How Old Was Wei Wuxian When He Died

How Old Was Wei Wuxian When He Died - Wei Ying (魏婴, Wèi Yīng), known as Wei Wuxian (魏无忇,  Wèi Wúxiàn) is the founder of Demonic Cultivation and a former disciple of the Yunmeng Jiang family.

Also known as the Yiling Patriarch (夷陵老祖,  Yílíng Lǎozǔ), Wei Wuxian died in the first siege of the burial mounds thirteen years before the beginning of the Novel. He returned to the living world in the body of Mo Xuanyu, who brought back Wei Wuxians soul with the Sacrifice Note.

How Old Was Wei Wuxian When He Died

How Old Was Wei Wuxian When He Died

In his true form, Wei Wuxian was considered very handsome, number four on the list of top cultivators of his generation.

Let’s Talk About Nie Huaisang

When he was young, Wei Wuxian wore the purple student clothes of the Yunmeng Jiang family. After turning to Demonic Cultivation, he wore black clothes. His Chenqing reed hangs from his waist, decorated with blood-red beads.

Beneath the carelessness, Wei Wuxian cares deeply for those he loves. He has an adventurous spirit as he threatens his friends with alcohol at Cloud Recesses,

He wants to have his hand of power cut off if that would cause the Qishan Wen family to be angry with the Yunmeng Jiang family.

His own Golden Core was transformed into his sworn brother Jiang Cheng after Jiang Chengs core was dissolved. During the transition, Wei Wuxian was patient, awake and without pain medication, for two nights and one day.

I Made A Fusion Drawing With Wei Wuxian And Childe. They Have The Same Jp Voice Actor So I Thought Of Making This Drawing 🙂

Thinking and thinking, Wei Wuxian asked Lan Qiren if there was a way to use the angry energy instead of suppressing it.

When he found himself thrown into the Burial Hills without his golden base, he performed Demonic Cultivation, and within three months he was able to kill the entire administrative department.

Wei Wuxian was deep in thought. He immediately fought against Wen Chao in Xuanwus killing measure.

How Old Was Wei Wuxian When He Died

Because of his behavior, he can be cruel: he tortures Wen Chao to death for his role in destroying the Lotus Pier,

Firstly, Thank You So Much For Taking Your Time To

Using Demonic Cultivation to kill Qishan Wen Clan members and the corpses of their relatives and friends,

And finally, he used Yin Tiger Tally to fight three thousand cultivators after his sister Jiang Yanli died.

However, Wei Wuxian often shows remorse and admits his mistakes. He felt that he became worse every time he met Lan Wangji in his past life, and he thought that the words thank you would open a gap between him and the venerable Lan Wangji.

Based on his experiences as both a hero and a pariah in the farming world, Wei Wuxian sees differences where most people dont. When Jin Guangyao tries to arrest him for mass murder in the second round of burial mounds, Wei Wuxian shows caution when new news of Jin Guangyaos crimes emerges. He said that Nie Huaisangs actions were wrong, noting that Jin Guangyao had many generous qualities.

The Untamed (2019) Series Recap, Episodes 31

Even after hearing about Jin Guangyaos role in his young death, Wei Wuxian is suspicious of the many rumors being spread, as he knows that various lies have been spread about him. as parts and mixed as parts. For those who dont know what we are talking about, The Untamed is a fantasy and drama novel adapted from the novel Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation (Mo Dao Zu Shi) written by For Xiang Tong Xiu.

One is immediately captivated by the beauty of the show. The actors, the set, the costumes - its just amazing to watch. However, for some, at least, there are moments of confusion. For those not familiar with Chinese culture, or the original source, it can be confusing with all the words, subtitles, and fake stories out there.

However, most of the initial confusion in the first two episodes is about Mo Xuanyu (Xiao Zhan) and Wei Wuxian (played by Xiao Zhan). Heres the reason: Mo Xuanyu, like him, didnt really appear in the show. Wei Wuxian is resurrected from Mo Xuanyus body after viewers watch Wei Wuxian die in the opening.

