How Much To Rent A Billboard In Cincinnati

How Much To Rent A Billboard In Cincinnati – The billboards on Vine Street north of the fairgrounds are typical. Fast drivers will see ads for McDonald’s sweet tea and soft drinks. one dollar. any size.

The next billboard also sells stuff. But the difference is that it determines the value of public schools. “Building a solid foundation for a lifetime of success,” next to a photo of three children working at a table. “Sign Up for Preschool and Kindergarten Now.”

How Much To Rent A Billboard In Cincinnati

How Much To Rent A Billboard In Cincinnati

Catholic schools have long recruited CPS students. Now, charter schools — about 50 different schools — are also attracting kids. Increasingly, CPS and traditional public schools like it are fighting back.

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CPS receives about $4,000 per student from the state and loses about $7,000 per child who leaves charter schools. This funding is a source of energy for each region.

During a recent admissions drive, CPS distributed nine billboards around town, each costing about $500. There are also regular TV and radio commercials in the area.

“You have to advertise a lot to survive,” said CPS Public Affairs Director Janet Walsh. “We are no longer a monopoly… Advertising is part of the cost of doing business.”

During the 2005-2006 school year, CPS spent between $36 and $200 on advertising, according to district public affairs records. Ten years later, for the current academic year, the budget is $123,784. Next year, if the initial budget is successful, CPS will spend $345,000 on a joint advertising/marketing program that includes a new mobile-friendly elementary school design. CPS also plans to partner with an outside marketing firm next year.

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That’s just a fraction of the district’s total budget of more than $534 million, but the money spent on billboards and ads doesn’t go to students. Walsh and Dawn Grady, CPS marketing/community manager, say it works. They said it was worth it.

CPS stepped up its advertising efforts in the 2012-13 school year. Until then, enrollments in the region were in a prolonged decline. However, enrollments have been climbing since that year. It’s not where it was ten years ago. But it doesn’t fall anymore.

Walls doesn’t attribute it all to better advertising. “It’s probably more than one thing,” she said. “But there is definitely a strong correlation there.”

How Much To Rent A Billboard In Cincinnati

Columbus has the largest school district in the state, with more than 51,000 students. And, like CPS, it pays to keep them. This year, Columbus County’s advertising budget is $296,013.

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In the third-largest borough with about 34,000 students, Walsh pointed to charter schools as a reason to advertise. CPS lost 7,670 students from charter schools in fiscal year 2015, according to unofficial data from the state. For fiscal year 2016, the number hovered near 7,057. That’s a key difference, Walls said.

Catholic schools spend money. Archdiocese spokesman Dan Andreaco said each high school contributes syndicated radio, television and/or billboard advertising. He would not say how much each school contributes, but even Catholic schools that are not part of a parish will participate, he said. The general theme is that a Catholic education is “the best option…for what matters most.”

However, not every region is feeling the heat. In fact, only a handful of the 31 non-franchised, non-private counties that responded to the Enquirer’s questions said they advertised outside of the statutory notices or occasional newsletter-style letters required by law.

In Norwood — where there is no open enrollment and nine out of 10 school-age children are already in school — they don’t get it. Norwood Schools Superintendent Rob Amodio said it would be a waste of taxpayer money.

State Route 28, Milford, Oh 45150

“They don’t pay us to advertise, they pay us to educate,” Amodio said. “I think we advertise ourselves based on how well we educate our kids.”

Others, on the other hand, used to advertise regularly, but avoid it. Sycamore Community Schools spokeswoman Mallory Bonbright said that while her ex believed in advertising, she did not. Going forward, Sycamore won’t. Other areas cost very little. For example, Lakota Local Schools spend about $8,000 a year on advertising. Forest Hills Local School costs $4,000.

“I believe our money would be better served elsewhere,” Bombright said in an email. “…our successful students, talented staff and strong community support have brought more positive attention to our area than any form of advertising.”

How Much To Rent A Billboard In Cincinnati

A recent radio ad opens with a female narrator talking to fast-paced music in the background. “Great students, caring teachers, proud parents and a great school,” she said. “That’s what public schools offer your family, right in the heart of your community.”

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A TV ad flickers from shot to shot – students using power tools, microscopes in a lab, playing in a band.

“Imagine a high school,” says the narrator, “where hands-on experience solves real-world problems, community leaders champion student success, and students follow their dreams with confidence.”

Like any seller, the region knows how to sell products of any consistency, preferably those that are worth buying.

So in late April, CPS school board members spent several hours on a Saturday discussing the proposed budget for the next school year. They talked about plans to renovate the neighborhood school, which would cost about $930,000 in the first year and $2 million in the second.

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However, when they touch the boundaries of marketing and public affairs, they hesitate. They got more in the budget this year, but some wondered if the increase was enough.

Board member Eve Bolton said it seemed like a no-brainer. Because CPS’ job is to make sure parents know their options, she said. Cincinnati, also known as Cincinnati, is a city in Ohio that has one of the largest numbers of billboards (both static and digital) in the state. Marketers use billboards in Cincinnati (Hamilton County, Ohio) every day to reach their target demographic. Whether they are a packaged goods manufacturer or a service provider, companies know that city billboards are a must for any marketing plan.

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How Much To Rent A Billboard In Cincinnati

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How Much To Rent A Billboard In Cincinnati

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