How Old Is Unfoonk

How Old Is Unfoonk – MusicYSL Artist Unfunk Is Ready For His Moment Rapper Unfunk Meets New With Mike Boyd

Young Thug has a penchant for spotting and developing new talent, however, this time he didn’t have to work hard when it came to one of his new signings. Meet Young Thug’s brother Anfunk, a talented young artist. While the talent is clearly in the YSL bloodline, Anfunk is his own artist, scoring major collaborations with 24 Heavy and Slimlife Shawty on last year’s hit single.

How Old Is Unfoonk

How Old Is Unfoonk

Since discovering hip-hop as a teenager, Anfunk has worked hard, constantly writing and improving his craft. Despite the pandemic, the artist continues to play music and do small shows, preparing for a bright future. Reporting from ATL, Unfoonk caught up

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Boyd: I see you’ve been working with Slimlife Shawty, Be Slim, Lil Gotit and Money Game Boo. I also saw where you bowled with Lil Kidd – tell us about the people you surround yourself with and the people you work with.

Unfunk: They’re family! It’s great working with these guys – I’m number 10! Everyone has good energy and everything is love when we meet.

Boyd: Everyone comes at the same time. It’s a good group of people because you all build each other up.

Unfunk: Yes! Everyone brings such energy to the table. Working with them was amazing, especially when Lil Kidd walked into the studio—we all hit it off!

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Boyd: I know it’s been a great year for you, but for someone who wants to check you out right now, what song should they start with to get an introduction to who you are?

Unfunk: ‘Mob Ties!’ It was a hit single and the song became a craze in Georgia. All ‘mob ties!’ looking for It’s trending right now and I’m grateful for every moment!

Unfunk: That song is epic! I already recorded the song, but Thug L.A. On returning from, I told him that I wanted to listen to him. I let him listen and he said, “I want to go to this song – it’s your best!” He took the second verse, cut part of my verse, and it came out perfectly.

How Old Is Unfoonk

Unfunk: It’s just a new moment. When we’re in the studio together, we buzz off each other! We meet life so when we start shooting, we know what’s going to happen. Ours has been like that since childhood. Let’s go inside!

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This year goes down, you don’t want to miss out on all the latest Unfoonk releases. Keep up with him on Instagram.

Blog Age: Music Blogs Still Evolving Music | Mike McLaughlinshaw EK is known as the progenitor of Bronx Drillmusic | Kai Acevedobaps Just Dropped: New Lil Baby, A$AP Rocky & Kodak Blackmusic | Kai Acevedolil Jairmi is back in a way that never left music | Kai Acevedo Canadian Artist Boslen Finds His Voice While Pushing Boundaries in Music | Kai AcevedoThe Story of Hass Irv and Glass.xyzmusic | Mike McLaughlin met Anfunka on his way to the studio in Atlanta. He talks about watching Thugger explode while in prison, the biggest lesson he learned behind bars, writing raps in prison, his upcoming song with Blac Youngsta and more!

Unfoonk may be Young Thug’s brother, but here’s a recording artist to give voice to the streets.

Bursting onto the scene last year with his breakout single “Mob Ties” featuring 24 Heavy and Slimlife, whose music video has over 3.8 million views and counting, the rising star discovered music was his calling, turning his life around for the better 11 years later. service in prison

Ysl Artist Unfoonk Is Ready For His Moment

Thugger, who had previously served life in prison, was signed to his label Young Stoner Life Records, helping his brother get released.

Recently, Unfunk released his highly anticipated mixtape My Struggle, telling his story and inspiring people with his distinctive raspy voice.

The 12-track project featured Future via lead single “Running Out of Patience,” with additional features from G Herbo, Gunna and Lil Keed.

How Old Is Unfoonk

: Continuing the song “Real” featuring Young Thug, take us back to when you did it in the studio.

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Unfunk: “Real” is already made. I did the “real”, the “real” was done. But when Slim heard that, he said, “That’s it. This is the boy here. I said “Yes?” He said, “That’s it, put it. Put” he said. I put it on and he jumped on it.

Unfunk: There’s a lot going on. If he hears something, he automatically says, “I want to do that.”

: What does it mean to be able to record with your blood brother, one of the biggest rap stars of all time?

Unfunk: It’s cool. It was a privilege to be in his presence and make music with him because not many people get that opportunity. This is the moment when we are both in the studio. When we’re both recording or doing something with each other, it’s a moment. Everyone held their breath and said, “What is coming? What are they going to do?” Eventually, when they hear that, they say, “Yeah, you two are here, that’s it.” We have a lot.

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Unfunk: Yes. So when I saw it take off, I knew it was it. We’re not looking back, that’s all.

Unfunk: Yeah, I wrote raps when I was locked up. But here’s the thing, I’ve never used them. I never recorded anything I wrote in prison. It doesn’t go with the flow, it doesn’t go with the rhythm. “That can’t be done, we have to try again,” I said.

: Don’t you have one of those soulful raps that you feel like playing to the beat?

How Old Is Unfoonk

Unfunk: Yes. There is a song called “All Eyes on Me”. But I couldn’t find the right beat for it, so I left it alone.

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Unfunk: Besides Spider, my favorite artist is Yo Gotti. I like how he comes across, how he sticks to what he believes in and what he raps about. It’s true, I could listen to it all day. I love listening to Gotti.

Unfunk: I’m in the hood. I was in the hood with the same people I was around. I got a call from Heavy, he said, “Hey bro, come to the studio.” I said “s### ok” and came to the studio. He said, “Bro, you’re tripping, you need to get out of the hood. You should rap. Boy you can rap, n*gga rap!” I pulled the beat saying “OK”. When I pulled the beat, he said “Hey beat here, this is one. This is the song that will get you out of here. I said “OK” and he walked out. After I got hooked, I went back and wrote my poem. He said “S###, who are you going to throw?” I said, “I don’t know, maybe I’ll do it myself.” Thinking “I’ll have a Slimlife Shotty”. I put on a Slimlife Shawty, we dropped it and it became one of the biggest records.

Unfunk: A scene where we all come together in a small space, creating a moment. We are all creating a great moment together. It’s dope because we’re all here, creating a moment with each other.

Unfunk: It was fun. I didn’t take anything seriously. In this rap game, you have to have fun with what you do. I had fun, and so did everyone else.

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Unfunk: The real me. As you see me with fancy cars, money, all, man still struggling. I still struggle with life, I still struggle with many things. Besides, I tell everyone that I’m still me. I am still an average guy like everyone else. I act, walk, talk, do everything like an average guy. I want everyone to know that they are not alone and that I am here. I am here with you.

Unfunk: It makes me sensitive, it benefits me. I have to rap about what I really want to say. I can rap about what’s happening in front of me, I can say whatever I want to say. I can go down and see someone doing something that might rub me the wrong way. “Okay, I’m going to rap about this.” Music helps me express myself a little better than people understand me, so I express myself.

Unfunk: The state of shining, shining. You know, everything we do is on. It’s on. real life

How Old Is Unfoonk

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