excluded different types and histories of philosophy, of which there are many,

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, we must take Nietzsche’s prediction seriously and ask about its meaning in relation to the status and meaning of his philosophy and the philosophical meaning of his poetry, the most radical example.

. At stake is not only Nietzsche’s philosophy, but also the meaning, depth and expressiveness of philosophy

, “What is Metaphysics?” in the smooth title “Eliminating Metaphysics through the Logical Analysis of Language”.[7] Later in his essay, Carnap, the Marburg branch of the Vienna Circle, quotes Nietzsche.

How The Milky Way Was Made Poem Analysis

) a work expressing a certain ‘life attitude’. In this way it is related to “metaphysics”, but to Nietzsche’s credit he separated it before Carnap.

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If we want to continue with our door, one would think that Nietzsche was indeed trying to find

From a narrow horizon of “knowledge” and after, as in the case of the early Wittgenstein (who became alien to Carnap after the latter became

. In other words, if we want to criticize Carnap for imposing limits on philosophy, we can point out that he clearly has a tacit knowledge of the limit and

Of the border – which explodes his entire project. In this way, it could be argued that the early Wittgenstein would be ready to recognize poetry as its expression (showna).

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. In this still limited way (in the wake of the later Heidegger and Wittgenstein, not to mention Derrida)

Logic in terms of limited economy. It would be the voices of “unwritten” philosophy outside the propositional web—a peculiar expression of existence as poetry (poiesis).

– but not as a mere external appearance, as a thing fighting against the limits of language (Zarathustra’s monkey), but as a language game in the midst of existence – as a work of art of his philosophy (or as it is suggested in

How The Milky Way Was Made Poem Analysis

From Dionysus to his Apollo, from music to image, from voice to word).[8] It is in this way that together

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So we are thrown from Nietzsche into the old metaphilosophical question: what is philosophy? Are there limits to thinking,

Is the thought, how is the thought articulated, expressed? Are there different realms of thought, different languages ​​of truth, each expressing a particular realm of existence? Or maybe existence does not suit him?

, from a “certain” point of view. In early creation, poetry could be an expression of the mystical, but only as a play, not to say in the narrow sense of knowledge, not as

Or their playground, as life’s self-expression (Dilthey) or existence (Heidegger) – or it could be described as another language game (though not philosophy, if it is a disease) .

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Since Plato and Aristotle were established as the hegemonic icons of philosophy with the help of each monotheistic religion, this logic and

, of the rules for asking philosophical questions in the West. Long forgotten is the poetic language of the early Greek thinkers and poets Anaximander, Heraclitus, Parmenides and Empedocles (or the poetic language of a marginal figure such as the “Renaissance Dante” who, meanwhile, has stood up to the hegemonic “regime” or poets and artists from “other cultures, etc.” mode). At the very least, this regime reluctantly includes philosophical questions, as it did with the logical positivists and their numerous echoes of incomplete agreement. Indeed, much of what counts as philosophy is limited to the activity of excluding that which does not fit into some indisputable formal criteria of ‘objectivity’, ‘knowledge’ or ‘truth’ – as the repetition of an order.

, lies in the typology of Nietzsche’s “theoretical (last) man,” the historicity of nihilism and its transcendence.

How The Milky Way Was Made Poem Analysis

Is thus an attempt to overcome the nihilism of The Last Man amidst the tragic affirmation of existence.

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With this perspective in mind, we are forced to reframe the dominant trajectory of Western philosophy as formulated by Plato—and this corrupted trajectory includes philosophers such as Leibniz, Kant, and Schopenhauer, each of whom is an essential condition for emergence. On Nietzsche’s ‘philosophy’ – as

He must destroy if he is to formulate his philosophy. It seems that he must throw down the ladder with the “early” Wittgenstein. Perhaps this may be a poor metaphor, however, for Nietzsche’s own ‘image’ was Ariadne of the thready labyrinth (philosophy swallows its mother,

From the emergence of Nietzsche’s philosophy-poetry from his almost suffocation within the limits of his own “philosophy”.

On the Meaning of Poetry Nietzsche’s Philosophy and Meaning

Physician, Heal Thyself With Sleep

) the emergence of this chain of Nietzsche from his own genealogical context, his own

That Nietzsche seeks to shape a situation in which he can express the possibility of a transformed expression of existence, the fruit of which is

Back to its terms of origin, excavating the root of nihilism in Plato’s Socrates, the “theoretical man,” and his theatrical surrogate Euripides (not to forget, Xenophon’s Socrates). It was a crime

How The Milky Way Was Made Poem Analysis

But before we ever try to understand the Nietzsche event, we must trace the genealogy of his philosophy in relation to his orientation in the constellations of European philosophy (including

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Nihilism). This does not diminish his other influences, sources, but is concerned [

Of leaving. It is the “story” of the principle of individuation/sufficient reason (and its ‘other’) through the study of Leibniz, [Hume], Kant and Schopenhauer. The theoretical optimism and possible pessimism of “modern philosophy” emerges through its genealogy in the middle

Forces us to rethink the tradition of modern philosophy and its relationship with Nietzsche. It’s here

Philosophy as philosophical expression), in its poetic ecstasy. Indeed, in one sense it is clear that this work is

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Of a “theoretical” or “higher” person – that would be a fruitful interpretation. However, it can be just one thread of search and

From nature. Instead, it first intimates an “order of simplicities,” or, to put it another way, a context for presupposing an articulated “whole.” In this way,

Leibniz argues that the “identity” of any individual must include everything, even the most random fact, that is related to it – for example

How The Milky Way Was Made Poem Analysis

Entity ‘total’. In a limited way, such a view forces us to consider “identity” in the sense of a complex event of individuation, such as

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Such a discussion of Leibniz goes beyond the reduction of his philosophy to the keywords “analytical judgment” and “principle of reason” used synonymously to establish Leibniz as the godfather of “analytical philosophy.” But it would be well to delve further into this misunderstanding, for it inevitably brings into relief the depth of “Leibniz” and his tenuous references

Philosophy. Of course, it may be possible that we find Leibniz’s real power in a consideration that does not focus on this genealogy.

If we can stop the current for a moment, it becomes clear that Leibniz is not looking for a logical and mathematical philosophy, as Russell did (although it is suggested that Frege also saw this “other” aspect). For Leibniz, the doctrine of the monad was the doctrine of the simple substance, and like all simple substances, it is in mathematics, in context, in order.

Order or individuation – of an ‘identity’ available only to the ‘divine’. In this light, analytical and synthetic judgments must be seen in a different light – at least insofar as they are characterized by 20.

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Century philosophy.[14] The contingency of synthetic propositions becomes a “true” cause

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