How Old Is Lane Edwards

How Old Is Lane Edwards – Ninian Edwards (March 17, 1775 – July 20, 1833) was an Illinois establishment politician. He served as the first and only governor of Illinois Territory from 1809 until the territory was dissolved in 1818. He was the first two United States senators and the third governor of Illinois from 1818 to 1824. From 1826 to 1830, in a time and place where individual cooperation was more influential than faction, Edwards led one of the two major factions in frontier Illinois politics.

Born in Maryland, Edwards began his political career in Cuttack, where he served as a legislator and judge. He was elevated to the post of Chief Justice of the Court of Appeal of the Cuttack Supreme Court in 1808. In 1809, US President James Madison appointed him to govern the newly created Illinois Territory. He held this position for three terms, the first in a democratic “second class” government, and oversaw the transformation of the kingdom in 1818. On the second day of the session, the Illinois General Assembly nominated Edwards to the United States Senate, where the challengers struggled. It hurt him politically

How Old Is Lane Edwards

How Old Is Lane Edwards

Disputes with the Legislature over state bank regulations characterized Edwards’ administration, as did efforts to remove Indians. As governor or territorial governor, he twice led the Illinois militia against Native Americans in the War of 1812 and the Battle of Winnipeg, and signed treaties to cede Native American lands. Edwards returned to private life when he died of cholera two years after his term ended in 1830.

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Ninian Edwards was born in 1775 to the prominent Edwards family in Montgomery County, Maryland. His mother, Margaret Bell Edwards, was from another prominent local family. His father, Benjamin Edwards, approved the ratification of the United States Constitution in the Maryland House of Delegates and filled a vacant seat in the United States House of Representatives for two months.

Ninian was educated by private tutors, one of whom was future US Attorney Gerald William Worth. He attended Dickinson College from 1790 to 1792 but did not graduate and left college to study law. His son Ninian Worth Edwards later wrote that Edwards studied medicine for a time at Dickinson, to which he devoted considerable time in later years.

In 1794, at the age of 19, Edwards moved to Cuttack in Nelson County to manage some family land. He showed great aptitude for business and leadership and was elected to a seat in the Cuttack Lok Sabha before he was eligible to vote.

In 1802 he was promoted to Major in the Militia. In 1803 he moved to Russellville, Cuttack, and won a succession of public offices: circuit court judge in 1803, presidential elector in 1804 (voting for Thomas Jefferson), and judge of the Cuttack Court of Appeals, and finally chief justice. The time was the Supreme Court of Katuki He joined the High Court in 1806 and won the Lordship in 1808.

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An educated landed aristocrat, Edwards consciously cultivated the image of a natural leader. Thomas Ford wrote that he dressed like an eighteenth-century gentry, thus eschewing the fashion style, and his public speaking was marked by demonstrative rhetoric.

Illinois Territory Map The boundaries of the modern state are shown The next state at the bottom is Illinois

Illinois Territory was created in 1809 It included the present-day states of Wisconsin and Illinois, as well as parts of Minnesota and Michigan. Its European-American and African-American populations were concentrated roughly in the south, then known as Egypt. President James Madison first appointed Cuttack politician John Boyle as its governor. Boyle collected his salary for the position for 21 days but resigned to take Edwards’ job as chief justice of the circuit, while Freeds of Washington helped appoint Edwards as territorial governor. Meanwhile, Territorial Secretary Nathaniel Pope, a relative of Edwards, was appointed acting governor. To accept, form the first county in Illinois, and appoint officials to form the new government.

How Old Is Lane Edwards

At just 34 years old at the time of his appointment, Ninian Edwards was the youngest person ever to govern Illinois as a state or territory.

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After Edwards was appointed governor, he settled in the American Bottom on land he received as a grant He named his new firm Elvirad. Along with his family, Edwards brought many slaves, whom he did not free, even though the Northwest Act of 1787 prohibited slavery in the region. In 1803, Governor William Harry Harrison issued an “Act of Indentured Servants” for the Indiana Territory that maintained the status of those brought to the territory under contract to serve others in any trade or profession. This law, enacted in the Illinois Territory, allowed slavery to continue indefinitely for decades.

Most of the early governors of Illinois were slave owners, and Edwards was no exception. In 1812, Edwards offered for sale, “Probably the young negro M. and Om.” Later, he employed some of his “love servants” in Missouri to earn extra income In 1414, he sold “my mulatto boy named Wallace, now under Harry of State. Givve sold Missouri Territory to Theodore Hunt.

At first Edwards tried to avoid partisanship but soon learned that partisanship was an inevitable result of his power to appoint officials and distribute government jobs.

Although the first-party system continued to define national politics, the Federalist and Republican parties did not embrace frontier Illinois. Rather, group loyalty was shaped by personality, personal ties such as kinship and militia service, and especially patronage.

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These two groups shaped the political landscape of Illinois as a territory and for its first few years.

During Edwards’ three terms as governor, he was willing to devote considerable power to expanding participative government in the Illinois Territory. Before 1812, when Illinois was a first-class territorial state, Edwards had considerable power to appoint county and local officials; However, he practiced giving local opinion as much consideration as possible when making appointments, rather than giving weight to petitions signed by local residents.

He also tried for a time to officer the militia, allowing the MK of a unit to choose their leader, but he soon abandoned this policy as illogical.

How Old Is Lane Edwards

In 1812, Edwards successfully persuaded Congress to amend a provision of the 1787 Ordinance limiting voting rights to freeholders of 50 acres (20 ha) of land. Because of longstanding disputes over fraudulently sold land, few Illinois bounds could qualify. At Edwards’ request, Congress granted universal white male suffrage to the Illinois Territory, making it the most Democratic territory in the United States at the time.

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In April, Edwards held a referendum to move to a second class of government, allowing the people of Illinois to elect a legislature and non-voting representatives to Congress. The referendum passed and in October Shadrach Bond was elected to Washington as Illinois’ first congressional representative.

During the War of 1812, Edwards was not governor for long during the Illinois War. Between 1810 and 1811, relations between Illinois settlers and immigrants deteriorated throughout the region. By June 1811, Governor Edwards ordered the construction of a blockhouse. Three militia companies were called out.

The act was the result of a brutal massacre that occurred on June 2, 1811, at a settee cabin two miles northeast of Pocahontas, Illinois. Three Potawatomi natives entered the house and found twenty-year-old Eliza Cox and her younger sister, Rebecca. The attackers cut Elijah’s skull and removed his heart. The raiding party was looking for money after a failed attack on the nearby Osage tribe. M captures Rebecca, loots the house, and heads north for tribal-controlled land A militia was present to intervene and rescue Rebecca, who was south of Springfield. Another bad interaction took place d months ago to stoke the flames of war On June 20, 1811, in what is now Lower Alton, five Moomeen natives approached two countries, Price and Ellis. Price, believing the natives would be allowed to enter their camp freely Unfortunately, Price was killed; Ellis managed to escape on horseback to the Wood River settlement. The killings terrorized families on the border and fueled unfounded rumors of more killings and mayhem in the region. At least one local chief died as a result of this fear. A group of five Pottawatomie natives were traveling downriver in Alton when they saw Michael Squires, a ferry operator. He fires at the team when they get too close

Governor Edwards moved quickly to try to keep the peace and ordered the militia to “build a chain of block houses” before settling down about twenty miles away.

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