How Old Was Wei Wuxian When He Died

This is problematic because when Wei Wuxian was resurrected from Mo Xuanyos body, the device did not change. Xiao Zhan, who saw Wei Wuxian jump off the cliff to his death, wakes up as Wei Wuxian in Mo Xuanyus body. Young people in history can do this, because the signs associated with this change are simple.

Haru — When I Wei Wuxian Want To Kill Someone.. Who Can

So, if he doesnt appear in the show as himself, why is this person so important in capturing the essence of the story? Come with us as we teach you everything you need to know about Mo Xuanyu.

Like Jin Guangyao (Zhu Zan Jin), Mo Xuanyu is one of Jin Guangshans (Shen Xiao Hai) illegitimate children. Although not specified in the report, the source said that Jin Guangshan ended his relationship with Mo Xuanyus mother when he was four years old.

When he grew up, he had a reputation in the farming community as a madman. He is known to the community as an outcast and develops an interest in demonic cultivation. Her family has mistreated her over the years and she has suffered a lot both verbally and physically. As a result, Mo Xuanyu was seriously injured.

Aspects of this are brought up in the show, but his story is not explained in that detail. Finally, Mo Xuanyu was tired of being tortured by his family, Mo Xuanyu summoned Wei Wuxian into his body to avenge his family. We say its just a change here, since Wei Wuxian, who has been dead for 16 years, has no say in the resurrection.

What Age Did Wei Wuxian Die?

In this episode, we dont see Mo Xuanyus first face, or his body, so we dont really know what he looks like. However, basically, Wei Wuxian says in the second chapter that he thinks Mo Xuanyu has a beautiful face.

There is one signature thing that Mo Xuanyu did in the original that was included in the show, although we never saw it. In the beginning, Mo Xuanyu used to paint his eyes white and his cheeks red to make himself look like a ghost. Thats why people think hes crazy.

Although Wei Wuxian didnt do this after he woke up from Mo Xuanyus body, some people around him told him and asked why his face wasnt painted. These words emphasize this aspect of Mo Xuanyus character in the book.

How Old Was Wei Wuxian When He Died

In the show, when Wei Wuxian wakes up from Mo Xuanyus body, there is a curtain next to his bed. He uses a mask to hide his true nature, and even though the people around him think he is stupid, no one questions this decision. It became his nickname in many shows.

Mo Dao Zu Shi” Will Wei Wuxian Treat Lan Wangji? Advance Cut Scenes Of Episode 9

Although he was not considered truly insane, like Mo Xuanyu, Wei Wuxian was considered a coward and a fool. When he was in the Cloud Recesses in his youth, he found himself in trouble with the leaders of the Lan family many times.

Even his brother, Jiang Cheng, considered him funny and found it difficult to work with him. Some of his friends find this endearing, like Nie Huang (name redone), while others find it annoying, like Lan Wangji (before, at least).

This can be seen as a similarity between the two because both are outside the normal. None of them qualifies as a good farmer, perhaps indicating his failure from the outset.

Also, in the beginning, Mo Xuanyu developed an interest in demon cultivation. In the show, Wei Wuxian ended the same way. Although their views on demon raising did not agree, the truth was that they both shared.

The Untamed & Wangxian Appreciation Blog — Episode 11

It can be argued that Mo Xuanyu actually chose Wei Wuxian for the task of avenging his family because of these two similarities seen between their two characters.

The first also shows the transformation of the two men. Wei Wuxian clearly knew Lan Wangji, and Mo Xuanyu, unfortunately, had feelings for his brother. It is unclear whether this is a factor in Mo Xuanyus choice to revive Wei Wuxian, or not.

Understanding the relationship between these two terms is important to eliminate both areas of confusion. Have you ever looked or felt like something was missing? We recommend that you come back now that you have saved this information and try again. Leave a comment and let us know if it made a difference in your experience!

How Old Was Wei Wuxian When He Died

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