How Piers Morgan Just Handed Donald Trump An Easy Win

How Piers Morgan Just Handed Donald Trump An Easy Win – With an extensive chat with Digital Spy about the future Trump administration, his feud with Madonna and more.

The journalist and TV presenter is never afraid of the steering wheel, so we asked him about the controversy surrounding Honey G

How Piers Morgan Just Handed Donald Trump An Easy Win

How Piers Morgan Just Handed Donald Trump An Easy Win

If your friend Donald Trump asked you to move to the US and work with him, how quickly would you pack your bags?

Piers Morgan Slams ‘pathetic And Graceless’ Nigel Farage After He Admits Giving Trump Dossier Of Tv Star’s Criticism

It will take you about 20 seconds because my bag is quite big! I will not work for Donald Trump. Actually, I’ve known him for a long, long time. Because I am

In America and won it. Every year I go back to make him eyes and ears for a few challenges. And then I interviewed him for CNN about 30 times. I usually talk to Trump on the phone every three weeks. I have about 50, 60 notes of it. So it’s all a bit strange to me. He actually made a pretty good life partner. He was very loyal to me and I always felt that he had a different side than the kind of monster that people think he is.

I think you’ve seen him turn to a much simpler and less confrontational character and now he’s won. He’s a tough business guy in NY. When they negotiate, these guys, whether it’s real estate or the president, they’re brutal. But when it was done, they all shook hands and ‘how can we be friends again?’ He’s a lot less monstrous than you think. And I’m already starting to see signs of what he will be like as president. It can actually be very effective.

Look, we never say never, do we?! My politics are very different from his politics. Whether it’s gun control, abortion or climate change. I disagree with him on many things. Having said that, I agree with him on a lot of things. Whether it’s better trade deals with China or better oil deals for the US. I think he makes sense in terms of the economy, jobs and taxes. I agree with a lot of what he said about immigration. Not the more incendiary stuff. I think the Muslim ban is nonsense. But I think they need to be tougher, America, like we are here about who comes into this country.

Nigel Farage Gave Donald Trump Dossier Of Piers Morgan ‘stitching Up Ex President’ Before Interview

As for his wall, almost a million illegal immigrants crossed that border last year alone. Everyone should remember that Obama deported three million illegal immigrants in the past eight years. Trump’s plan is not crazy. They are perfectly normal by presidential standards. So everyone here has a somewhat confusing opinion of what he’s like. I just know that for all the hype and fanfare, he’s a pretty smart guy and I think he’ll probably do a pretty good job.

Well, obviously the presidency! The Prime Minister is obviously huge. Now we see that those who appeared on

Since I could lead countries, I started to think ‘why not?’ I’ll be there before Lord Sugar! I’m 3 to 1! Corbyn – I must be a better choice than Corbyn. I am the fourth favorite for prime minister. It’s an obvious natural step! They’ll just have to deal with the pay cuts!

How Piers Morgan Just Handed Donald Trump An Easy Win

No, I didn’t, even though I told everyone. I thought he was going to win from the start. One thing I learned about him is don’t bet against Donald Trump! I personally wouldn’t vote for him, but I can totally see that millions of Americans will. He represents the character of billionaire Robin Hood.

Piers Morgan Leaks Footage Of Nigel Farage Criticizing Donald Trump: ‘i Do Hope It Doesn’t Damage Their Bromance’

I watched a bit this weekend. The Honey G one made me puke. They keep talking about her as a unique artist. She is unique. I have never seen a worse work

R any talent show! If I were in that console, I’d hit it in about three seconds. It’s a strange fact that it’s still there. It shows no signs of progress. If something shows signs of obvious deterioration, she does more.

, at least you see some growth. A bit of development! Some improvements! He’s super interesting in a way that I don’t feel so much like Honey G. I don’t find it funny, and I don’t find it entertaining. I think all the judges have lost their marbles, they need a fact check and I may have to guest judge on the show just to get rid of her! I’m ready!

Never say never. I am very good to Simon as you all know. I have known him for a long time and I am extremely grateful to him because I have been doing this for four years

How To Watch Trump Interview With Piers Morgan: Former President Unleashes On Harry And Meghan

, CNN. I had a 10-year career, which is amazing. So never say never. Simon and I joke about it. He is a bit wary of having someone prettier and smarter than him on the same panel! So we have to solve that problem!

It seems my daughter looked at me on TV and said to Celia, ‘Daddy looks so old!’ It was a crushing blow. But she’s only 4, so a 4-year-old looks old. I feel good about that. Since I’ve always been described as a weird kid, as an editor as a boy wonder, it’s nice not to be described that way and to be an elder statesman! I always aspired to be an elder statesman. It carries with it a certain strength. And I also don’t do anything like botox or dye my hair. I let God take his course. As you can see it has proved quite successful so far.

Oh my God! You see everyone who worked with him was totally corrupt, but I was against the needle.

How Piers Morgan Just Handed Donald Trump An Easy Win

Law. In fact, the scariest thing I encountered in New York last week was walking around the corner to where we were shooting in Times Square and there was the biggest billboard I’ve ever seen. with Clarkson’s giant head on it. It must be about 300 yards wide, this thing. My son was next to me and said: ‘Dad, don’t look at him, you’ll get sick!’ From what I can see, it is apparently extremely lavish. They got a lot of help in a way that the BBC wouldn’t have been able to do without them

Piers Morgan Claims Trump Was ‘almost Foaming At The Mouth’ Ahead Of Interview

. I think it worked out for them because now people will want to watch the old ones again.

Their problem will be that the ratings in the UK will be very low compared to what they are used to. But the global viewership will be skyrocketing, and they get paid huge sums and make me imagine lavish shows that are very enjoyable. I believe it will do very well on a global level. Only for them it will be a completely different species. In the UK they will be happy to have 100,000 viewers. Exactly how Amazon Prime works. Sounds like a pretty cool show from what I can see.

[I think] everything is not going right. Acquiring Chris Evans looks like a good idea on paper. I just feel – and I really admire Chris Evans – they made a mistake by trying to copy the old format too much. As if we got rid of the people who were inside and brought in the others and we would all behave like them. It was their fault. If I were Chris Evans, I might… I don’t know if he was trying to do this… but he did something completely different.

Franchise and change everything. The reality is that it’s a show that looks the same, but doesn’t have the people that all viewers love and are used to. He feels uncomfortable. I feel uneasy watching it. Chris has returned to Radio 2, where he is a hugely successful broadcaster. He’s a very talented guy and will do well on other TVs. This won’t be for him.

Piers Morgan: ‘do I Genuinely Feel A Pathological Hatred Of Vegan Sausage Rolls? No’

It’s a bit like Frank Sinatra’s 25th comeback. There’s a moment with, ‘Come on girls, give it some!’ Only two left, right? If I were them, I wouldn’t mind. If you can get the whole band together, it’s worth it. But even then. I’m not a big fan of gatherings. Sometimes it works, like That That was extremely successful. You can, but most bands try to come back… I guess if they’re happy and the fans are happy, nobody’s going to die. It’s good now! If all five march with girl power, good. But I think they might have had that moment.

I was asked to do a Comic Relief one and couldn’t do it on schedule. I really don’t know how to cook. I can hardly

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