How Old Are You به فارسی

How Old Are You به فارسی - A Boeing 737 MAX lands after a test flight at Boeing Field in Seattle, Washington, USA on June 29, 2020. / karen ducato / archive photo

Beijing / Sydney, December 2 () - On Thursday, the Chinese Aviation Authority issued airworthiness guidelines for the Boeing 737 MAX, paving the way for the resumption of service in China after two and a half years. . Shares of airplane manufacturers go up.

How Old Are You به فارسی

How Old Are You به فارسی

The guide does not specify when China will lift the ban on MAX in its airspace, but will instruct aircraft operators on the necessary changes before MAX resumes service.

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Boeing Co (BA.N) described the guidance as a significant milestone for the reopening of services in China and the stock closed up 7.5%, pushing the Dow Jones (.DJI) indices higher. 1.73% with the maximum of one day return. . Profits since March. Read more

The Civil Aviation Authority of China (CAAC), the first regulator in the world to ground the MAX after two fatalities in March 2019, says it has completed a revision of a design change proposed by Boeing.

After conducting a sufficient assessment, CAAC believes corrective action is appropriate to address this dangerous situation, the regulator said in a statement on its website.

CAACs decision is an important milestone for the safe service of the 737 MAX in China, Boeing said Thursday. Boeing continues to work with regulators and customers to help us serve our aircraft globally.

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Before the 737 MAX was canceled, Boeing was selling a quarter of the aircraft it produces each year to its largest customer, a Chinese buyer.

CAAC did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the next steps required before MAX resumed service. The regulator asked for industry feedback before issuing airworthiness guidelines last month. Read more

Previously, he outlined three principles for resuming jet service in China, including certified design changes, proper pilot training, and the specific and decisive consequences of two accidents in Indonesia and Ethiopia.

How Old Are You به فارسی

Boeing chief executive David Calhoun said in October that the 737 MAX was working to gain approval in China later this year to resume deliveries in the first quarter of 2022.

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Boeing said about one-third of the roughly 370 737 MAX aircraft not delivered to its warehouse at the time were for Chinese customers.

Safran (SAF.PA) CEO Olivier Andries told reporters Thursday that Chinas approval of the 737 MAX is excellent news and will support a decline in undelivered MAX inventory.

In addition to safety concerns, Boeings sales to China have been hampered by US-China trade tensions. Washington accused China of blocking the purchase of Boeing planes by its airlines.

Other Asia Pacific countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, India, Japan, Australia and Fiji, have already approved the return of the 737 MAX.

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Stella Qiu reports in Beijing and Jamie Freed in Sydney; Additional reports by Tim Hepher of Paris, Ambar Warrick of Bengaluru; Edited by Jason Neely and Peter Cooney Alison Doyle is one of Americas foremost career experts and advises students and businesses on work practices. She has given hundreds of interviews on the subject in the media including The New York Times, BBC News and LinkedIn. Alison founded and has been an expert in the industry for over 20 years.

There are many reasons to thank someone while looking for a job. With a letter of recommendation, you can say thank you to a former boss, thank a client for a job offer, thank someone on the net for an informational interview, and thank a potential employer for a face-to-face interview.

You can also express gratitude for things that arent related to your job search. For example, you can thank an employee who contributed to your team, a boss who provided guidance, or a boss who recommended a promotion.

How Old Are You به فارسی

Sending someone a thank you letter is a great way to show appreciation and maintain a strong relationship with the people in your network.

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In the age of text messaging and instant communication, writing thank you and business letters is becoming a forgotten art. However, formal letter writing is still an invaluable skill and is highly regarded by both business and personal recipients.

Saying thank you is also a way to build or grow professional relationships and relationships. This can be useful in the short term as well as in your future career. If you take the time to write authentic, well-worded, grammatical, and spelling-free letters, you will stand out with an advantage over your peers who lack these skills.

Here is a list of thank you letter examples to use as a template for tips on writing a thank you letter and a variety of personal and professional situations in which you want to show your appreciation.

Write the letter as soon as possible. Try sending a thank you letter or email as soon as possible. For example, if you have a contact and an informational interview, send a thank you letter within the next day. You want recipients to remember that you appreciate them.

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Explain why you are writing the letter. Make it clear what you are grateful for. The person may need a notification, especially if they dropped the ball while typing and its been a long time.

Keep your letters short and to the point. Keep your letter concise. I want to express my gratitude without going too long. A few paragraphs usually suffice.

Be honest. Dont get over the best in your appreciation. Express your gratitude sincerely, but briefly. Briefly describe how much you appreciate the persons help or success.

How Old Are You به فارسی

Modify, modify, modify. Be sure to re-read the letter before sending it. Even in a thank you letter, you want to look professional and elegant.

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Consider the format. You may want to consider sending your letter in one of three formats: a business letter format, an email, or a personalized thank-you letter. For more formal relationships (like employers or new network contacts), consider a more professional business letter format. If you want the other person to receive your letter immediately, consider sending an email. Personalized letters or cards are perfect for close people, friends or family.

This is an example of a thank you letter. Download the thank you letter template (compatible with Google Docs and Word Online) or see more examples below.

Thanks again for meeting us today. I really enjoyed our conversation and gained valuable insights into content strategy and career building in media.

Ive already researched the classes and writers associations you suggested and will continue to work on building my personal brand using your (very helpful!) Advice.

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As I said during the chat, you cant learn everything you need to know about this industry at school. Thank you so much for taking the time to point me in the right direction.

Before writing a thank you letter, we recommend that you review the thank you letter and email examples below. An example can help you determine what kind of content you should include in your letter. The examples can also help with the layout and format of your letter.

Yes, the templates and instructions are great starting points for a thank you letter, but always be as original as possible.

How Old Are You به فارسی

Take some time to personalize your letter, note, or email to reflect your sincere gratitude and why you are writing.

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Job Search Appreciation Letter: While many people think a job search is simply the process of submitting an application to a job posting, the truth is that many employees are hired because of the connections they have, as coworkers. , business associates or instructors who recommended them. He helped them for work or through networking in other ways. Heres how to thank those who helped every step of your career exploration.

How to appreciate your employer or coworkers: Expressing gratitude to your employer is not only polite but often political. Start by taking the time to interview yourself. Once hired, take the time to raise the morale of your boss, colleagues or (if you are in a managerial position) your employees, help them express their appreciation in writing when they do more to support you. rectal.

A referral thank-you letter: Professional referrals can make a difference whether youre considering a job or youre successfully acquiring and attracting key clients. If youre a business person who relies on referrals to build your pipeline, this thank-you note will help keep those who recommended your services from doing so. Referring to this verse, the essay in Deuteronomy (33:26): There is none like God, Jeshurun. The beginning of the passage is understandable, but what does the esoteric word Jeshurun (Jeshurun) refer to? Midrash says: Rabbi Brachias, quoting Rabbi Judah,

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