How Old Is Madi Filipowicz

How Old Is Madi Filipowicz - Madi Filipovic is an Italian-Mexican-American actress, social media influencer, and YouTuber, best known for her roles in Jenna Davis: Underground, Girls in the Globe: The Glo Show, How She Ruined Christmas, and making appearances in the role of herself. A documentary that teenagers want to know. Madi has also been featured in other projects such as Z Star TVs new Youtube series Life With Madi and worked with director/actor Jax Malcolm on the music video for Run Run Rudolph. As a content creator, she has worked with brands such as Garnier, Sketchers, Redkin, Bubble, Alfrec Eden, Petite N Pretty, Far Out Toys, Purely White, Casetic, Hey Rowan on social media campaigns and worked directly with travel brands. For example, Xperencias Xcaret and the tourist office Riviera Nayarit. She is represented by Z Star Digital and her publicist is LynkPR.

Madi Filipović creates content on Tiktok, Instagram and YouTube and has been active in social media for over 6 years. Madi has a current engagement rate of 14%-16%+ on Instagram and an average engagement rate of 3%-5% on TikTok. On his latest project, Madi collaborated with Nick Sturniolo of The Sturniolo Triplets where they co-launched an Instagram Live series called Coast to Coast which airs on Thursdays at 7pm PT / 10pm EST. Their beta show reached almost 15,000 people and received 24,500 comments, and their first official show received nearly 90,000 views, 30,000 views, and over 12,500 likes.

How Old Is Madi Filipowicz

How Old Is Madi Filipowicz

Madi is a leading influencer and entrepreneur planning a long-term presence in digital media and entertainment while building her own brand. At 16, Madi enrolled at the University of Southern New Hampshire and is currently working on a bachelors degree in communications with a focus on digital media. As a creative, he is currently represented by Z Star Digital, but is also intern with them as a talent consultant.

How Clause Ruined Christmas (2019)

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