How Tall Is 65 Feet

How Tall Is 65 Feet – In particular, the part where Scott (Ant-Man) Lang brags to Bill Foster (ex-Goliath) that the biggest part he ever grew was 65 feet by 21 feet from Foster. Fashion as you imagine it.

65 feet. Cool. If you go by the idea that one floor of a building is about 10 feet tall, it could easily be seen from a sixth floor window in Ant-Man. Mix in our summer action movie features, Ant-Man will fly over the T. rex in Jurassic World at 20 inches and even look down on the 45-inch Indominus Rex. Or to put it graphically…

How Tall Is 65 Feet

How Tall Is 65 Feet

It’s too long. Yeah – Star Lord can only call on Ant-Man to help him solve his problems… oh… yeah.

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Well look – before we roll, yes, Ant-Man becomes very small and very large via Pym Particles, thank goodness for that. Without the magic of Marvel science, there is no way. So – before it starts, I’m here to praise Bem’s particles, not to bury them. With that, I want to explain why you need a solution to claim 65 feet and what life would be like without it.

Pym Particles debuted in 1962’s Tales to Astonish #27 and became one of the core technologies (like Reed Richards’ Volatile Particles, Tony Stark’s Banishment Technology, and Professor Xavier’s Cerebro) from the Marvel Universe. Discovered, of course, by Dr. Henry Beam, they are still regarded as subatomic particles capable of changing the mass and volume of living matter. Marvel’s Pym Particles followed Dr. Ray Palmer’s white dwarf star material in DC Comics, allowing him to become that company’s microscopic hero, the Atom (1961).

In recent years, and among readers with increased science knowledge, Marvel writers have worked to tie some science to Pym’s particles with varying degrees of success. One of the best attempts was by Ryan North, writer of The Unbeatable Squirrel-Girl. In issue #14 (you can get the issue online at here) – guest star Scott Lang explained the young hero:

They regulate Planck’s constant, the Higgs field, and the distance between atoms, and they also exchange matter between here and there, called the “dimension of space.” Everything is very scientific. Ah, he claimed.

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Later in the issue, North actually flashes back to a physics lecture that Squirrel-Girl attended, where the professor talks about the cube-square law and pimmy particles:

If I could, comic book here for a second, please use what North has done here as a reason to include more physics lecture excerpts in your stories.

Is it clear? Quite simply and elegantly, the Nordic Sculpted Ray Particles and Cosmic Rays have their own scientific space in the Marvel Universe. If you’re just growing up—without the protection of Pym particles or cosmic ray wave science—you’ll have to pay the cube-square law. If you’re a hero (or villain) powered by a Pym particle or using cosmic rays, the still-undiscovered science of the two will protect you to some extent. As with Ant-Man.

How Tall Is 65 Feet

I’ve written about this before, talking about Kong, but it’s always worth a second look. The cube-square law is something physics students learn when they reach a certain level, which often when you see it mentioned is in the context of “everyone knows about it, so I won’t take the time to explain it here…”

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Let’s get down on the ground floor and explain that you can – yes – fix one of these problems at any time. It’s simple. seriously. I’m not just saying this because I’m one of those people who have the law of squares imprinted on me.

The big picture of the square-cube law is that when you’re talking about growing something (or shrinking something, but that’s for another time), the surface area of ​​the thing increases by the square of the multiplier (how many times the new version is bigger than the old version), and the size of the thing increases by the cube of the multiplier. Volume is the space something takes up, and that space is filled with mass, so it’s safe to say that the weight of something that increases in volume also increases in cube.

When I was talking about going back to Kong, it’s easy to imagine if you think of squares and then you do cubes.

Think about it – or do it. Cut a square from the paper so that each side is two centimeters. The area of ​​a square is length x width, or 2 x 2 = 4 inches

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Now double the sides of the square so that it is 4 inches instead of 2. area of ​​the square? 4 x 4 = 16 inches

. You have doubled the length of the sides (2 inches to 4 inches), but your surface area has quadrupled (4 inches)

), or in other words, the new surface area is proportional to the square of the multiplier. The multiplier was 2 (double the length), so the new surface area increased by 2.4 square. The original area was 4 inches.

How Tall Is 65 Feet

For volume, take your square and cube it. Start at the original – 2 inches per side. The volume of a normal object is length x height x width, so in this case 2 x 2 x 2 = 8 inches

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. Double the side of the cube on each side so that it is 4 inches on each side. The volume of a cube doubled to its original size is 4 x 4 x 4 = 64 inches

. As for the surface area, let’s look at the multiplier – 2 (I multiplied all the sides), so the new volume was the cube of the multiplier, 8 (2).

In short – twice the height, its surface area has increased by 4, and the interior by 8. Or as the cool kids say.

Where l1 is the original length (or height), l2 is the new length, A1 is the original surface area, A2 is the new surface area, and

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All you have to do to find out how much a 65-foot-tall Ant-Man weighs (on our Earth, not the Marvel Universe, where he’s protected by Pym particles) is to divide his final height by his original height. In Scott’s case, it’s 65 feet (780 inches) divided by 5’10 inches (70 inches – actor Paul Rudd’s actual height).

Another way to put it is that Ant-Man’s height of 65 feet is 11 times his normal height.

Let’s talk about size and weight. Our multiplier for the 65′ Ant-Man is 11, so Scott’s size is increased by 113 (11 x 11 x 11). This is full of mass, which is not the same, but still in weight, so Scott’s weight at 65 inches would be:

How Tall Is 65 Feet

There’s a reason blue whales live in the water. Their weight is partly supported by the water around them. Take them out of the water and they die quickly – for many reasons, but the main one is that their bodies cannot support the weight of their organs and connective tissues. No, just because humans aren’t whales doesn’t make everything better.

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Structurally, nothing of human shape and proportions could weigh 239,580 pounds – without the protection of Pym particles.

Elephants look the way they do because their big, fat feet have a larger cross-sectional area than human feet. You will never see an elephant with skinny legs, no matter how strong you are or how long you live. The strength of the shaft (or leg) is directly proportional to the cross-sectional area. The thicker the foot, the more weight it can bear.

And that’s just the beginning of the problems a human-sized thing that’s 65 feet tall (and not shielded by PEM particles) can face. See more in Kong’s article. The human structure can support life at the level of ordinary people. Get too big and chassis health issues start (and that goes for small ones too) – unless you’re protected by Pym particles.

Back in undefeated Squirrel Girl Bad Boy #14, Enigmo learns this the hard way. Able to control his own mass and size (and apparently not blessed with an abundance of intelligence), Enigmo chooses to fight a giant Iron Man action figure (you really should read the story) by growing the same size. A turbulent figure.

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I’ve said before, I teach IB physics, but that doesn’t mean what I do is scalable or impossible for other STEM students to do. In the week that the new trailer featuring Lang and Foster… “Size Comparison” was released, this was my suggestion to get some extra credit for their recent test:

And that’s it. nothing else. They were to find the relationship, make and report any transfers they deemed necessary

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