How Tall Is 135cm

How Tall Is 135cm – I’ve been waiting to write this blog for months now and never got around to it. However, timing is everything, and as we head into a new school year, it seems like the right time to post this.

My daughter has reached that magical 135cm height so legally she doesn’t need to use child seats.

How Tall Is 135cm

How Tall Is 135cm

He will continue to use the car seat until he is 150 cm. Not because I’m an overprotective mother, a terrible driver, or a director of child seat safety. I do this because it makes perfect sense (and I love my little man bones.)

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So I thought I’d show you why…. It’s very simple, we took the three pictures below

1. Upper back reinforcement – protection of the upper part of the body, diagonal chest and neck belt. Use a shoulder guide to ensure it stays in place against impact.

2. Reinforcement pad – no upper body protection, but a diagonal belt sits across the chest and collarbones. However, the diagonal belt can easily slide around the neck in a side impact.

3. No seat – He is legally allowed to travel like this, but the diagonal belt sits on the side of his neck instead of across his chest and collarbone, which could cause serious injury in an accident.

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It’s not just my daughter in our car – it’s beautiful Millie, she’s 137 cm tall. Renault Clio.

Manufacturers adjust car seat belts to fit a 150cm person – THAT’S 15cm taller than my child!

If I travel to other countries in Europe, including Southern Ireland, the Road Traffic Laws state that a child must be 150cm tall to use an adult seatbelt in a car without a child seat.

How Tall Is 135cm

Now I know I’m in a different position than most parents because I haven’t argued with my kids about our decision to use rear boosters up to 150cm because they understand my job and it plays a big role. from our daily lives.

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However, I fully appreciate that it’s very difficult to convince 135cm and taller kids that you know better, we’ve had countless conversations with 8 and 9 year olds at law enforcement and enforcement events who think they know better because “Billy, in my class , I have no place”

Or click this link It’s not graphic or scary and kids love watching the crash tests! This clearly shows the difference between height and lift in a side impact – ask the dummies to see the head hitting the car door and imagine the seat might not be there at all? I will remind you that they are 11 and a half stone and not 150 cm tall, so it is worth using their current seat for a while.

For those of you at your school dealing with this issue, why not ask them to send the attached note to all parents of Keystage 2 children, you might just save a life.

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