How Tall Is Harry Dunn Capitol Police

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U.S. Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn was 13 years into the force when he found himself protecting the U.S. Capitol. during the January 6, 2021 riots, but he said what he saw that day was different from what he had seen before.

How Tall Is Harry Dunn Capitol Police

How Tall Is Harry Dunn Capitol Police

Dunn was among the law enforcement officials who testified before the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 attacks during their first hearing on July 27, 2021. After being introduced by president Bennie G. Thompson, Dunn, a black man, described his racism. faced that day as well as physical attacks.

Support Group Helps Staff And Police Traumatized By Jan. 6

His story is just a story that happened a year ago today. Below is his full statement from last summer to the committee.

US Capitol Police Sgt. Harry Dunn describes the racism and violence he experienced during riots at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Dunn is pictured here testifying before the House Select Committee investigating the attack on July 27, 2021, at the Canon House Office Building in Washington, D.C. Getty

“Chairman Thompson, member of the select committee, thank you for taking the time to provide my account of the events of January 6, 2021 from my personal experience as a police officer at the Capitol who was directly involved in this event, and still saddened by what happened. I testify this is only in my own capacity and not as a representative of the United States National Police. .

Before I begin, I would like to take a moment to offer a moment of silence for my fallen colleague, Officer Brian Sicknick, who died of injuries sustained while on duty protecting the Capitol of our beloved democracy. Thank you.

January 6 Hearing Reminds Us That The Capitol Attack Was A Big Deal

I preached at the Capitol as usual on the morning of January 6th. We understand that the vote to confirm the election of President Biden will be held that day, and there may be protests outside the Capitol, but we hope that the protests will be peaceful. expression of First Amendment freedom, just like many of the protests we’ve seen over the years.

After the roll call, I took my senior post on the east side of the Capitol, standing on the steps to the Senate Chamber. During the morning, I didn’t see or hear anything that scared me, but around 10:56 am, I received a text message from a friend who sent a screenshot of what looked like a show, very different. from a peaceful movement. The screenshot was captioned, ‘January 6th, Lincoln Park rally location,’ and said the target was the Capitol.

Some of them said that ‘Trump gave us marching orders, and to hide our weapons.’ You encourage people to bring their ‘trauma kits and gas masks, to call early in the morning with teams of 6 to 12 people.’ He said there will be time to prepare.

How Tall Is Harry Dunn Capitol Police

I was worried when I saw this message. To be sure, looking back now, it seems to indicate what happened later. At the time, however, we received no threat alerts from our chain of command. I have no independent reason to believe that violence brings us.

Capitol Attack Hearing: ‘kill Him,’ Racial Slurs And More

As the morning wore on, and the crowd of protesters on the east side of the Capitol began to swell, many waved Trump flags, chanted slogans like, ‘Stop the theft’ and, ‘We want Trump,’ but the demonstration was still held peacefully.

Earlier that evening, the Capitol Police told all the groups on the radio that we had 10-100 active members of the Republican National Committee nearby. 10-100 is the police code for a suspicious package, like a possible bomb. This radio broadcast caught my attention, and I became increasingly anxious and worried, especially as the crowd on the east side of the Capitol increased.

At the same time, I began to receive reports on the radio of people moving around the Capitol, from Ellipse Avenue to the west and east sides of the Capitol. Then I heard an urgent call for additional officers to respond to the west side, and shouted, desperate voices that protesters on the west side were tearing down the fence.

Now, it became clear that there was a direct threat to the Capitol. Quickly donning my 20-pound steel breastplate, and carrying my M4 rifle, I sprinted around the north side of the Capitol to the West Terrace and the inauguration platform, where I saw all was free. continuous. I was shocked by what I saw.

Tucker Carlson Insults Capitol Police Officer

In what seemed like a sea of ​​people, the Capitol Police and the Metropolitan Police, MPD, battled mobs across the West Lawn. Until then, I had never seen anyone physically attack the Capitol Police or MPD, let alone witness a mass attack on a law enforcement officer. I saw the mob use a variety of weapons against the officers, including poles, iron bike racks that they destroyed, and various types of ammunition. The police were covered in blood during the fight. Many screamed, and many were blinded and coughing from having chemicals sprayed in their faces.

I helped clean up as many officers as I could, washing their eyes with water to soften the dangerous chemicals. Soon, I heard, ‘Attention all units, the Capitol has been destroyed,’ and there were mobs in various places in the building.

At that point, I rushed to the Capitol with other officers, going first to the Senate floor, where I heard an MPD officer needed a defibrillator. After returning to West Terrace to assist the officers, I returned to the Capitol and climbed the stairs to the tomb. There I saw mobs storm the Capitol with Confederate flags, red MAGA flags and ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ flags. I decided to stand there to prevent the mob from going down the stairs to the Lower West Terrace entrance as this was where the officers were getting help clearing and were very vulnerable.

How Tall Is Harry Dunn Capitol Police

At the top of the stairs, I met a group of rebels and warned them, ‘Don’t go down these stairs.’ One of them shouted, ‘Go on, patriot.’ One of the intruders approached me as if he was going to pass me and go down the stairs. I hit him, I knocked him down.

Watch Full Interview With Capitol Officer Harry Dunn

After being relieved by other officers in the morgue, I ran upstairs to the Speaker’s Lobby and helped the plainclothes officers who were confused by the mob. Some of them were dressed as members of a militia group, wearing body armor, cargo pants and body armor. I was physically exhausted, and it was hard to breathe and see, because of all the chemical spray in the air.

More and more protesters gathered in the Speaker’s Lobby area near the rotunda, some wearing MAGA hats and shirts that read: ‘Trump 2020.’ I told them to leave the Capitol, and in response, they shouted, ‘No, man, this is our house. President Trump invited us here. We are here to stop theft. Joe Biden is not the president. Nobody voted for Joe Biden.’

I’m a law enforcement officer, and I do my best to keep politics out of my job, but in this case I said, ‘Well, I’m voting for Joe Biden. Did my vote not count? I’m nobody?’ This led to many racial epithets. A woman in a pink MAGA shirt shouted: ‘Did you hear that, guys? This person voted for Joe Biden.’ Then the crowd, about 20 people, joined in shouting: ‘Boo, you bastard!’

I’ve never had anyone call me a snitch while wearing a Capitol Police uniform.

Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn’s Harrowing Firsthand Account Of The January 6th Insurrection

In the days following the attempted coup, other black officers shared with me their own stories of racial abuse on January 6. One officer told me he had never been called a bad person to his face in his 40 years of life, and that streak ended on January 6. Another black officer later told me that he had been confronted by a mob at the Capitol who told him, ‘Put down your guns and we’ll show you how brutal you really are. is.’

To be honest, the rest of the evening is a blur, but I do know that I went all over the Capitol to help officers in need and help clear out more mobs. I met Sergeant Gonell in the cabin, who was helping an unconscious woman who was in a riot group on the west side of the Capitol. I helped bring him to the Speaker’s office area, where he was

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