How Old Is Juliette Weg

How Old Is Juliette Weg – Hannah Giles: Hello everyone. My name is Hannah Giles and we have Juliette Rizkallah, our CMO, to talk a little bit about AI, ML and what that means for identity. Juliette, thanks for joining us.

Juliette Rizkallah: Thank you Hannah, good morning. Good morning everyone. Well, I think we talk a lot about identity rethinking and we just invite everyone to rethink their identity perceptions and it’s a very interesting topic, AI and ML. I mean, you know identities and technologies that have been around for several years, if not, then you know several decades and have undergone many evolutions. But I think the introduction and artificial intelligence and machine learning in identity management, especially in the identity management space. It will be very transformative for companies that accept this tool. The reason is, you know, with the explosion of users and the explosion of applications that people are putting into the cloud. Most often, this combination of access and users provides a huge amount of identity data. Identity data becomes very, very difficult for people to view and understand that you know how to analyze it, but also what actions need to be taken to grant, revoke or change access. From this perspective, machine learning and artificial intelligence are starting to build models that will simply automate much of this law. If you think about big data, artificial intelligence can absorb all of this data, much faster than any human, and start learning from it and making recommendations. So I really think this new decade will look at identity and rethink it with all the power of AI, and how it can really optimize not just identity usage, but also what companies can do with identity management.

How Old Is Juliette Weg

How Old Is Juliette Weg

Natalie Reina: Juliette, many, many people AI and ML can be very abstract topics, abstract ways of thinking. So can you please explain to us what would be artificial intelligence and machine learning and use case as a real business goal. Maybe this can help people understand what using AI, ML and identity really means for you.

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Juliette Rizkallah: Yes, I’ll try to take it home. Let’s talk about what you know about an approval request. Someone wants access and you have to approve it. You have to decide today. You know, it could be manual. It can be automated. Goes through manager approvals and so on. But imagine if you have this for a very large number of applications, a very large number of users considering these users can be your employees, contractors, suppliers, you know, all your customers connecting to your infrastructure and doing something at a certain point . there Everyone makes requests, and usually IT professionals, who are a little more remote from the business, find it hard to understand why a person should have access or not. So it takes some time to go back to the manager and get this approval, meaning access may take a few hours at most, but also days. With machine learning, they’ll just look at this access request and look at that person’s peers. See what they have, use. Take a look at the different characteristics of that person depending on their role, job function, etc. Where you find different kinds of parameters that you can program in machine learning that will essentially automatically say yes, grant, grant access. This person does marketing, and everyone who uses you knows this marketing automation tool. So this is access, without permission, nothing. Or, you can have a little more control or say approval is recommended, but still go to Manager Approval or IT Approval. And it is recommended because it is usually a risk-free application with insensitive data or because it has been approved 90% of the time. So we hope you will bring it home as an example.

Another security example that is also my favorite when I talk about identity management is that it’s very hard to understand who might have excessive access, right? Who can access things that they don’t need and shouldn’t, whether they know they have it or not. Well, AI can actually build a model where you can see outliers, people who are very different from their peers and have access to a set of applications that can be a toxic combination when we speak, and the graphical representation that AI provides. it’s just, you know, common alerts, people saying they might want to look at that person’s access profile which is very different from their peer group and which poses some risk. There is also an action that the IT department can take by saying that in fact the person you know is in IT and needs root access. And we are looking closely to see if it could be, oh, you know that person shouldn’t be allowed access, and then you can revoke access very easily. Especially with orphaned accounts, people don’t even know they have you, that they have access to things. It happens all the time. You and I think you know we have access to this suite of apps. But if you were to, you know, go into the backend and see, you might discover that you have access to a lot more apps that you didn’t even know were there. They were only a benefit for you when you joined the company, when you changed positions in the company. A lot of these things happen all the time and pile up, and it’s hard for a dedicated IT team to just keep track of everything you need to have in a better, more efficient way. And identity management with the power of AI just optimizes it all and is automated in a way that, as I mentioned when I started this topic, will be groundbreaking for the enterprise.

Hannah Giles: Yes, it really hits the spot. I’m sure for a lot of people. There are too many applications, systems, and data that humans can manage themselves. Great to hear it, there’s a smarter, better way to do it. And we appreciate you sharing these ideas Juliette and we look forward to talking to you again soon.

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