How Tall Is Keith From Voltron

How Tall Is Keith From Voltron – This article is about the Lion Force pilot who appears in Legendary Defender. For a list of other meanings, see Keith (disambiguation).

Keith is the current paladin of the Black Lion and former paladin of the Red Lion. Keith, of few words and dry wit, is a loner and rebel by nature with “disciplinary problems” that led to his expulsion from the Galaxy Garrison. He resigned as a paladin to work for Blade Marmora, only to become the leader.

How Tall Is Keith From Voltron

How Tall Is Keith From Voltron

Keith is headstrong and (formerly) lion-like in nature, which makes him difficult to work with for many. Identified as an orphan, Keith struggles to open up and connect with people other than Shiro, who has acted as his mentor and guide; Keith seemed to quickly forget his comrades when he was kicked out of the Galaxy Garrison. After his exile, he spent most of his time living alone in a hut in the desert, which led him to search for the source of the strange energy he felt, which led him to explore a nearby mountain range. When Shiro returns from captivity in the Galra Empire, he discovers the presence of the Blue Lion in these mountains, and his classmates at Garrison help him find the lion.

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Although Keith has a sense of justice and bravery, this can manifest in a stubborn personality, making him someone who refuses to back down from a fight despite any warnings from his teammates that he should run away. This may put him in situations beyond his comfort zone, but will lead to significant gains. This trait is best seen in his battle with Zircon, who used Black Bayard to push Keith and the lion beyond their limits. Normally very sensitive, Keith’s fiery personality causes him to forget critical details of his mission, such as being so focused on destroying enemies that he forgets that Balmera is a living creature and must be cared for in no way. . Fight.

Despite his tendency to jump into battle, Keith can be calm and cautious at times. This can be seen in his battles with the native Aroshians, who take a while to warm up to before fully trusting the friendly foreigners. Keith is quick to anger, making many comments and constant comments from others, especially Lance, who believes Keith to be his rival. Despite Lance’s constant encouragement, Keith is not interested in competition and tries to bond and work together with his entire team. Keith is really silly and free-spirited like the rest of his colleagues. A slightly stony paladin takes a little longer to show this. He laughs at Hunk’s freedom, enjoys food fights during practice, laughs wildly and throws bowls of goo in Allura and Coran’s faces, and eventually climbs up to the team and tells his stories. Keith loves the outdoors, enjoying the quiet of the woods and wild lands.

Keith has a blade with the symbol of the Marmora blade and has no idea of ​​its origins. Seeing the similarities between it and Ulas, Keith began to suspect that he was involved with the Galra or that Zarkon was using him to find the group, making him more of an accomplice than his partners and more sympathetic to the Galra Rebel fighters. When his Galra heritage is revealed, he is appalled by Allara’s hatred even for Galra, and although he is disappointed and hurt, he does not blame her. Fortunately for Keith, Allura came to terms with her own pain and feelings for Galra, saying that she considered him and the paladins to be her new family, and that what mattered to a person was not who he was or who they were. their blood. . Keith expressed his interest in searching the universe for his Galran relatives when he was no longer needed, showing his desire to continue his journey of self-discovery and learn more about his Galran roots.

Keith has some credibility issues. Abandoned by his mother as an infant and his father’s death as a young child, Keith had some serious obstacles around his friends and associates, which initially hampered his ability as a leader. Several similar operations. Due to his emotional trauma, Keith tried not to panic in an effort to spare himself the pain of rejection.

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Keith Red Lion’s primary affinity for fire embodies his stubborn personality, his fierce instincts in battle, and his often hilarious quips. But like fire, Keith’s impulsive and explosive tendencies can be used as a valuable tool and weapon to ensure the survival and victory of his friends and innocents alike.

Keith’s mixed heritage seems to have affected him. After discovering his Galran heritage, Keith Blade began to volunteer for increasingly dangerous tasks from Marmora, seemingly wanting to reach the closest connection he had to his biological family. Ignoring orders to put the mission first, Keith often needed to prove himself to his commander and mentor, Collivan.

Keith shares key traits with his Galran mother, Crowley, including a protective streak, a tendency to be impulsive, and a habit of inserting his own emotional agenda into his missions against the advice of senior officers such as Shiro or Collivan.

How Tall Is Keith From Voltron

After reuniting with his mother, Keith matured greatly during his two years in mutant space. Finally learning that the reason his mother left him was to protect him, Keith finally made peace with his time on earth. Keith is known to have a close relationship with his father, and now that he’s gotten to know his mother, he’s become more comfortable with his heritage, finally feeling at peace.

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Although less decisive and aggressive as a leader than Shirou, he is quickly becoming a super-skilled leader, but Keith’s hidden leadership abilities are evident throughout his journey, as noted by the Black Lion, who only allows him to be your born leaders. Partner with him. In this sense, his personality is cooling from a burning fire to a strong and powerful whirlwind. Keith’s leadership style embodies the more aggressive characteristics of the Black Lion.

Since returning from the Quantum Abyss, Keith’s ability to connect directly with Kalu’s consciousness seems to be an indicator of his newfound maturity. He was able to calmly and decisively lead the paladins against Lotor and his industrial syncline. No longer suffering from his frenzied and obsessive self in battle, Keith is now a leader on his own journey of self-discovery. His leadership style shows that he is no longer anxious or aggressive, and is able to control himself enough to see through the eyes of the Black Lion, a feat only exhibited among the current generation of paladins by his predecessor, Shirou. .

Essentially, Keith’s journey in Legendary Defender is one of “setting one up” to confuse him as his Defenders of the Universe counterpart. Keith presented a fully fleshed-out 30-something from the original series to viewers who had been “specially trained and sent by the Alliance” to be a role model, where Keith goes through the trials and tribulations necessary to create such a leader. . , like a blade strengthened by tempering from heat and cold. Keith’s experience and performance so far has promised that his inner struggles will finally be heard in the light of hope, as the bleak drumbeat is replaced by the blare of trumpets.

Keith is a skilled martial artist, extremely skilled on the battlefield as his bayard is in the form of a katar that can cut through thick steel with ease. He is dedicated to maintaining his abilities and spends his spare time on the ship honing his fighting skills. After Shiro, Keith is easily the best hand-to-hand fighter on the team. His combat skills enabled him to knock three army medics in the garrison out cold with little effort and incredible speed. Keith is also physically the fastest of the group, moving across the battlefield like a flaming meteor. He is still learning but he is an impressive and dangerous swordsman who should not be underestimated. Despite his lean frame and tendency to emphasize speed and agility over prowess in battle, he’s surprising.

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Keith is a skilled pilot who relies on instinct and natural skills rather than learned skills. He is able to deal with the Red Lion not because of his fierce and rebellious nature, but because of his instincts and respect for Shirou as a leader. Unlike the others, Keith had to fight to earn his lion’s honor

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